MSM and Truth-Telling Are Mortal Enemies

MSM and Truth-Telling Are Mortal Enemies

by Stephen Lendman

US/Western MSM never met a state-approved bald-faced Big Lie they didn’t wholeheartedly embrace and spread by endlessly repeating it.

In stark contrast, their reports consistently suppress truth and full disclosure on what’s important for everyone to know.

Kill shots and all else flu/covid related stand out as Exhibit A.

Much the same — over a far longer duration — applies to invented US enemies at a time when no real ones exist.

At this time, nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia is in the eye of the storm.

As going nowhere Kremlin/US-Western talks continue, Russia bashing is an every day thing by MSM press agents for the worst of diabolical Biden regime aims.

According to NYT fake news, “Vladimir Putin…spent months massing close to 100,000 troops near the Ukraine border” — that no one spotted because they’re not there.

Saying “mystery surround(s) Russia’s next move” is at time when indisputable clarity exists about what it seeks.

Ignored by the Times is that it’s clearly spelled out in security documents presented to Biden regime hardliners.

They leave no ambiguity about Russia’s sought security guarantees as warranted by UN Charter and other international law provisions.

The same rights apply to all world community nations.

What cannot be legally violated, hegemon USA breached time and again throughout most of its history, especially post-WW II.

It’s why Moscow seeks legally binding guarantees — what both right wings of the US war party won’t grant any nations, especially none free from their control.

Like other MSM on all things Russia and other independent nations, Big Lies and mass deception over truth and full disclosure define NYT reports.

Claiming that Putin “is contemplating (possible) full-scale war with Ukraine” is typical of how the Times turns truth on its head.

So is falsely blaming Russia for made-in-the-US-dominated Western-created crisis conditions in multiple parts of the world.

Brinksmanship is how hegemon USA operates, not Russia or its other invented enemies.

On Tuesday, National Pentagon Radio (NPR), CNBC, Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, and other MSM hyperventilated rubbish a nonexistent threat of all-out war by Russia on Ukraine.

In stark contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever war on humanity at home and abroad, the Russian Federation threatens no one.

Phony claims otherwise reflect longstanding MSM fake news on major domestic and geopolitical issues across the board.

All rubbish all the time is their standard fare.

According to WaPo on Wednesday, undemocratic Dem senators “will unveil (proposed illegal) sanctions to punish” Russia if invades Ukraine.

Debunked long ago, the threat that doesn’t exist is repeated with disturbing regularity as part of longstanding Russia bashing for invented reasons.

The proposed measure seen by WaPo calls for “impos(ing) sweeping sanctions on top Russian military and government officials…”

It targets Vladimir Putin, senior Kremlin officials, “as well as key banking institutions…” 

It “also targets companies in Russia that offer secure messaging systems such as SWIFT, which banks use to exchange key information with other financial institutions.”

It “includes provisions to help bolster Ukraine’s security” at a time when its only external threats are invented.

No real ones exist. 

The measure falsely calls Nord Stream 2 a “tool of malign influence of the Russian Federation (sic).”

It urges Biden regime hardliners to “consider all available and appropriate measures” to block it from becoming operational.

From what’s explained above, anti-Russia legislation — if enacted into law — would push the Kremlin to sever what remains of relations with the US altogether.

A Senate vote may take place this week. 

All Republicans except for Rand Paul support the measure.

It’s unclear if enough Dems will go along at a time of Russian/US-Western talks this week and what may follow.

Enacted or otherwise, US hostility toward Russia is more evidence that no chance exists in Washington to turn a page for improved relations.

Bilateral relations are far more likely to deteriorate further.

Much the same reality applies to other nations free from US control.

That’s how the scourge of US war on humanity operates.

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  1. “MSM and Truth-Telling Are Mortal Enemies” — and an oxymoron at that….

    This posting appreciated for its earnestness and courage (albeit the relative lateness of my encounter of it is my bad) as always! (esp. in the geopolitical realm; NSM pandemic-oriented fare…) Full speed ahead with your truth-telling, sir!


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