Russian/East-West Security Talks at “Dead End”

Russian security talks with Biden regime hardliners, NATO vassal states, and OSCE officials this week were a colossal waste of time and effort as expected.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on Thursday:

Hegemon USA and its subservient partners said “ ‘no’ (on) key security issues included in documents sent to the Biden regime and discussed during three days of talks this week.

The US-dominated West agreed to continued discussion of “secondary” issues alone, not “non-expansion of NATO.”

On what matters most to Russia on the world stage, things are at “a dead end,” said Ryabkov, adding:

“I see no reason to negotiate further.”

Russia “need(s) not just some comments and verbal statements but something more familiar to diplomats.”

“For example, texts or statements put on paper.”

“The deceitfulness and duplicity of (the US-dominated West) is manifested to the maximum extent.”

“It simply does not occur to anyone from the Western camp that someone else might have their own security interests.”

According to Russian international affairs analyst Dmitry Suslov:

Escalated East/West tensions are “inevitable…because (US-dominated) NATO will abandon the open doors policy only if it comes to a conclusion that such policy diminishes (its) security.” 

If it believes that “further expansion of NATO threatens the alliance and the US with catastrophic consequences, up to a nuclear war,” the dynamic changes.

“Only in such case they will have to give up the expansion policy and start respecting Russia’s interest, being afraid of the war threat.”

According to former US Virginia State Senator Richard Black:

Talks between Russia and the US-dominated West this week pushed “the world close to the brink of nuclear war by insisting on the continuance of placing the weapons with nuclear strike capability not near but at Russia’s border,” adding:

“What is needed is a new world security architecture, which guarantees all nations security… includ(ing) Russia and the US.”

“The West needs to give up its violent fantasy of (dominating) Russia and China.”

“What is required is a new set of economic (and political) relations…based on the common development of the productive forces of both the East and West.”

Otherwise, “the likelihood of confrontation and nuclear war increases greatly.”

“We are on the brink of confrontation which can lead us to world war” as things now stand.

Interviewed Thursday on Russian RTVI television, Ryabkov said the following:

“We need to continue being insistent to achieve the right course and the right evolution on the Western side.” 

“This is what we will continue doing.”

“I must reiterate that dialogue is still underway at many levels and in many directions.”

Why whenever outreach by Moscow to the US-dominated West takes place, failure to achieve its key aims virtually always follows sooner or later — what Ryabkov stopped short of explaining.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“(T)alks (this week) were initiated to obtain specific answers to specific questions.”

“(D)isagreements (were) detected on these principal issues.”

“It is a bad thing. It could be considered a low point of talks.”

While Moscow doesn’t lack “political will for further talks…the process cannot carry on for the sake of process on critical issues.”

“There must be a concrete result, a concrete response…some concrete (binding) language” on Russia’s security demands.

After three days of futility, Moscow knows that what it seeks will not be forthcoming.

It’s time for Plan B that excludes further waste-of-time talks going nowhere — no matter how long they continue.

A Final Comment

On possible illegal US sanctions on Vladimir Putin and other key Russian officials, Peskov stressed that taking this “over-the-top (step would be) comparable to severing relations.”

According to Biden regime OSCE envoy Michael Carpenter,” a crisis in European security exists” — made-in-the-USA, he failed to explain, adding:

“The drumbeat of war is sounding loud, and the rhetoric has gotten rather shrill.”

Once again, he failed to lay blame where it belongs — clearly not on nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

On whether Moscow will counter US-dominated NATO threats to its security by deploying Russian forces to Latin America — specifically to Cuba and/or Venezuela — Ryabkov said he could “neither confirm nor exclude” the move, adding: 

“It all depends on…actions by” hegemon USA and its subservient NATO vassal states.

Separately on Thursday, Biden regime national security advisor Sullivan once again defied reality by falsely claiming a nonexistent “high” threat of war on Ukraine by Russia.

Both right wings of the US war party — and their MSM press agents — know that neither Russia or other nations free from their control threaten hostilities against other nations.

Their geopolitical agenda is worlds apart different from US-dominated NATO’s war on humanity with no end of it in prospect.

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