Producer/Journalist Explains Why She Quit the CBC

Like Britain’s BBC and Qatar’s Al Jazeera the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is government owned, controlled and used to serve its interests.

Masquerading as news operations, they feature state-approved propaganda exclusively on major domestic and geopolitical issues — journalism as it should be banned.

In a January 3 column, titled “Speaking Freely,” former CBC producer/journalist Tara Henley explained why she quit the propaganda operation.

“What is going on at the CBC,” she asked?

Long ago, it produced some good journalism, she said.

When she resigned in December, “it embodied some of the worst trends in mainstream media,” adding:

Once “a trusted (news) source” on some issues, some of the time, it shifted entirely to state-approved propaganda — misinforming and disinforming instead of the other way around.

“Those of us on the inside know just how” things changed “dramatically” for the worst, said Henley.

“To work at the CBC in the current climate is to embrace cognitive dissonance and to abandon journalistic integrity.”

“It is to sign on, enthusiastically, to a radical political agenda that originated on Ivy League campuses in the US and spread through American social media platforms that monetize outrage and stoke societal divisions.” 

“It is to pretend that the (unacceptable) ‘woke’ worldview is near universal — even if it is far from popular with those you know, and speak to, and interview, and read.”

CBC employment today “demand(s) parroting of orthodoxies… demonstrat(ing) fealty to dogma…(and showing) hostil(ity) to ordinary people…”

The CBC unacceptably supports “lockdowns, (mass-jabbing) mandates,” and all else flu/covid related “with little (or no) debate.”

Like US MSM, the beeb and Al Jazeera, the CBC supports wealth, power and privilege exclusively at the expense of society’s “most vulnerable.”

Unobstructed views on key issues and “critical thinking…are off the table.”

“(T)he big issues of our time are all already settled.”

“(W)hile the world burns,” CBC policy turns a blind eye to enormous harm committed by ruling authorities against their own people.

“How could good journalism possibly be done under such conditions?” 

“How could any of this possibly be healthy for society?”

A journalist for 20 years, Henley will post her freely expressed views on Substack after quitting where she longer wants to be because of how the CBC operates.

She’ll write “independent(ly) and entirely free from editorial control, allowing (her) to say (what’s) not being said…ask(ing) questions” not raised on the CBC and other MSM.

Their editorial policy supports privileged interests exclusively at the expense journalism as it should be — what harms most people instead serving them.

A Final Comment

MSM throughout the West operate as virtual press agents for powerful interests.

According to psychologist Jordan Peterson, the CBC and other Canadian media are in an “unrecoverable death spiral, spinning ever more uncontrollably,” adding:

They’ve “become a mewling, meandering, self-righteous, slogan-spewing narcissistic near-corpse.”

Much the same applies to virtually all MSM, especially in the US.

Throughout the West, will its epitaph one day say that years of managed news misinformation and disinformation over truth and full disclosure killed what most people no longer trust, walked away from, and turned to alternative sources to stay informed.

It can’t happen a moment too soon,

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