If Words Were Weapons

MSM operate as virtual extensions of US domestic and foreign policy.

They’re allied with the Biden regime’s diabolical aim to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people at home and abroad, along with replacing what remains of free and open societies with social control tyranny.

Geopolitically, they support US hot and cold wars on nations free from its control.

At this time, nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia is in the eye of the storm.

MSM malice is so intense that if words were weapons, full-scale war on Russia would be raging — based on a foundation of Big Lies and mass deception.

According to NYT fake news repeated ad nauseam, “Ukraine (is) surrounded on three sides by 100,000 Russian troops (sic), and Russia has issued subtle but wide-ranging threats (sic), including hinting that it could place nuclear missiles close to the US if the West did not meet its security demands (sic).”

Fact: Russian forces don’t “surround” Ukraine or any other countries.

Fact: Throughout its 30 year history, the Russian Federation has been at peace with the world community of nations.

It threatened none except in self-defense if attacked, the UN Charter right of all nations.

Fact: In stark contrast to Russia and other nations free from US control, hegemon USA prioritizes forever hot and cold wars against countries unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to its interests.

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials want the nation’s borders, territorial integrity and security protected.

Judge them by their actions.

Not a shred of evidence suggests that the Kremlin seeks dominance over Eastern Europe with intent to restore control over former Soviet republics.

Fabricated MSM claims otherwise are based on state-approved Russophobic talking points.

No Russian “saboteurs” exist. None with intent to stage a false flag pretense for invading Ukraine or any other countries.

Instead of condemning nearly eight years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass, the Times falsely blamed Russia for what’s going on.

Over the weekend, WaPo featured a Russophobic op-ed by neocon extremist John Bolton.

Repeating debunked Big Lies about Russia, Bolton falsely accused Moscow of threatening Ukraine (sic) and cyberattacking its computer systems (sic).

With malicious intent, he lied claiming that Russia “planted operatives in…Donbass…who could stage false flag operations as pretexts for Russian invasion (sic).”

He lied saying that the Kremlin “escalated a long-standing insistence that Ukraine is not a legitimate sovereign state (sic).”

He lied accusing Russia of “threatening to deploy troops to Venezuela and Cuba (sic).”

He lied claiming that “Vladimir Putin is readying to invade Ukraine (sic).”

He lies saying that Moscow’s aim is “annexing all of Ukraine (sic).”

No responsible editors would tough the above rubbish.

WaPo editors featured it as part of their longstanding mass deception about all things Russia and other sovereign independent nations.

More Bolton Russophobic rubbish followed.

He also called for hegemon USA-dominated NATO to “do better in deterring Russia from taking belligerent actions in the current Ukraine crisis (sic).”

Crisis conditions in central Europe were made in Washington and other NATO capitals, not Moscow.

Does Bolton want East/West relations entirely ruptured?

Does he support launching WW III?

Is he yearning for turning US cities into smoldering rubble?

Does he want the Biden regime’s mass-extermination campaign accelerated by nuclear war?

Calling for pouring more “lethal military assistance in(to) Ukraine” and other former Soviet republics would be a step in this direction.

Knowing Russia threatens no one, Bolton pretended otherwise, adding:

If the Biden regime “fail(s)” Ukraine (sic), “Putin will have perfected a road map to further erode NATO’s deterrence (sic).”

Calling US-controlled NATO a “collective defense” alliance ignored that its only enemies are invented — that its mission is offense to rape and destroy nations targeted for regime change.

It’s a killing machine menace to world peace.

It’s a US-controlled spear to advance its hegemonic aims.

As long as the alliance exists and expands, everyone everywhere will be endangered by the unprecedented menace of its rampaging.

On the sidelines of government, does Bolton still yearn to set the world ablaze in support of hegemonic USA’s diabolical aims?

A peacenik he’s not.


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