Colonized Police State Ukraine: US-Occupied Territory

Occupied by forces of US-dominated NATO countries, colonized Ukraine masquerades as a nation-state.

Its illegitimately installed regime serves US/Western interests at the expense of its exploited people and regional peace.

If made-in-the-USA global war 3.0 erupts, its epicenter may be along the border between Russia and colonized Ukraine.

The risk of things unfolding this way is ominously real because of longstanding US aims to transform 

Russia — and other independent countries — into vassal states by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

Operating recklessly and ruthlessly at home and abroad, both right wings of the US war party pose an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

On Tuesday, Tass quoted Russian lower house State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin’s warning about how US-dominated NATO is using Ukraine against Moscow, saying:

What’s going on “can be viewed as an information campaign on NATO’s advancement to Ukraine.”

“Its advisers (and military forces) are already there.”

“Its instructors are also there, and now they are thinking about how to justify the deployment of troops” in larger numbers than already.

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states seek “to occupy Ukraine” in perpetuity — wanting its territory used as a launched pad for war on Russia.

Biden regime hardliners are “trying to intimidate the whole world with an alleged Russian invasion.”

“It is obvious that Washington is trying to justify its expansion and NATO advancement to Russian borders” with greater war-making in mind than already.

“Our task is to prevent a terrible tragedy, to which the world is closer than ever.”

“(W)e need to bring this idea to the attention of all parliaments so that they realize their responsibility and understand how this could end.”

“Russia is able to provide an appropriate response, but this obviously is going to result in consequences.”

On Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced hostile remarks and actions by Biden regime hardliners and their subservient NATO partners, saying the following:

Instead of easing heightened tensions, the US, UK and other NATO regimes are going the other way.

They’re supplying occupied Ukraine with weapons for greater aggression than already.

They include “Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS), (weapons) regulated by international law.”

“This is extremely dangerous and does not help reduce tensions.”

What’s going on is at a time when hegemon USA and its complicit NATO partners appear willing to wage war on Russia to the last Ukrainian foot soldier.

In response to phony claims by US and EU officials that Russia seeks to expand its “spheres of influence” on the world stage by regaining control over former Soviet republics, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko responded as follows, saying:

It’s “clear to everyone, including the layman, that NATO’s expansionist project is connected with two geopolitical tasks.”

“The first is precisely the establishment of a zone of influence and its expansion.” 

“The second is the search for an enemy” or enemies. 

“(T)o…justify” what’s unjustifiable, their dominant hardliners “attribute to the Russian side an intention to restore spheres of influence.” 

“In fact, they themselves seek to set up and expand such zones as much as possible.”

Examples are evident worldwide.

US-dominated “NATO and EU representatives regularly make statements about which regions Russia and now China ‘should not be allowed into.’ ”

“This was said in relation to Afghanistan immediately after the withdrawal of US forces and its allies.” 

“This is also being said in relation to the Western Balkans, although from the point of view of common sense it is completely incomprehensible why Russia’s historically good-neighborly relations with the countries of this region can pose a threat to someone.” 

“On the contrary, this is an additional factor of stability and security.”

According to the 1999 Charter for European Security:

“(W)ithin the OSCE, no state, group of states or organization(s) can have any preeminent responsibility for maintaining peace and stability in the OSCE area or can consider any part of the OSCE area as its sphere of influence.”

Grushko added that “(f)rom NATO and the European Union – which signed all these obligations, we constantly hear that if they do not enter some area, then a vacuum will be formed that will be filled by others.” 

“And the internal conflict in Ukraine arose largely as a result of the attempts by the US and the EU to put the country in the position of an artificial choice between the West and Russia.” 

“In other words, it is not Russia that’s thinking in terms of spheres of influence, but those who accuse us of doing so.”

Moscow is still waiting for a formal, detailed US response to its sought security guarantees.

What hasn’t been forthcoming surely won’t be to include agreement with its legitimate security concerns.

Hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and MSM press agent know that Russia has no intension of invading or otherwise attacking Ukraine or other countries.

Yet fabricated claims are made anyway, fooling no one.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday in Moscow at a joint press conference with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

On behalf of his government, he hopes for “more constructive” relations with Germany, what he knows won’t be forthcoming — given its subservience to US hegemonic aims.

Urging continued discussion on issues of concern to both countries, Lavrov stressed that Russia’s “will be guided by specific steps, specific deeds.” 

“Depending on which specific steps are undertaken by (the US-dominated West), we will, naturally, determine our reaction policies.”

He also explained that Moscow rejects US/Western “demands  related to the operation of (Russian) armed forces on (its) own territory.”

On nearly eight years of Kiev’s “sabotage” of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements, he called for Germany to support what’s demanded by their provisions.

“Everything is clear there, and there can be no double or triple interpretations.”

Moscow is “demanding just one thing.”

“The agreements reached must be fulfilled thoroughly.”

“This relates to the Minsk agreements, which, let me repeat are being sabotaged by the Kiev regime, and this also relates to the general security architecture in Europe.”

Lavrov and his German counterpart know that Kiev acts on orders from Washington.

There’s virtually no chance of ending its preemptive war on Donbass as long as dominant US hardliners want it continued endlessly along Russia’s border.


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