Hegemon USA’s Hellish Handiwork in Kazakhstan

In response to Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s request for help, Russian led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) peacekeepers foiled the Biden regime’s coup plot attempt to topple its government in a few days.

According to CSTO secretary general Stanislav Zas:

“Not only criminal groups, such as bandits and looters, were active there but also well-organized (imported) armed groups” were involved in the (made-in-the-USA) coup attempt.

From when orchestrated and directed violence erupted on January 2 until foiled last week, an estimated $2 – 3 billion in damage occurred from looting and wanton destruction — mainly in Almaty, the country’s largest city.

A temporary state of emergency declared on January 5 was lifted on January 13.

Together with Kazakh security forces, Russian-led CSTO peacekeepers quelled violence and restored order enough for the nation to handle things going forward on its own.

On Saturday, planeloads of Russian and other CSTO peacekeepers returned home.

On Friday, Tokayev explained that  peacekeeping help he requested “was timely” and vital to protect the nation’s security, adding:

“(T)here were real threats to the state, to its stability and territorial integrity.” 

“That is why the deployment (of the CSTO peacekeepers) was carried out swiftly” and effectively.

At this time with Russian-led peacekeeping help, law, order and stability was restored to the country.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the following:

“(A) ceremony (was) held to welcome back the Russian peacekeepers who accomplished all their assigned tasks highly professionally.” 

Russian personnel then “unloaded equipment (before) departing for their permanent base.”

They’re to be congratulated for a job well done.

Foiling a hegemon USA coup plot is crucial to protecting and preserving regional peace, stability and security.

On Saturday, head of Kazakhstan’s criminal prosecution office, Serik Shalabayev, explained the human toll from hegemon USA’s foiled coup plot, saying:

At this time, “4,578 victims have been identified.”

“Of those, 4,353 were injured, including 3,393 members of the law enforcement agencies.”

“During the state of emergency, 225 bodies were transported to the country’s morgues.”

A total of 19 police officers and other security personnel were killed by “armed bandits who took part in terrorist acts and attacked buildings and law enforcers.”

“Regrettably, civilians became victims of terrorist acts as well.”

Spokeswoman for Kazakhstan’s health ministry, Asel Artakshinova, said over 2,600 people were treated for injuries caused by armed bandits and terrorists.

Dozens are in serious condition.

Thousands of imported and internally recruited gangster elements were involved in days of well-orchestrated and directed rioting, violence, plunder and destruction.

Thousands were arrested and detained. Hundreds already appeared in court.

Prosecution of many others involved will follow.

It’s just a matter of time before hegemon USA attempts another coup plot against a nation free from its control.

Former Bush/Cheney secretary of state Condoleezza Rice once called US (fantasy) democracy “messy.”

Made-in-the-USA state terror unleashed against Kazakhstan this month is the latest example of how its imperial scourge operates on the world stage — domestically and worldwide.

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