No End to US Big Lies About Russia

Time and again, duplicitous US/Western politicians and their subservient partners lie and mass deceive.

So do their MSM press agents and spokespersons.

At her Tuesday White House propaganda briefing, Biden regime spokesperson Psaki — a long ago exposed serial liar — was at it again.

Defying indisputable reality — again — she lied by falsely claiming that things “are now at a stage where Russia could, at any point, launch an attack on Ukraine (sic).”

Knowing the above remark is a bald-faced Big Lie about a nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation, she said it anyone.

Her unacceptable accusation and countless others like it reflect official Biden regime policy toward Russia.

Supported by dominant US hardliners on both sides of the aisle is further proof of futile attempts by Moscow to deal with its ruling regimes diplomatically.

On Tuesday, Russian envoy to Belarus Boris Gryzlov said the following:

“We are closely watching what is happening, including the actions of certain EU neighboring states that are members of NATO.” 

“The borders of the Republic of Belarus are the western borders of the Union State.” 

“Therefore, of course, we are interested in normalizing the situation.”

“We see that the buildup of NATO personnel and military equipment literally at our doorstep continues without cease.” 

On orders from Washington, “Poland deployed additional forces, including hardware near the Belarusian border.”

“Of course, we will not turn a blind to these developments.”

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin explained that Union State drills next month are all about preparing to counter “external aggression” by US-dominated NATO.

On Monday, Belarusian state media reported the following on joint Union Resolve 2022 military exercises to be held from February 10 – 20.

Upcoming Russian and Belarusian drills will be conducted to prepare for and “assess combat readiness of the(ir) armed forces to neutralize (US-dominated NATO) threats on the borders of the Union State.”

Exercises “will practice deploying over long distances and a number of combat tasks to protect the state border from land and air, to deal with special operations forces and illegal armed formations, to secure and hold positions and to defeat the enemy.”

Joint planning by Russia and Belarus comes at a time when US-dominated NATO regimes keep pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine for escalated aggression on Donbass.

More US, UK, Canadian and other NATO troops were deployed to Ukraine with this in mind.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained the following:

Moscow’s embassy and consulates in US-occupied Ukraine continue operating in “a routine mode (in) spite (of) attacks on (its facilities by) Ukrainian radicals and provocations from local security forces.”

Attacking Russia’s consulate in Lviv with Molotov cocktails was a recent example.

As directed by Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA, US vassal state Ukraine risks setting central Europe ablaze by its forever war on Donbass and anti-Russia provocations.

On Wednesday, Russia’s US embassy slammed Biden regime Big Lies about a possible imminent invasion of Ukraine by its armed forces.

“Russia is not going to attack anyone,” it stressed.

Calling for an “end (to) the (made-in-the-USA) hysteria” fell on deaf ears in Washington like always before.

Because of years of Russian passivity in dealings with hegemon USA, dominant hardliners from both right wings of its war party don’t take its security concerns and sought guarantees seriously.

It’s a major policy error at a time when Moscow appears no longer willing to tolerate the unacceptable status quo.

Throughout the post-WW II period, things were never as ominously close to East/West conflict as now — because of recklessly dangerous US actions.

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov again stressed that Russia is “not threatening anyone, but we are hearing threats addressed to us,” adding: 

“We will be guided by specific steps, by deeds. Our response will depend on what specific steps (US-dominated NATO) will take.”

There’s no ambiguity about Lavrov’s remarks.

Russia will defend its security in whatever ways it believes will be most effective.

US and other NATO forces near its borders constitute an unacceptable threat.

Instead of acting to ease heightened East/West tensions, dominant US hardliners keep going the other way.

On Friday, Lavrov will meet with interventionist Blinken in Geneva.

Like always before, it’s virtually certain that talks will achieve nothing positive.

Blinken showed it by falsely blaming Russia for hostile US-dominated NATO actions in central Europe.

According to the State Department, the Biden regime is “commit(ed) to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” at a time when its only external threats are invented.

No real ones exist so hegemon USA, subservient NATO regimes and colonized Ukraine keep pretending otherwise — while pushing things toward possibly setting central Europe ablaze.


One thought on “No End to US Big Lies About Russia

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  1. Mr Lendman

    “God doesn’t play dice with the World..

    But Biden Adm does..!”

    Mr Lendman..

    Sadly, as much as I hoped the Russians would be tough as an old Soviet Boot..

    Like Khrushchev..

    I can see they’re “still dazzled by the pinstripes”

    Still Pusillanimous..!

    So many tells.
    The last

    Asking anyone to fix it..

    The Hoaxster
    Crash Opportunist,

    Erdogan volunteered..

    Oh boy.

    And yet, sir..
    Who could blame Putin

    The Russians don’t want or need anymore wars.

    They’re tired.
    So many convulsions in their lifetimes.

    Putin, a marvelous oil
    Has the finger on the Pulse of a Nation.

    Russia carried the Whole World on it shoulders for a long long time.

    We are the children of the Unscathed..
    Un stigmatized

    The Fortunate Sons.

    30/150 Mill dead
    Every Family touched.

    We lost 450,000.

    1 to 60 Ratio
    And of course our Country not Destroyed.

    My heart still weeps for the Heroic Soviet People.

    Hemingway was Right.

    On a Personal note

    Apparently I’m out of FB jail in 4hrs.


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