Hegemon USA’s Road to War with Russia Is Paved with Pure Evil Intentions

Time and again, hegemon USA invented reasons for war on nations threatening no others.

It’s been a US tradition since half of Mexico was stolen in the mid-19th century.

In January 1898, the USS Maine entered Havana harbor on the phony pretext of protecting US citizens.

On February 15, a coal bunker explosion sank the Maine, killing 266 crew members. Was it planned or accidental? 

The Spanish-American war followed what happened.

Hegemon USA gained control over Cuba (including Guantanamo), Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Canal Zone, the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii, and other territories.

In 1916, Woodrow Wilson was reelected after pledging that “(h)e kept us out of war (sic).” 

On November 7, 1916, he won a second term in office.

Before a joint session of Congress on April 2, 1917, he called for a declaration of war against Germany — a nation posing no threat to the US.

He planned US involvement in Western war on Germany all along, concealing his intent from the public. 

In 1941, Franklin Roosevelt manipulated Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.

His scheme was all about convincing Congress and a pacifist public to go along with war he wanted.

In 1949 and early 1950, US-orchestrated and directed South Korean cross-border incursions got Pyongyang to respond defensively — its UN Charter right.

Truman got the war he wanted. North Korea was raped and destroyed, millions of its people slaughtered in cold blood.

Full-scale US war on North Vietnam followed the August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin false flag.

In October 1983, US forces invaded defenseless Grenada on the phony pretext of rescuing American medical students.

In December 1989, manufactured incidents precipitated America’s Panama invasion. 

Along with deposing former US ally Manuel Noriega, thousands of Panamanian civilians were slaughtered.

In August 1990, the GHW Bush regime colluded with Kuwait’s despotic al-Sabah monarchy. 

Saddam Hussein was entrapped to invade. In January 1991, the Gulf War followed. 

Decades of sanctions, war, occupation, and destruction of the cradle of civilization followed.

The 9/11 mother of all false flags to that time launched forever US wars against Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, parts of Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and historic Palestine allied with apartheid Israel.

Numerous proxy wars and homeland ones were waged against Muslims, Latino immigrants and working Americans.

Today, hegemon USA is waging hot and/or cold wars against dozens of nations free from its control.

It’s pushing things toward unthinkable war on Russia.

Will the Biden regime launch one or more false flags that would risk global war?

A fantasy script that resembles a Hollywood sound stage production has Russia invading Ukraine.

Complete with fantasy maps, the fake scenario has Russian hordes crossing into its territory, replacing a US-installed puppet with a Russian one.

The plot then thickens with US/Western Ukrainian forces counterattacking.

A bloody insurgency follows before both sides begin conflict resolution negotiations.

Whoever invented the above fantasy knows nothing about nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

Vladimir Putin prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations, and compliance with the rule of law.

No Russian invasion or attacks on Ukraine or other nations are planned, no initiated war of any kind.

What’s longstanding US-dominated NATO policy is polar opposite how Moscow operates on the world stage.

Of great concern is whether dominant Biden regime hardliners and their NATO counterparts intend to manufacture one or more pretexts for drawing Russia into war with proxy Ukrainian forces.

Ongoing events are eerily similar to what preceded earlier made-in-the-USA wars on invented enemies — with a major difference.

All post-WW II US wars were against nations that Washington believed were easy to roll over and smash — even though things didn’t turn out that way against one invented enemy after another.

So far, US ruling regimes shunned wars with nations able to hit back hard against aggressors — notably Russia, China and Iran.

So wars against them go on by other means.

They’re mainly by illegal sanctions and demonizing propaganda, along with bribing, pressuring, and/or threatening other nations to support its cold war.

That’s what is going on against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

At the same time, daily demonizing of Russia — and Vladimir Putin personally — is so intense without letup beyond anything I recall earlier that perhaps it’s with intent to draw the Kremlin into war that could set central Europe ablaze if launched.

Pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine, training its military for escalated war on Donbass, as well as confrontation with Russia, risks the unthinkable.

Two global wars since 1914 — with US/Western fingerprints all over them — suggest that another is possible and perhaps likely.

It’s at a time when today’s super-weapons make ones used earlier look like toys by comparison.

The US/West is at war domestically to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people and to institutionalize social control tyranny.

Their ruling regimes are engaged in hot and cold wars abroad against invented enemies.

Is nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia their next target?

Is what’s going on planned with this in mind?

Are their ruling regimes willing to accept millions of casualties and destruction domestically in pursuit of their megalomaniacal aims?

Is global war 3.0 inevitable?


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  1. Thomas Payne wrote the Declaration of Indepenece. It is interview at Corbett report where he tlks to G. Edward Griffin and about Kennedy and the silver certificates was an administrative act. Corbett Report. Corbett has “The story of your ensavement” to tell Federal Reserve

    You should repost your story on the federal reserve from 20 years ago and rekease copywrite

    There should be articles from you you should people. Set the truth free. There are five corbett reports need reference. How bigoil changed the worldAnd why big oil conquered are two of them.
    Nuclear energy is black death. Kevin “the artist” Blanch- he has ego but his what makes him in tTruth) call the Nuclear Crime Sydicate the Untouchables. — This is his first video on a new channel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7tF58tuCg4 He had thosands as main characteristic like you is he is prolific and you both were born to what you do. How much does a ton of refined uranium cost?


  2. Dana Durnford in British Columbia is the nuclear proctologist and his channel is beautifulgirlby dan. he has the best archive on nuclear since fukushima and has video building 6 you will have ever of thought of

    I call myself a nuclear rejectionist. That was in me a long time ago.
    This just a game and I do not want take white tunnel vacation. If I go home it is fine with me.



  3. I think you overlooked the war against the CSA and doing the dirty work of the British Israelites in 1917 and 1941 against Germania and the Axis and the subsequent continental atrocities against ancient European nations at the behest of Communists allies-better America esse delendam and NATO lose gegen Russland.


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