Kremlin Spokesman Straight Talk on US Propaganda TV

Whenever US/Western officials are interviewed, mind-manipulating double-talk is consistently featured.

It’s in stark contrast to straight talk by officials from Russia and other nations free from US control.

Interviewed last Friday by CNN, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov discussed what US propaganda TV viewers never hear from duplicitous Western officials, explaining the following:

Washington’s long ago pledge about “never expand(ing) its military infrastructure or political infrastructure eastwards” was flagrantly broken.

In the 1990s, US-controlled “NATO’s military infrastructure started to get closer and closer to the borders of the Russian Federation.” 

Hegemon USA began “to deploy different weapons, different launching systems (menacingly) closer to our border each year.”

As a result, Russian “security (is) endangered.”

“NATO is…an organization that was tailored and was created for confrontation, not for defense.” 

The alliance “is not a dove of peace…not a dove of stability…not a dove of prosperity.”

“NATO is a weapon of confrontation.”

“(T)his weapon (is) get(ting) closer and closer to our borders.”

“(A)fter (the Obama/Biden regime’s) 2014…coup…in Ukraine, (its US-installed and controlled regimes want) NATO membership.”

“(W)e have seen the gradual invasion of NATO into Ukrainian territory with its infrastructure, its instructors, (heavy and other) weapons, teaching (and directing) Ukraine(’s) military” for preemptive war-making as a US proxy force. 

“(T)hat brought us to the (the current) red line.” 

“That brought us (where) we couldn’t tolerate it anymore, and that was the main reason for President Putin to (stress that) this is a real threat for us, and this is a real threat for stability and security in European architecture.”

“Let’s find a way out. Let’s produce some guarantees for us.” 

“Let’s think about returning NATO’s military infrastructure back to the borders of 1997.”

Let’s get freed of the idea of Ukrainian membership (in) NATO, and also…abandon the idea of deployment of any offensive weapons on the territory of Ukraine next to our borders.” 

“This was…the main proposal of President Putin.”

Russia will no longer “keep silent (about) this (unacceptable) danger.”

Throughout his time as Russia’s president, Putin has always been willing to negotiate with other countries and “take into account (their) concerns.”

At the same time, no responsible leaders would sacrifice their country’s security in dealings with others.

When Russian peacekeepers are deployed abroad, they’re in response to requests for help by other governments.

They’re not occupying forces like US-dominated NATO operates against numerous countries.

“Russia will never discuss with anyone withdrawal of missiles or other weapons from its own territory.”

“There are no Russian troops in Ukraine.” 

“There are no Russian troops in Donbass.” 

“There are Russian troops on Russian soil” threatening no one.

They’re deployed to defend the nation from threats posed by US-dominated NATO.

Moscow prioritizes peace and stability.

It wants military confrontation avoided.

It’s prepared to respond to aggressors.

It wants its sovereignty, territorial integrity and security concerns respected.

If the Biden regime crosses the line to illegally sanctioning Vladimir Putin, other senior Russian officials, and more gravely harming the nation’s interests than already, it “can lead to (a) discontinuation of any relationship between our two countries,” said Peskov.

US/Western sanctions breach the UN Charter.

Its Article II requires all member states to “settle…disputes” according to the rule of law.

When imposed by hegemon USA, sanctions are weapons of war by other means.

They’re ineffectively used to pressure, bully and terrorize targeted nations into submission.

Yet they fail to achieve intended objectives.

US sanctions war and other hostile actions against Cuba for over 60 years, Iran since its liberating 1979 revolution, Venezuela for more than 20 years, and against countless other nations achieved no strategic aims.

They’re counterproductive and flagrantly illegal. 

Yet hegemon USA imposed them against dozens of countries.

It’s one of many examples of how the scourge of imperial lawlessness operates.

Over the longterm, they’re self-defeating. The same goes for other hostile US actions.

Despite its global empire of military bases, its super and other weapons, its endless hot and cold wars on invented enemies, hegemon USA grows weaker on the world stage.

It’s incrementally going the same way as history’s other empires.

In decline because of its imperial arrogance and unwillingness to change, it’s just a matter of time before its supremacy on the world stage ends.

Looking ahead on Russian/US relations over the near-term, Peskov stressed the following:

A “critical situation” exists.

If dominant US hardliners show “political will” to shift from confrontation to cooperation with Moscow, then “common ground” can be found.

If the unacceptable status quo continues unchanged — what’s highly likely — it’ll be the other way around.

2 thoughts on “Kremlin Spokesman Straight Talk on US Propaganda TV

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  1. Excellent, inclusive summary and commentary! Appreciated!

    (What was the CNN interlocutor’s attitude during the interview? — i.e., typical US arrogance, obtuseness, belligerence? or thoughtful, respectful questions? Peskov seems to have had the “space” to make the points and statements you ascribe to him….)

    Will Foggy Bottom (et al, including Foggy Brain Biden) take note and step back from the brink? Rhetorical question….


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