Ignoring the Supreme Court Ruling Against Mandated Jabs

Flu/covid jabs destroy health and don’t protect — an indisputable fact based on science.

Despite the Supreme Court having ruled against mandated jabs for staff in firms with 100 or more employees, some corporate giants require them anyway.

Ignored by the Supremes, MSM and corporate America is that mandated jabs have no legal standing.

Under international law and the US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause, all things health related require informed and voluntary consent.

Mandated jabs breach the rule of law.

Yet corporate giants are mandating them for their staff anyway.

The same applies to federal, state and local mandates.

Where imposed, they’re illegal. Yet they’re in place in defiance of the rule of law and public health.

Wall Street banks and tech giant Apple — among other major US corporations — showed contempt for the rights of their staff by mandating kill shots.

The largest US bank — JP Morgan Chase — is a prime example.

According to its CEO Jamie Dimon:

“To go to the office, you have to be (fully-jabbed, and if you aren’t going to get (jabbed), you won’t be able to work in that office.”

“We’re not going to pay you to not work in the office…We want people to get.”

The above Dimon diktat comes to a choice for JP Morgan staff — your health or your job and pay.

For the latter, sacrificing the former is required.

The above choice is none at all.

Along with JP Morgan Chase, other Wall Street banks going much the same way include Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley.

Their staff is required to disclose their kill shot status.

Morgan Stanley requires its staff to be fully-jabbed for access to its NYC and Westchester County offices.

Goldman Sachs requires its employees to be fully-jabbed by February 1.

Wells Fargo mandates double-jabbing and boosters by end of January.

Its unjabbed staff must go along with regular testing that when positive is nearly always false.

For Citigroup, its staff had to be fully-jabbed by January 14 or be placed on unpaid leave until complying with what no one valuing their health should agree to.

In mid-January, tech giant Apple gave its staff — including in company stores — four weeks to be fully-jabbed.

As of February 15, refuseniks must submit to “frequent” (invalid) tests “to enter a retail store, partner store, or Apple office,” adding:

“Due to waning efficacy of the primary series of (flu/covid jabs) and the emergence of highly transmissible variants such as omicron (sic), a booster shot is now part of staying up to date with your (kill shot status) to protect against severe disease (sic).”

As at the above Wall Street banks and other corporate giants in defiance of the Supreme Court’s ruling, the choice for Apple’s staff is their health or jobs and pay — with some wiggle room for refuseniks by agreeing to regular invalid tests.

Last year, Apple required daily tests of unjabbed staff, twice weekly for retail store employees.

As of March, Apple staff must be boosted before returning to in-office work.

Refuseniks wanting their health protected face likely termination.

Do the above firms and likeminded ones have a death wish for their staff?

Do double standards apply?

Are company executives excluded from what’s mandated for rank-and-file staff?

How will companies respond if jabbed employees are disabled or killed from jabs?

Will their policy change or remain in place?

There’s no ambiguity about harm caused by kill shots.

What’s known to anyone doing enough due diligence is surely known as well to corporate bosses.

Yet ones that mandate kill shots are harming their staff and bottom line interests.

It’s for them to explain why.

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