Russian Remarks Before Security Talks Began on Monday

Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov commented on upcoming security talks to begin on January 10.

Dialogue initiated by Moscow will be held between its officials and Biden regime counterparts on Monday.

On Wednesday, they’ll be followed by Russia’s participation in a NATO Council meeting.

On Thursday, a Russian delegation with continue security talks with with OSCE officials.

“The outcome and when…achieved depend on our counterparts participating in these meetings,” said Ryabkov, adding:

“We will hold an initial meeting next week to explain the logic behind our approach and lay down the terms without which a productive process would be out of the question.” 

What’s “most important…is to understand our opponents’ stance.” 

“So far, we have only heard rather general and abstract commentaries from the (Biden regime), NATO and other countries, along the lines of some things are acceptable and are not…”

At this time, “(t)here are very few rational kernels in this approach due to (US-dominated) NATO’s continuous and extremely intense military and geopolitical development of the territories near the Russian border, deployment of weapons there, intensification of military exercises and so on…”

Russia expects “quick” resolution of issues vital to its security, what Vladimir Putin stressed.

Made-in-the-USA violence in Kazakhstan likely dashed dim hopes on Moscow’s part for anything positive to come from upcoming talks.

Russia is “fully transparent” in talks with its allies and what it seeks from the US-dominated West.

Moscow’s approach in next week’s talks will be “fairly tough,” Ryabkov explained, adding:

“I would prefer not to present flexibility and leeway as keys to success.” 

“Our tactics are completely different and our approach is rather strict precisely because we have taken too much time to persuade our counterparts and these efforts on our side previously only resulted in our counterparts listening but continuing to do whatever they were doing.” 

“(N)ow we are making another very serious attempt to reach agreement on which lines cannot be crossed and which approaches that we laid down must not be ignored.” 

“We are being particularly tough here.” 

“I want to stress that non-advancement of NATO towards our border, non-inclusion of new members, non-deployment of weapons on respective territories, including, of course, Ukraine, no staging of provocative exercises etc. – all these conditions are absolutely necessary and without them, we will have to declare that the other party is not cooperating.”

Unless US-dominated NATO agrees to accept Russia’s legitimate security demands, its dirty business as usual will continue unchanged.

Things will become “more tense for (Moscow) and…more threatening,” said Ryabkov.

At this time, hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states showed no willingness to take positive steps.

Looking ahead to next week’s talks, chances for positive results are virtually nil.

Hegemons don’t negotiate. They demand.

It’s for Russia to decide what steps are needed to protect its security — given the reality of hegemon USA’s unwillingness to turn a page for improved relations.

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