Former Obama/Biden Regime Official Calls for War on Nonbelligerent, Nonthreatening Russia

The Washington asylum is infested with the likes of pro-war/anti-peace Russiaphobes like Evelyn Farkas.

The former Obama/Biden regime deputy assistant secretary of war for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, she’s currently a nonresident senior fellow at the militantly Russophobic/neocon-infested Atlantic Council.

On January 11 in a Defense One op-ed, she called for hegemon USA to “prepare for war against (nonbelligerent, nonthreatening) Russia over Ukraine.”

Defying reality — based on indisputable facts, not anti-Russia propaganda — she lied claiming that “Vladimir Putin is more likely than not to invade Ukraine again (sic) in the coming weeks (sic).”

Knowing no such Russian Federation threat exists — not now or earlier — no Russian invasion or attack on any nations, she reinvented reality by falsely claiming the above anyway.

She lied accusing Russia of “invad(ing) Ukraine in 2014.”

She lied knowing that throughout its 30 year history, the Russian Federation neither invaded or threatened other countries.

She lied knowing that forever wars by hot and/or other means reflect hard-wired US policy — polar opposite how the Russian Federation operates.

She lied claiming that the Obama/Biden regime “ke(pt) Moscow from occupying the whole (of Ukraine) in 2015.”

She knows that Russia prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with international law —  yet lied claiming otherwise.

She lied accusing Putin of mobilizing what she called “the scale and type of force arrayed by the Russian military (and for making) ultimatums (sic).”

She lied calling the made-in-the-USA attempted coup against Kazakhstan street “demonstrations (sic)…(a) democratic uprising (sic).”

She falsely accused Moscow of hostile Biden regime actions in central Europe.

Saying “sanctions and economic penalties” aren’t enough against Russia, she called for hegemon USA to lead “an international coalition (of) military forces to deter Putin and, if necessary, prepare for war (sic).” 

Turning truth on its head, she falsely accused Russia of threatening “the future of the global order.”

Reinventing reality on the ground, she lied claiming that “Putin will move swiftly, grab some land, consolidate his gains, and set his sights on the next satellite state in his long game to restore all the pre-1991 borders (sic).”

Past and present, lunatics indeed infest the Washington asylum.

Their rage to rape and destroy nations free from US control — along with their fingers on the nuclear trigger — represent an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Judge her by her remarks.

Farkas is deranged. She needs psychiatric help.

She’s not alone.

Washington overflows with likeminded lunatics.

Saying “appeasement (of invented US enemies) will beget future land grabs” — a US/NATO specialty, not how Russia or other nations free from their control operate.

Hegemon USA is “a revisionist, revanchist power acting already as if there is no international order or United Nations, ignoring the Geneva Conventions, UN Charter, Helsinki Accords or any of the host of regional agreements” — not Russia or other independent countries.

Her way over-the-top lying would likely make garden variety fibbers blush.

She lied saying that Russia “has fought gradually to maintain and regain dominance of the Soviet republics and the former East Bloc, especially after Putin came to power.”

She lied accusing Moscow of encouraging “secessionists” in Eastern Europe.

She lied claiming that Russian military force was used “to change borders in Europe — for the first time — since Hitler’s invasions and occupations.”

Saying that if hegemon USA and its European vassal states don’t “use…military (force) to roll back Russians…Putin will force us to fight another day” shows her full-scale derangement.

Likeminded lunatics infesting the Washington asylum pose an unparalleled threat to humanity.

If not checked and replaced while there’s time, they may destroy planet earth and its life forms by their megalomaniacal rage for unchallenged control.

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