Fair Harvard’s Mass Deception Revisited

Earlier I slammed by alma mater (class of 1956) for supporting hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and abroad.

For falsely accusing Russia “of “illegal(ly) occupy(ing) and annex(ing) Crimea (sic).”

For reciting US-supplied talking points about nonexistent “Russian aggression (sic).”

For staying silent about the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup — what transformed democratic Ukraine into a Nazi-infested, US-controlled police state. 

On January 18 in the Harvard Gazette, Big Lies and mass deception about Russia were again featured, truth and full disclosure suppressed.

Like earlier fake news about Russia, the latest example of turning truth on its head once again mocked the university’s VERITAS motto.

It was absent earlier and again now.

Managed news misinformation and disinformation replaced it — based on state-approved propaganda talking points.

Asking if Vladimir Putin intends to invade Ukraine by the Harvard Gazette was the wrong question at a time when not shred of evidence suggests hostile Russian actions against any nations.

Alleged “concerns” about Moscow “intentions” toward Ukraine ignored what’s clear to truth-telling observers and analysts.

Harvard’s Gazette repeated the thoroughly debunked Big Lie claim about Russian hordes massed along Ukraine’s border with likely intent to invade.

No Russian barbarians are at Ukraine’s gate, no invasion intentions against any nations.

No “armed (Russian) saboteurs (entered) Eastern Ukraine to start violence as a pretext for moving its troops into the country (sic).”

No 2014 Russian “invasion and occupation of the Crimean peninsula” occurred.

Nor are Russian forces involved in aiding Donbass freedom fighters.

The Gazette interviewed head of Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Alexandra M. Vacroux.

She downplayed Russia’s legitimate concerns about how US-dominated NATO regimes have been steadily encroaching eastward toward and along its borders.

Saying it’s up to the US and alliance member states on what nations are admitted as members ignored the letter and spirit of the 1997 Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation.”

She also failed to stress Washington’s broken 1990 pledge about not moving NATO one inch eastward toward Russia’s borders.

In the past three decades, NATO moved over 1,000 km eastward.

In December, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following, saying:

“I want this to be crystal clear.”

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to turn our neighboring countries into footholds to confront Russia and to deploy NATO forces in the immediate proximity to the areas that are strategically important for our security.”

OSCE nations are bound by international agreements that affirm the interests of other states when building their own security.

These agreements include the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter for European Security and the Astana Commemorative Declaration.

“Security is either indivisible or nonexistent,” Lavrov stressed.

“It’s imperative for the prevention of the sliding toward a confrontational scenario.”

On Wednesday, head of Russia’s delegation at the Vienna Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control Konstantin Gavrilov said the following:

“There arrives a moment of truth when the West either accepts our proposals or other ways will be found to safeguard Russia’s security.”

Vacroux falsely accused Russia of massing forces along Ukraine’s border.

She defied reality by claiming it’s a repeat of what happened last year (sic).

As a Russian scholar, she knows that stationing or otherwise moving Russian forces within its own territory is a UN Charter right.

She knows that the Russian Federation never attacked another country.

She knows that hegemon USA wages forever hot and cold wars on invented enemies.

She knows that no US enemies existed since WW II ended.

So they were invented as pretexts for planned aggression with intent to transform targeted countries into vassal states.

She lied calling Russia under Vladimir Putin “authoritarian (sic).”

She knows that Russia’s model democracy shames US/Western fantasy versions — the real thing in their countries banned.

What she knows and said were worlds apart.

If this is what she teaches students,  she’s filling their minds with fake news mush instead of truth and full disclosure about all things Russia.

I’m not a Russian scholar, but I’ve researched and written enough about the country, its leadership and actions on the world stage to know that Vacroux’s remarks were fiction, not facts.

Knowing of no evidence to suggest that Russia may invade Ukraine — indisputable evidence otherwise — she falsely said that “we don’t know if the Russians are really going to invade Ukraine (sic),” adding:

Maybe Moscow thinks that (US-installed puppet) Zelensky (is so unpopular) that (Ukrainians will) be glad” to be rid of him.

“It seems completely fanciful and unrealistic (sic).”

According to January 2022 Kiev-based Razumkov Center polling data, most Ukrainians (55%) consider Zelensky allied with oligarchs against them.

Critics of so-called anti-oligarch legislation believe the anti-democratic measure enacted is aimed at Zelensky’s opponents to bar them from politics.

The Razumkov Center poll showed that two-thirds of Ukrainians oppose a second term for Zelensky.

Only 3% respondents believe he’ll fulfill his campaign promises by end of his current term in 2024.

On orders from Washington, Kiev is at war on all things Russian in Ukraine, including its nationals, language and media.

The latter were shut down and banned.

Perhaps Vacroux failed to notice.

She falsely claimed that preeminent peacemaker Putin “has a very aggressive style (sic)” — citing no corroborating evidence because none exists.

In discussing US/Western sanctions on Russia she failed to explain that imposing them breached the UN Charter.

Only Security Council members can target nations this way legally, not individual nations against others.

On admitting Ukraine and Georgia as NATO members, Vacroux believes that it won’t happen “in the near future.”

Citing no evidence, she “expect(s) some kind of cyberattack by the Russians” on Ukraine.

She failed to explain that this practice is typical of how hegemon USA, its key NATO partners and apartheid Israel operate — not Moscow.

At the same time, she said that “(n)obody really wants to get into exchanging cyberattacks because we don’t know how that story ends.” 

“It’s like an arms race without arms control. It gets really ugly.” 

“If you turn off power grids, people start dying in hospitals. It’s just a really bad way to go.”

She should have explained that Russia prioritizes peace and stability in stark contrast to US forever wars.

Instead, she stuck to customary Russia bashing while ignoring longstanding US war on humanity.

VERITAS at fair Harvard took another body blow by her fake news remarks.

It happens repeatedly on major world and national issues.


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