International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists

Formed last September, the (IAPMS) alliance is supported by over 17,000 physicians and scientists worldwide.

They pledged support for medicine as it should be practiced, notably by upholding “dignity, integrity, art and science of medicine” that includes doing no harm.

They recognize an “unprecedented assault” on how patients are being ill-treated.

What’s widespread is polar opposite what healthcare should be all about.

Instead of opposing toxic jabs and all else flu/covid, most physicians and scientists support what’s irreparably harming health and well-being.

At a time of war on public heath by US/Western dark forces and others complicit with them elsewhere, it’s crucial to stand tall for right over wrong.

On the eve of Sunday’s Defeat the (Draconian) Mandates in Washington, inventor of mRNA technology Robert Malone MD said the following:

IAPMS signatories “reached consensus on three foundational principles:”

“Healthy children should not be subject to forced (jabbing).” 

“They face negligible risk from (flu/covid), but face potential permanent, irreversible risk to their health if (jabbed), including heart, brain, reproductive and immune system damage”

“Natural Immunity Denial has prolonged (what’s going on) and needlessly restricted the lives of” everyone. 

“Masks, lockdowns, and other restrictions have caused great harm, especially to children…” 

“Health agencies and institutions must cease interfering with the physician-patient relationship.” 

“Policymakers are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, as a result of institutional interference and blocking treatments proven to cure at a near 100% rate when administered early.”

Malone and other IAPMS signatories “resisted financial inducements, threats, unprecedented censorship, and reputational attacks to remain committed first to patient health and well-being.”

When treated with known safe and effective protocols, full recovery from flu/covid occurs around 99.9% of the time.

When flu/covid patients are ill-treated by what’s officially mandated and/or recommended, irreparable harm follows.

Malone stressed that never before have so many countless millions of people been ill-treated as lab rats — with intent to destroy health, not protect it as falsely claimed.

Yet individuals who refuse to sacrifice their health as a condition of employment, education and free access to public places are mistreated as pariahs and/or enemies of the state.

Physicians who scrupulously practice medicine by prioritizing the rights and needs of patients — according to the Hippocratic Oath pledge of doing no harm — risk being delicensed for doing things the right way without compromise.

For over 40 years, eminent physician Meryl Nass MD practiced medicine this way.

For doing the right thing as required by medical ethics, her license was suspended, and she was ordered to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation — for practicing medicine the right way.

The fabricated official narrative on kill shots and all else flu-covid continues to cause unparalleled harm to countless numbers of people worldwide.

Yet according to the Pharma-controlled CDC, three new (industry-funded) studies defied science by calling toxic boosters effective protection against the more scariant than variant omicron (sic).

The rigged results are all about pushing maximum numbers of people to be jabbed maximum numbers of times for maximum Pharma profits — at the expense of irreparable harm to health.

Jabs destroy health. The more gotten, the greater the self-inflicted harm.

Yet on Friday, a CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report turned reality on its head by falsely claiming otherwise.

On the same day, a second so-called study by the Pharma-controlled agency falsely claimed that triple-jabbed individuals are largely protected against omicron.

The Pharma-connected Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a third industry-financed fake news study.

It falsely claimed that boosters greatly lessen the risk of contracting flu/covid.

All three studies defied science by falsely claiming that the unjabbed are most at risk of contracting the illness.

As explained before, jabbed individuals — especially multi-jabbed ones — comprise the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks, other diseases kill shots cause, serious/life-threatening cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Natural immunity, staying jab-free and following a healthy lifestyle — to include daily supplements of vitamins C and D, along with zinc — is the most effective way to protect health from the viral illness.

Individuals going along with what’s officially mandated and recommended are most at risk of contracting flu/covid, as well as other serious diseases caused by kill shot toxins.

Despite mostly bad news on all things flu/covid since 2020, including adverse judicial rulings, they’ve been kernels of things going the other way.

On Friday, US District Judge for the Southern District of Texas, Jeffrey Brown, ruled against the Biden regime’s illegal mandate for federal employees to be jabbed for flu/covid.

Rejecting the mandate, he called it a “bridge too far,” adding:

“(W)ith a stroke of a pen and without input of Congress, (the White House imposter called for) millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment.”

What Brown failed to add is that the White House mandate flagrantly breached the Nuremberg Code, other international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

Kill shots and all else flu/covid are flagrantly illegal.

All things health related require informed and voluntary consent — according to the rule of law.

Most important is that virtually everything flu/covid related that’s mandated and/or recommended aims to irreversibly harm health on the phony pretext of providing protection not gotten.

That’s the disturbing reality about what’s going on.

Instead of reporting what’s most important to explain, MSM support what’s destroying health and remaining freedoms over truth-telling journalism as it should be.

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  1. I’m not sure how masks adversely have effected children’s health. You know just about everybody wears masks in Japan while packed like sardines on their subway lines + bus lines; this predates COVID by a decade or two. They do it to slow the spread of normal influenza (strains A,B, and C if I remember correctly) eg “the flu”. Supposedly that kills around 600K people a year- I’m still not sure why people are windmilling their arms about COVID. China also has lots of mask wearers – not for infectious agents, but to reduce the inhalation of smog / smoke particulate I would like to hear how the masks themselves are anything more than a nuisance.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that COVID isn’t *that* big a deal – and I don’t think the vax is either. At least not dead (deactivated) vaxes, aka the jab. I would worry more about live attenuated influenza vaccines (LAIVs) that contain weakened viruses. They give those to kids via a spray to the nose.

    The question I would like answered is how should we collect statistics on mortality if “the establishment” is doctoring the tardis? (obligatory, — warning. Dr. WHO (World Health Organization) propaganda) I mean- how should we compile actual actuarial data as a 3rd party that isn’t susceptible to the bald faced lies of the administration, but also not the tinfoil hatters out there?


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