Russophobic MSM on Geneva Security Talks and Related Issues

MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and US hegemonic aims never met a nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation free from its control it didn’t bash, based on state-approved talking points.

According to the self-styled newspaper of record NYT’s reinvention of reality:

Russia/Biden regime Geneva talks “are about defusing the chances of a major war in Europe — potentially ignited by a Russian invasion of Ukraine (sic) — and upholding the principle that nations cannot redraw international borders by force (sic).”

Fact: Chances of nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia invading Ukraine or any other countries is zero.

Fact: What hegemon USA has done repeatedly since the mid-19th century — especially post-WW II — is polar opposite how the Russian Federation operates.

Fact: Instead of setting the record straight, the Times — and other MSM — reinvent reality in support of Washington’s diabolical interests at home and abroad.

Vladimir Putin is a preeminent giant on the world stage in stark contrast to the pigmy stature of his US and other Western counterparts — especially the fake Biden know-nothing.

Commenting on Monday security talks, the Times featured its customary litany of bald-faced 

Big Lies.

Putin’s security aims have nothing to do with “recreating the Soviet sphere of influence (sic).”

They have nothing to do with “the revival of superpower rivalry (sic).”

They have everything to do with prioritizing world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and strict compliance with international law.

Everything to do with protecting 

Russia’s security by preventing US aggression in central Europe that would risk global war.

Everything to do with halting hegemon USA’s Cold War 2.0 that could turn hot by accident or design.

Everything to do with multi-world polarity on the world stage — ending the US/Western’s unipolar moment once and for all.

Everything to do with what peace-loving nations cherish.

Nothing to do with imperial aims by hegemon US and its subservient vassal states at the expense of world peace and stability.

The latter has been Washington’s mindset at least since Theodore Roosevelt infamously said “I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one (sic)” — in 1906. 

In 1917, Woodrow Wilson’s involvement in WW I put an exclamation point on TR’s saber-rattling remark — breaching his campaign pledge to stay out of Europe’s war.

From US aggression against North Korea in 1950 to the present day, state-sponsored false flags unjustifiably justified US wars by hot and/or other means against dozens of nations with no end of them in prospect.

Most all hot spots on the world stage have US dirty hands on them directly or indirectly.

What the Times and other MSM should explain and condemn, they wholeheartedly endorse by reinventing the historical record.

Knowing no Russian threat exists to Ukraine or any other nations, Times editors once again reinvented reality, saying:

“The message from the” Biden regime and EU vassal states “has been clear (sic).”

“The cost of a Russian invasion of Ukraine (that’s clearly not forthcoming) would be very high (sic).”

The fake Biden and US subservient vassal states were “right to seek negotiations while threatening dire repercussions if (nonexistent Russian on the Ukraine border) tanks begin to roll (sic).”

No “Russian buildup along the Ukrainian border…far greater and more ominous than any saber-rattling in the past” exists.

Well aware that Russia threatens no other countries, the Times — like other MSM — faked it in support of hegemonic US aims.

Virtually everything they report about Russia and other nations free from US control is fake news — the real thing nowhere in sight.

There’s no ambiguity about Moscow’s aims, no ambiguity that they fully comply with international law.

Accusing Vladimir Putin of threatening Ukraine, “waging a propaganda campaign,” building up Russian forces on its border, and cyberattacking the country is typical Times fake news.

The same reinvention of reality applies to falsely claiming that dominant Biden regime hardliners seek “a stable and predictable relationship” with Russia, China, Iran and other independent nations.

It applies as well to falsely claiming that US-installed Kiev puppet Zelensky initially sought “to build better relations with Russia (sic).”

Straightaway after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup, US-installed Ukrainian fascists waged all-out war internally on Russian nationals.

For nearly eight years, they’ve been at war on Donbass — aggression orchestrated, directed and funded by US regimes.

They’ve been hostile toward all things Russia since usurping power.

US-colonized and occupied Ukraine is subservient to its interests. 

It’s a dagger aimed at Russia’s heartland.

It’s a fascist police state, a regional menace, a festering sore in central Europe, a hellhole for the vast majority of its people.

What the Times and other MSM should explain they consistently suppress.

Instead, Times rubbish went as follows:

“Russia’s real concern isn’t the placement of weapons on its borders (sic), but the very existence of a sovereign Ukrainian democracy (sic) with the freedom to chart its own course in the world (sic).”

The above reinvention of reality needs no elaboration.

Democratic freedoms are largely banned in the West, in fascist Ukraine, in apartheid Israel, and in likeminded tyrannical states.

Russians have the real thing under Vladimir Putin.

The Times and other MSM pretend otherwise.

What they support demands condemnation.

What they oppose is what freedom-loving people everywhere cherish.

What they report is managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish on all domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Following their reports assures being brainwashed to know nothing.

Throughout the US/West, the dominant fourth estate is a national disgrace in all countries where it operates.

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