Russophobe Extremist Victoria Nuland

Neocon hardliner Nuland represents the worst of Washington’s imperial arrogance.

She never met a nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation free from US control that she didn’t want raped and destroyed — their resources looted, their people bludgeoned into submission.

Her hardcore background reflects the worst of Washington’s dark side, the unparalleled menace it represents.

An anti-diplomat, she earlier covered Russian politics at Washington’s Moscow embassy.

She worked in the State Department’s Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, served in Guangzhou, China, and directed a task force on Russia and its neighbors in support of expanding NATO eastward.

She was chief of staff to Hillary’s Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, was deputy, then permanent US envoy to NATO, and served as Dick Cheney’s deputy national security advisor. 

She was deputy to the US envoy-at-large for Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. 

At State, she served as spokeswoman, assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs, and currently as Biden regime under secretary for political affairs.

Her hardline husband, Robert Kagan, co-founded the neocon Project for a New American Century.

Like Nuland, he calls for transforming all sovereign independent nations into subservient US vassal states — by brute force if lesser tactics fall short.

Last week, she conducted a State Department briefing that featured militantly hostile remarks about Russia — wrapped in bald-faced Big Lies, one of her specialties.

She lied accusing Russia of “creat(ing) (made-in-the-USA) crisis” conditions in central Europe (sic).

She lied claiming that Moscow “amassed 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders (sic).”

No one spotted them because they’re hundreds of kilometers away on their own territory, threatening no one.

She falsely accused Russia of made-in-the USA lies about Ukraine and related issues (sic).

She falsely accused nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia of “stoking a potentially very bloody and costly conflict (sic).”

Ignoring nearly eight years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression against Donbass, she defied reality by saying its US-installed puppet regime is “not (an) aggressor (sic).”

She falsely accused Russia of aggression against Ukraine (sic), of invading and occupying its territory (sic).”

She lied calling Nazi-infested tyrannical rule in Kiev “democratic (sic).”

She expressed “unwavering” US support for the worst of its high crimes of war, against humanity and atrocities.

She lied claiming that US-dominated “NATO poses no threat to Russia (sic).”

She ignored that the alliance poses an unprecedented threat to everyone everywhere under US control.

She lied accusing Russia of threatening NATO (sic).

She lied calling the US-controlled killing machine for forever wars on invented enemies nonthreatening to Russia (sic).

She lied calling it “a defensive alliance (sic).”

She falsely called diplomacy — abhorred by hegemon USA — the best option for regional peace and stability (sic).”

They’re notions its ruling regimes reject in waging permanent wars on humanity at home and abroad.

She threatened Moscow with “very sharp pain very fast” if it acts aggressively toward Ukraine — knowing Russia prioritizes peace with other nations, hostilities toward none.

She falsely claimed that Biden regime hardliners “need more time” to respond to Moscow’s sought security guarantees.

She ignored that the White House had them in detailed form since mid-December.

Failing to respond formally is evidence of stalling, wanting things dragged out interminably.

Russia minced no words calling for a quick response, strongly opposing a delayed one.

Moscow’s patience finally wore thin, better late than never.

The time for ignoring Russia’s legitimate concerns is over.

The same goes for trying to marginalize, weaken and contain Moscow.

If not properly addressed in the coming days, Russia will respond appropriately.

US ruling regimes never took Russian Federation security concerns seriously before.

Those days are over.

For the first time since Soviet Russia dissolved in 1991, Russian Federation passivity in dealings with US-dominated NATO appear over.

If its legitimate security concerns aren’t addressed in ways to ease them, Moscow seems likely to respond with whatever it’ll take to defend its borders and territorial integrity from the menace represented by US-dominated NATO.

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