Russian Foreign Ministry on Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on efforts by Russia and other CSTO peacekeepers to foil the Biden regime coup attempt in Kazakhstan, saying the following:

“(C)oordinated and externally supported (violence and destruction in) Kazakhstan led to tragic consequences.” 

“(A)rmed terrorist gangs (were involved), apparently trained in terrorist camps abroad and clearly experienced in military operations in various hot spots.”

“Kazakhstan faced an aggression of (made-in-the-USA) terrorism…”

It “threatened to undermine the constitutional order, destroy government institutions and seize power in the country.”

In response to “President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev(’s) (appeal for CSTO help), a unanimous decision (was made) to provide military assistance” by sending Russian-led peacekeepers to quell violence and restore order.

“Thanks to the lightning-fast deployment and the CSTO peacekeepers’ actions, primarily to protect and defend critical infrastructure, Kazakhstan’s law enforcement agencies were able to use their forces and resources to restore law and order and eliminate threats to the country’s security.”

“Kazakhstan’s leaders praised the CSTO peacekeeping operation as highly effective and useful.”

Russia and its CSTO allies are committed to regional peace, stability and security.

What erupted on January 2 required “urgent action.”

Moscow and its regional allies responded effectively and swiftly to the challenge.

“Commercial flights are now being resumed from the main airports in Kazakhstan, including Almaty.”

Russia and other CSTO countries showed that they’re ready and able to defend and protect their part of the world from direct or proxy US-orchestrated and directed aggression in pursuit of its hegemonic aims.

Commenting on US-colonized and occupied Ukraine, MZ stressed Moscow’s concern over nearly eight years of hegemon USA’s orchestrated and directed Kiev war on Donbass.

US-dominated NATO regimes continue to pour heavy and other weapons into Ukraine for war-making — on the phony pretext of self-defense.

Thousands of US/NATO military personnel are in Ukraine to train their forces and direct their aggression along Russia’s border.

What’s going on is “continuation of Washington’s destructive policy to prop up (Nazi-infested fascist rule in) Kiev” by the US-installed regime.

In early January, pro-war/anti-peace/anti-rule of law EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell visited Ukraine to show support for its tyrannical rule.

While there and earlier, he recited lines scripted for him by Biden regime hardliners — falsely calling Russia “a party to the conflict” it has nothing to do with.

Made-in-the-USA, Borrell supports what’s in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

Like other Western officials, he defied reality by falsely blaming Russia for US-orchestrated and directed aggression against nonbelligerent Donbass.

US-dominated NATO regimes reject peace and stability in favor of endless wars by hot and/or other means.

The same goes for Borrell, a virtual puppet in support of US imperial interests.

Internally, tyrannical rule is the law of the land in Ukraine — with full US, NATO, EU backing.

“On January 1, 2022, the National Resistance Law came into force in Ukraine,” MZ explained.

The fascist measure “increas(es) the probability of weapons getting into the hands of radical nationalists operating with little or no control by” Kiev. 

It assures “further destabilization… more atrocities and total chaos.”

On Sunday, exclusive use of the Ukrainian language became the extremist law of the land.

Everything in print must be published in Ukrainian. 

Notably use of the Russian language is banned.

So are speech, media and academic freedoms.

Similar policies reflect “an increasingly terrifying dimension.” 

“On January 1, 2022, Ukrainian neo-Nazis held a torch procession in Kiev.” 

“As for the OSCE, I do not think that I need to say this again,” MZ stressed, adding: 

“After what happened in Kazakhstan and the way the OSCE shamefully ignored these developments, we are asking ourselves:” 

“Does this organization have a secretariat and what about its senior officials?” 

“Are they all taking their New Year holidays, or back in Vienna?” 

“Where are you, OSCE Secretariat staff? What is going on with you?” 

“Have you been following the news and what has been going on in Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries, in Ukraine?” 

“What do you think about human rights, protecting the freedom of expression or ensuring that journalists are safe there?”

“These are topics for a meaningful and unpleasant conversation with the OSCE leadership.”

On expansion of NATO, MZ stressed its unacceptability to Russia for legitimate security reasons.

“We declared that talks should be held,” she said, adding:

“We put our position across to the US and NATO countries via diplomatic channels.”

“We published it and held talks and consultations in Geneva and Brussels.” 

“We are involved in a businesslike negotiating process.”

“We are doing all we can to use the art of diplomacy and its potential to resolve these critical global problems.”

“We proceed from the assumption that our positions of principle are well known.”

“We will be taking cues from the realities as the situation develops.”

On US-installed Kiev puppet Zelensky’s dubious claim about being willing to participate in Normandy Four talks on the Minsk I and II agreements, MZ debunked his reinvented reality.

Since Minsk I was agreed on in 2014, Minsk II the following year, Kiev breached their letter and spirit.

Zelensky’s remark shifts attention from Kiev’s forever war on Donbass.

His alleged interest in conflict resolution talks is belied by nearly eight years of Ukrainian aggression with no end of it in prospect.

Based on events on the ground, things are more likely to escalate in the new year than turn a page for resolution.

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