A Nation Off the Rails Gone Mad

Who could have imagined a state-sponsored new millennium mother of all false flags to that time that would launch one war after another against nations threatening no one?

Who could have known about the diabolical state-sponsored mother of all scams to destroy public health and what remains of free and open societies worldwide — before unleashed on humanity at end of 2019?

Who could have imagined that self-inflicting harm from kill shots — designed for this purpose — could become a condition for employment, education, travel and access to most public places?

What far exceeds the worst of silver screen — or made for television — horror films is today’s reality.

What seems like the mother of all nightmares is happening in real time with no end of it in prospect — the worst likely still to come.

When state-sponsored — MSM proliferated — Big Lies and mass deception substitute for truth-telling and governance of and for everyone in support of serving the dominant few at the expense of most others, the worst of all worlds is possible.

That’s the stark truth about today’s reality.

Nightmarish conditions are the new abnormal with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Instead of popular revolution erupting against what no one should tolerate, passivity is most common over vitally needed resistance.

The good news is that kernels of the latter are emerging. 

Growing numbers of mad as hell people are no longer willing to go along with what should have been mass-rejected two years ago.

In previous articles, I wrote about an upcoming January 23 “Do Not Comply, Defeat the Mandates rally that’s expected to draw thousands to the nation’s capital in protest against kill shots and all else flu/covid. 

On Monday, I discussed and posted a powerful letter by University of Chicago students to school authorities.

They oppose toxic boosters to come on campus, attend classes, and enjoy what remains of the greatly eroded academic experience.

On thousands of US campuses, medical tyranny is the new abnormal.

The same unacceptable reality affects staff in many workplaces.

In Chicago where I live and in many other cities nationwide, self-inflicting harm from kill shots is a condition for accessing many public places.

Throughout the US/West, refuseniks are mistreated as pariahs or terrorists — for protecting their health over destroying it by complying with what demands mass-rejection.

Last weekend in Salt Lake City, UT, the Salt Lake Tribune published an editorial that might make some despots blush.

At a time of an invented, not a real, pandemic, it lied calling kill shots “absolutely the correct advice (sic).” 

It lied about the more scariant than variant omicron.

It defied science and the rule of law by saying that “(w)ere Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass (jabbing) campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of (being fully-jabbed) would not be allowed, well, anywhere.”

It called for police state tactics to keep unjabbed city residents segregated from society indoors.

In suburban Chicago Oak Park/River Forest, the Wednesday Journal of both communities called for “(s)egregating)” their unjabbed residents “from the rest of us,” adding:

“We have no second thoughts on this. We have no sympathy for the un(jabbed). Actually, we have contempt for them.”

A same day article discussed mocking of the unjabbed by LA Times fake news.

Last week, the VC (Ventura County, CA) Star called for “abolition (of) parenthood.”

It wants “raising your own children (made) illegal.”

Reinventing reality, it claimed that “a policy of universal orphanhood aligns with powerful social trends that point to less interest in family.”

It wants the former Little Orphan Annie comic strip and radio drama series made reality — perhaps with burly Daddy Warbucks characters in charge.

The VC Star also supports kill shots.

Falsely claiming that they “sav(e) lives,” it defied science and reality by falsely saying that it’s “primarily the un(jabbed) who are dying” from flu/covid when it’s the other way around.

If what’s going on throughout the US/West, in Australia, apartheid Israel and elsewhere isn’t challenged by all-out mass resistance, what little remains of societies safe and fit to live in no longer will exist.

Draconian hellishness will replace them.

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