Russia Poised to Invade Ukraine?

With deeply corrupted MSM heavy lifting in cahoots with Biden regime hardliners, the Big Lie repeats almost daily.

It’s at a time when the world community of nations knows that Russia under Vladimir Putin’s leadership threatens no one.

What’s universally known and publicly reported are world’s apart.

On Wednesday in US-colonized Ukraine — an Obama/Biden regime-installed fascist police state in central Europe — interventionist Blinken recited his customary litany of Big Lies with hegemon USA’s diabolical aims in mind. See below:

Before heading to vassal state Ukraine, he lied about hordes of Russian barbarians at Ukraine’s gate (sic).

He lied saying that Moscow provocatively massed troops along its border for “no reason (sic).”

He lied claiming that invasion could happen at “any moment (sic).”

In Kiev on Wednesday, Blinken’s Big Lies and mass deception continued.

He lied claiming that hegemon USA prioritizes “dialogue and diplomacy (over) confrontation (sic).”

Clearly it’s the other way around —proved by indisputable evidence.

Blinken’s mass deception came at a time of all-out US war at home on ordinary Americans and abroad on dozens of invented enemies.

He lied accusing nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia of “aggression” — ignoring what’s been longstanding US policy throughout most of its history.

He threatened Russia with more illegal sanctions than already.

Like always before, virtually all his claims about Russia were bald-faced Big Lies.

More of the same is virtually assured ahead at a time of recklessly pushing things for unthinkable war with a nation able to hit back hard with overwhelming force against aggressors.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed US Big Lies about the nation she represents, saying:

US/Western and “Ukrainian media…speculation about (the alleged threat of an) imminent Russian invasion of” the US vassal state is with diabolical aims in mind.

“We are convinced that the goal of this campaign is to create an information cover for preparing their own large-scale provocations, including those of a military nature, which may have the most tragic consequences for regional and global security.”

False flag pretexts for wars, resource theft, and other diabolical aims reflect longstanding US policy since the 19th century.

Do Biden regime hardliners have one in mind to try drawing Russia into war with Ukraine?

Ongoing events ominously resemble the run-up to US aggression against North Korea, in Southeast Asia, against Yugoslavia, 

Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Do Biden regime hardliners intend waging direct or proxy war on Russia, the latter with Ukrainian foot soldiers?

Are they willing to risk global war in pursuit of their hegemonic aims?

On Wednesday, Donetsk People’s Republic of Donbass deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin warned that US/UK-trained Ukrainian militants intend staging false flag terrorist attacks in the coming days, adding: 

Their intent is to accuse Russia of invading Ukraine as a pretext for how Biden regime hardliners intend to respond.

In December, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said US companies shipped “unidentified chemical components” to locations in Ukraine near Donbass.

The White House and Pentagon spuriously accused Russia of planning a “false flag” to attack Ukraine.

According to the Biden regime’s national security council spokeswoman Emily Horne, “(n)o option is off the table” in confronting Russia at a time when its ruling authorities pose no threat to Ukraine or other nations.

On Wednesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov again stressed that Moscow will not “wait endlessly” for the Biden regime to respond in detail to its sought security guarantees, adding:

“(W)e need…a legal guarantee of NATO’s non-expansion…and a reliable solution to the issue of non-deployment of strike weapons along our borders.”

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov will meet with interventionist Blinken in Geneva.

This issue is certain to be raised again.

Russia wants a binding agreement on what relates to its legitimate security concerns.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners have no intention of providing it.

It remains to be seen how Moscow will respond to Biden regime war on Russia by other means that’s at risk of turning hot.

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