Sergey Lavrov on Russian Security and Foreign Policy

Developments since undemocratic Dems usurped power by election rigging escalated the risk of war between hegemon USA and nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

What’s unthinkable is possible because of unacceptable Biden regime actions over the past year.

In recent weeks, they more greatly jeopardized peace in central Europe, the Indo/Pacific and Middle East.

What’s going on menacingly “around the world leaves us little time for rest and leisure,” said Lavrov, adding:

In the new year, things have “not improved. Everyone understands that.” 

“Conflict potential is building up (because the US-dominated West) largely shaped this trend.” 

The “policy (of their ruling regimes) consists of undermining the architecture of international relations based on the UN Charter, as well as replacing international law with their own ‘rules’ and imposing them on others to build a new world order.”

Nations refusing to bend to Washington’s will are called “reactionary countries seeking to impose a revisionist agenda in international affairs.”

The US-dominated West operates this way, and by so doing poses a grave risk to world peace and stability. 

“It is the West that seeks to revise the UN Charter,” Lavrov explained.

“Russia and other nations who are our allies and strategic partners have been standing up for the UN Charter, its principles, purposes and structure to defend them from revisionist aspirations.”

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states “openly declared their goal of containing the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation.” 

“Attempts to artificially expand NATO and draw Ukraine into it continue unabated.”

Biden regime hardliners, their key alliance counterparts, and US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg “welcome the accession of Nordic countries that are not NATO members into its ranks.”

“Attempts to entice new members to join NATO and expand it go on unabated, even though this organization became irrelevant with the end of the Cold War and the disappearance of the Warsaw Treaty Organization.”

Over the past 30 years, the US transformed the alliance from a dubious defensive one into an aggressor.

It became a killing machine against invented enemies, beginning with the rape and destruction of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

In December, Russia presented the Biden regime with two draft proposals for legally binding security guarantees it seeks.

Lavrov explained that they’re “aimed at precluding absolutely any further eastward movement of NATO and the deployment of threatening weapon systems near Russian borders.”

Russia needs “legally binding guarantees (because the US-dominated West) never honored” what was verbally agreed to earlier.

Based on Biden regime rejection of what Russia proposed last week, it’s clear that its dominant hardliners intend no change in what gravely jeopardizes Russia’s security.

In response, Russia is “prepar(ing) for any eventuality” ahead.

“In 2021, integration cooperation was developing within the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and integration process within the framework of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.” 

“This helped to promote Vladimir Putin’s initiative to form a Greater Eurasian Partnership.”

Russia continues to promote cooperative relations with other nations, while working to avoid confrontation.

It’s the leading nation on the world stage in helping to resolve conflicts where they’re ongoing — in stark contrast to how hegemon USA-dominated NATO consistently goes the other way.

Russia’s involvement in Kazakhstan along with other CSTO countries foiled — a few days — a made-in-the-USA coup attempt to topple its government.

In the new year, Moscow will continue to “defend the central role of the United Nations and the need for a strict regard for international law as it is enshrined in the universally coordinated and accepted documents…” 

Russia is a world leader in combating terrorism and cybercrime.

It actively supports strict compliance with international law.

Moscow awaits a response from US-dominated NATO on its sought security guarantees.

“We won’t wait forever. There are plans to drag out this process,” said Lavrov. 

“(E)veryone knows that reaching an agreement depends on” hegemon USA. 

“Whatever they are telling us about the need to consult with their allies and involve all OSCE members in the talks, those are excuses and attempts to drag out the process.”

If Russia’s sought security guarantees are formally rejected in writing, actions will be taken to secure what the US-dominated West won’t do on its own.

Moscow’s “proposals are aimed at reducing military confrontations and de-escalating general tensions in Europe, whereas the West is doing the opposite,” Lavrov stressed.

“NATO is building up its ground troops and aviation on the territories directly adjacent to Ukraine.”

“Exercises in the Black Sea have grown in scale and frequency many times over in recent time.”

“There are many other problems as well.”

“We have heard blustering statements of late to the effect that if Russia does not obey Western demands on what to do with its own troops on its own territory (which is an absurd demand in its own right) the West will intensify the activities of NATO’s rapid reaction and special operation forces around our borders in the next two or three months.”

“We are faced with unacceptable demands to return our troops to their barracks on our own territory, while the Americans, Canadians and Brits have permanently deployed their troops in the guise of rotation in the Baltic states and other countries in the North of Europe.” 

“Bases are being set up in the Black Sea region.” 

“The Brits are building bases in Ukraine, in the Sea of Azov area.”

“We are categorically opposed. This approach is unacceptable.”

The US-dominated West “went too far.”

“In violation of all its commitments and contrary to common sense, it went for aggravation.” 

“The West denounces the use of violence against civilians and human rights abuses.”

“But if bloody coups are staged by people who swear fealty to the West, it simply welcomes them with open arms.”  

“In the Western interpretation, friends can do whatever they like” — the rule of law be damned.

Russia’s “patience has been exhausted.”

After 30 years of US/Western betrayal, it’s high time for Russia to tolerate no more from its hostile ruling regimes.

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  1. Well presented! FM Sergey Lavrov is slam-dunk the most-masterful diplomat on the planet! Kudos to him, Viva Russia!

    ‘What’s going on menacingly “around the world leaves us little time for rest and leisure,” said Lavrov….” Sincerely and succinctly stated, with a dose of poignancy for which I find empathy and which is refreshing in its candor and truth. We all need some “rest and leisure” from the venal and evil and context-clueless leaders (sic) who surround us in too-much/over-abundance….


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