Malign Fiction Over Facts on All Things Russia

Hegemon USA is at war on Russia by other means.

It’s been this way for time immemorial.

It has nothing to do with security threats.

None existed since WW II ended.

For over the past 75 years, claims otherwise by US ruling regimes were invented, not real.

They’ve been pretexts for waging war on humanity by hot and/or other means in pursuit of its hegemonic aims.

Following Monday talks between Russian and Biden regime delegations in Geneva on security issues vital to Moscow that ended in impasse as expected, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price falsely said the following:

Hegemon USA “is committed to meaningful, reciprocal dialogue with Russia (sic) – just as we are committed to consulting and coordinating closely with our allies and partners (sic).”

Throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, Washington proved time and again that it doesn’t negotiate.

It demands, especially in dealings with nations free from its control.

Diplomatic outreach by independent nations to the US achieves no durable positive results because its ruling regimes time and again say or pledge one thing, then renege at a time and invented reasons of its choosing.

Chances for this longstanding reality to change ahead are virtually nil.

They’ve been hard-wired for generations.

Continued diplomatic outreach by Russia and other nations free from its control will turn out like Monday — producing impasse because hegemon USA demands everything in return for hollow promise to be broken.

Wherever Washington goes, European vassal states are sure to follow.

The same goes for its MSM press agents, serving its interests, demonizing its invented enemies.

According to NYT fake news:

Russian helicopters in its own territory — threatening no one — are a “possible sign of Ukraine (invasion) plans” that don’t exist.

Citing Big Lies by unnamed Biden regime officials, the Times falsely claimed that — nonexistent steps by — Vladimir Putin suggest “plan(s) for an attack continue (sic).”

Despite knowing no credible evidence suggests it against any nation, the Times and other MSM continue to repeat what they know is fake news.

Reciting lines scripted for him by his higher power in Washington, US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg said the US-dominated alliance “is prepared for armed conflict over Ukraine.”

Left unexplained is that if war erupts, it’ll be made-in-the-USA, clearly not Russia.

Like most of his predecessors, Stoltenberg follows US orders, saying and doing what he’s told to say and do — how puppets operate.

CNBC quoted fake news by former Georgetown University’s Center for  Russian and East European Studies, Angela Stent, falsely saying the following:

Chances of Russia invading Ukraine — that don’t exist — are “50 – 50 at the moment (sic),” adding:

It could be a “more limited invasion (sic). The danger (that doesn’t exist) still lies there (sic).”

Ignoring a preeminent democrat on the world stage, a peacemaker in stark contrast to US forever war-making, WaPo editors demeaned Vladimir Putin like many times before, falsely calling him a “brutal dictator (sic).” 

They lied accusing him of “bellicosity toward Ukraine (sic).”

They lied saying that if he “comes out ahead” in talks with hegemon USA, Europe “could be lastingly destabilized (sic).”

They lied accusing him of “brazen threats against Ukraine” that don’t exist.

Like many times before, they lied claiming he annexed Crimea (sic) and is waging war on eastern Ukraine “through local proxies (sic).”

They lied saying that he’s “overtly menacing a recognized member of the UN (sic).”

They lied accusing him of violating treaties and agreements flagrantly breached by Washington, not Russia.

They urged Biden regime hardliners not to make concessions to Moscow.

They lied accusing Putin of bargaining in bad faith.

What’s been longstanding US practice since the 18th century is polar opposite how the Russian Federation operates.

Yet WaPo editors called for US-dominated NATO to make “Russia pay a heavy price” — for not bending to hegemon USA’s will.

Demonizing Russia and other independent states by MSM reflects longstanding US policies toward nations free from its control.

It also reflects the futility of good faith diplomatic outreach to regimes that consistently go the other way.

There’s virtually no chance that dominant Biden regime regime hardliners will pursue normalized relations with any nations free from US control.

Further talks between Russian and US/Western officials will achieve nothing positive that sticks.

It virtually never did before.

It certainly won’t now with the most ruthlessly reckless US regime of all-time empowered in Washington — by foul, not fair means.

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