US-Led NATO Forces Massed Near Borders of Russian/Belarusian Union State

Fabricated US/Western claims about Russian forces massed along Ukraine’s border with intent to invade repeat with disturbing regularity.

Ignored in the West by its ruling regimes and MSM press agents are tens of thousands of US and other NATO troops menacingly massed near the borders of the Russian/Belarusian Union State.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova addressed the issue, saying:

“We share the concerns of (our) Belarusian allies that (US-dominated) NATO has been beefing up its military presence along the external borders of” the Union State.

As ordered, orchestrated and directed by their higher power in Washington, vassal states “Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine are demonstratively concentrating their armed security forces and military equipment near the (Union State’s) borders.” 

Military “infrastructure is being built up.” 

“Russia and Belarus are compelled to counteract adequately, and this includes combined policing of the airspace, regular joint training, drills and so on.”

In stark contrast to US-dominated NATO, Russia “act(s) openly” in pursuit of peace and stability.

Together with Belarus, Moscow is “strengthen(ing) the joint defense of the Union State” to respond to aggression by US-dominated NATO or proxy Ukrainian forces if occurs.

On Friday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said the following:

“Our security relies on our ability to protect our borders and defend ourselves.”

Russia’s leadership “understand(s) me.”

Both countries share common concerns.

“We don’t want any war.”

“ Not only because it is hard and bad, it is not just discomfort.”

“It is a horrible experience for all, not only the military.”

“If a war breaks out, it will affect everyone. This is why we don’t want to fight.” 

“We don’t want this also because we still remember the war on our land that ended seven decades ago.”

Russia and Belarus are responding defensibly to the buildup of NATO forces near their borders.

Last month, Putin and Lukashenko agreed to hold joint Allied Resolve 2022 military exercises.

Scheduled for February 10 – 12, they’ll prepare to counter US/Western or proxy Ukrainian aggression against the Union State if occurs.

Joint operations will held at “the Obuz-Lesnovsky, Osipovichsky, Brestsky, Gozhsky and Domanovsky training grounds and also at some terrain sections in Belarus,” Belarusian media reported, adding:

“The exercise will also involve the airfields in Baranovichi, Luninets, Lida and Machulishchi.”

Why are NATO forces massed along the Union State’s borders, Lukashenko asked?

“They are getting ready for something serious,” he believes.

According to Lukashenko, “over 30,000 troops with military hardware, armaments and so on are amassed” along the Union State’s borders. 

“(S)ome hot heads” in the West and Eastern Europe are “openly call for war. We are hearing these statements.”

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Russia “reserve(s) the right to develop a further algorithm of actions to ensure (its) security interests.”

It depend(s) on the response that (hegemon USA-dominated NATO) gives to our (security) proposals.”

It’s time for the Biden regime and its subservient NATO partners “to realize that…contain(ing) Moscow and Beijing is obsolete.” 

It’s doomed to fail if continues ahead.

“The Americans will do much more good for themselves and the world if they abandon their arrogant claim to global dominance and start an equal and fair dialogue with Russia, China, and other major players to find balanced solutions to pressing issues of international security and development,” Lavrov stressed.

“We stand ready to do this work.”

Separately, Lavrov slammed what he called phony Biden regime claims about Russian “disinformation” on Ukraine.

According to State Department fake news:

“The Kremlin creates and spreads disinformation in an attempt to confuse and overwhelm people about Russia’s real actions in Ukraine, Georgia, and elsewhere in Europe (sic).”

On Friday as authorized by his higher power in Washington, US-installed Ukraine puppet Zelensky illegally imposed meaningless sanctions on 24 Russian companies.

The regime’s national security and war council sanctioned Russia’s envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District, Yury Chaika.

Separately on Friday, White House spokeswoman Psaki said preparations were made to evacuate Americans from Ukraine if regional security further deteriorates.

It’s at a time when the claimed US/Western threat of invasion by Russian forces is zero.

In response to interventionist Blinken’s comments following talks on Friday with Sergey Lavrov, head of the Kiev Center for Political Research and Conflict Study Mikhail Pogrebinsky called his unacceptable remarks “pathetic babble.”

On Thursday in Berlin ahead of meeting with Lavrov, Blinken recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies on all things Russia.

He lied claiming that Moscow threatens to invade Ukraine (sic).

He lied accusing Russia of “turn(ing) way from agreements that have kept the peace across the continent for decades (sic).”

He lied claiming that NATO’s killing machine for endless war-making is a “defensive” alliance (sic).

He lied saying that its actions comply with “governing principles of international peace and security (sic).”

He ignored how US-dominated NATO raped and destroyed the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Somalia since the 1990s.

He falsely blamed Russia for US crimes of war, against humanity, atrocities and other dirty tricks that include having massacred tens of millions of civilians in cold blood throughout the post-WW II period.

He ignored the Obama/Biden’s 2014 Maidan coup — what transformed nonbelligerent Ukraine into a Nazi-infested, fascist run killing machine proxy force for use against US invented enemies, notably Russia.

Virtually everything Blinken, other Biden regime officials, their subservient Western partners and MSM press agents say about Russia is misinformation and disinformation rubbish.

Under Vladimir Putin’s leadership, Moscow is dedicated to world peace and stability.

In stark contrast under both right wings of its war party, hegemon USA-dominated NATO is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

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