MSM Response to Russian Security Demands

MSM never met an invented US enemy it didn’t go all-out to bash by repeating state-approved Big Lies and mass deception talking points.

In print, the NYT is the worst offender, a proliferator of fake news over the real thing on major issues — truth and full disclosure banned in its daily editions.

Calling a nonexistent Russian threat to Ukraine “a test of US credibility (sic),” the Times cited the fake Biden’s warning to Vladimir Putin about tough economic reprisals.

Claiming that the “warning went unheeded” ignored that Moscow threatens no other nations — in stark contrast to hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and abroad.

On Wednesday, the Times continued to push the Big Lie claim of a Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

Biden regime deputy secretary of state Wendy Sherman was quoted saying that legitimate Russian security demands are “non-starters,” adding:

“We will not allow anyone to slam closed NATO’s open door policy, which has always been central to the NATO alliance (sic).” 

“We will not forgo bilateral cooperation with sovereign states that wish to work with the US (sic).” 

“We will not make decisions about Ukraine without Ukraine, about Europe without Europe, or about NATO without NATO (sic).”

The above remarks and others like them are the equivalent of giving the middle finger to legitimate Russian security demands.

The same applies to the Times and other MSM for supporting anti-Russia policies.

Chances for achieving even baby steps toward stepping back from the brink of possible confrontation with Russia by US-dominated NATO are virtually nil.

Like other MSM, WaPo falsely accused Moscow of making “an extravagant demand (sic) for ‘ironclad, waterproof, bulletproof, legally binding guarantees.’ ”

Security from foreign threats is a fundamental right of all nations.

According to a Charter of the UN commentary:

“(I)nternational security (requires) a transformation of international relations so that every state is assured that peace will not be broken, or at least that any breach of the peace will be limited in its impact.” 

“International security implies the right of every state to take advantage of any relevant security system, while also implying the legal obligations of every state to support such systems.”

As stated in its Charter, the UN’s mission “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind” failed before the Charter’s ink was dry.

Hegemon USA has far and away been the world’s worst offender.

It’s dirty hands have been all over the vast majority of post-WW II conflicts directly or indirectly.

Time and again its invented enemies are falsely blamed for its own crimes of war, against humanity, atrocities, and other dirty tricks.

In stark contrast, the Russian Federation is a preeminent world peace and stability champion.

Phony MSM claims that Russia mobilized forces on Ukraine’s border with intent to invade are belied by facts on the ground.

Defying reality, CNN fake news claimed the following:

“Russia has not committed to de-escalate on the Ukrainian border after two rounds of diplomatic talks this week (sic).”

“(I)t’s unclear whether Moscow intends to use the talks this week as a pretext to claim that diplomacy cannot work (sic).”

“(T)he Russian military conducted live-fire exercises along (Ukraine’s) border (sic).”

According to Politico’s hyperventilating, “Putin is threatening war (sic).”

Bloomberg (fake) News falsely claimed that “Putin wants to establish a Russian sphere of influence (sic).”

Citing what it called a risk of Ukraine war, Al Jazeera failed to explain that if it erupts, it’ll be orchestrated and directed by the US, Russia to be falsely blamed.

The WSJ defied reality by falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of “pos(ing) (a) challenge” to the West.

Ignoring that it’s the other way around, Journal Russia bashing follows the long ago debunked claim about a nation that threatens no others.

No Russian “rebuilding of the Soviet Union” exists under Putin’s leadership, no pursuit of “hegemony” — a US specialty MSM consistently ignore.

On all things Russia and other nations free from US control, fake news is featured exclusively over truth and full disclosure — rubbish not fit to read or otherwise follow.

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