Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum: Part II

Instead of trying to reach accommodation with Russia to avoid war between the world’s leading nuclear powers, Biden regime lunatics continue brinksmanship that risks the unthinkable by pushing things too far.

There’s no ambiguity about longstanding US geopolitical aims.

It’s global empire of bases was established with pursuing them in mind.

They’re everywhere, including the presence of US forces in nations of host countries.

Never in world history has one nation maintained a military footprint in so many parts of the world as hegemon USA.

Hundreds of thousands of heavily armed US combat troops are deployed worldwide.

So is its nuclear arsenal and missiles capable of delivering them to any and all parts of planet earth.

In his book titled “Base Nation: How US Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World,” David Vine explained that hundreds of Pentagon bases worldwide are off-the-books.

“Undocumented (they’re) immune (from) oversight by the public and often even Congress,” said Vine, adding:

“Bases are a physical manifestation of US foreign and military policy, so off-the-books bases mean the military and executive branch are deciding such policy without public debate, frequently spending hundreds of millions or billions of dollars and potentially getting the US involved in wars and conflicts about which most of the country knows nothing.”

In 2017, investigative journalist Nick Turse explained that US green berets, rangers, seals, and other special forces operate menacingly in “138 nations, 70% of the world’s countries.”

Perhaps they’re deployed to 80 or 90% of them now.

Name a nation anywhere and it’s likely to have a US military presence — especially in the Indo/Pacific near China, throughout the Middle East and in Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders.

Turse called Washington’s extensive military footprint — notably where its special forces are deployed — a “gray zone,” defined as a “murky twilight between war and peace.”

In December, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the following:

The Biden regime “is scaling up its forward military presence near the Russian borders.” 

“In Eastern Europe, 8,000 (more) US troops (were) deployed.” 

“As for the grouping of US troops in Germany, the Command Theater Engagement has been recreated there.” 

“Until 1991, it was responsible for using medium-range missiles.”

Shoigu stressed that it’s essential for Russia to have missile capabilities able to counter them.

On Wednesday in response to congressional support for tough new sanctions on Russia, its US envoy Anatoly Antonov said the following:

“(C)alls on Capitol Hill for…’crippling’ anti-Russian restrictions, as well as personal sanctions against the top leadership of the Russian Federation, are provocative and hopeless.” 

“We will not be intimidated by restrictions.”

“Behind the demands of lawmakers to punish our country more painfully lies an attempt to influence Russia against the background of ongoing negotiations on European security.” 

“We see such pressure as the inability of the US to defend its point of view at the negotiating table in a reasoned manner.”

“(A)ssertions about (an) alleged plan of an attack on a neighboring state being hatched by our country are a figment of the sick imagination of (US) Russophobic circles.”

“This is the result of their mental disorder.” 

“The answer is unambiguous.”

“We have no aggressive intentions towards Ukraine” or any other nations.

Dominant US hardliners “launched the myth of an ‘imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine’ in the media and are now facing their own phobias.”

They have a choice. 

They can pursue cooperative or confrontational relations with Russia.

The former is all about prioritizing peace and stability.

The latter risks mutually assured destruction if hegemon USA launches aggression against Russia.

Talks in Geneva and Brussels between Russian, US and officials of its NATO vassal states ended in impasse.

Further talks between Russian and Western officials are virtually certain to go the same way.

On Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

The East/West “situation reached a critical point in terms of the common European security and in terms of our country’s national interests that are an inseparable part of Europe and the architecture of European security that unfortunately, it is impossible to dawdle further, and it is necessary to specifically respond to those concerns that we voiced.”

“Over the last 24 hours (alone, as well as) in recent days, (Biden regime and NATO officials made) vivid, aggressive statements.”

Moscow justifiably demands what US-dominated NATO rejects.

On Wednesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said the following:

In response to continued US-dominated NATO’s policy of deterring Russia, the Kremlin will pursue counter-deterrence.

If “the current dangerous course of events (continues unchanged), there will be no other option.”

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin added:

“Russia-NATO relations have reached a critically low level.”

During two days of security talks this week, Russian officials “repeatedly called on (US-dominated NATO) to take measures to ease tensions.”

Alliance states declined. 

The perilous status quo persists.

Nothing ahead suggests a change of US policy toward Russia and other nations free from its control.

Its only option is following tough talk with tough actions that hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states understand.

Nothing less can protect Russia’s security.

Diplomacy with the US is a colossal waste of time.

Toughness alone gets its attention.

It’s long past time for Russia to deliver a bellyful. 

A Final Comment

Because the Russian Federation never backed tough talk with tough actions, US-dominated NATO doesn’t take its security demands seriously.

There’s only one way to change things that’s clear and unequivocal.

Nothing less will get its attention in ways that Moscow seeks.

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