Latest MSM Fake News on Russia

Virtually everything of importance reported by MSM about Russia and other invented US/Western enemies is fake news.

Since dominant Biden regime hardliners and their Western counterparts heightened tensions with Moscow by a steady drumbeat of Russophobic propaganda — with hostile intentions in mind — MSM press agents followed suit with their own.

Over the weekend, the NYT repeated the bald-faced Big Lie by UK foreign secretary Liz Truss.

Explained in a same-day article, she falsely accused the Kremlin of plotting regime change in Kiev.

Russian Federation policy is polar opposite how hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states operate.

Like other MSM, the Times is an echo chamber for the worst US domestic and foreign policies — wholeheartedly supporting what demands condemnation.

Not a shred of evidence suggests that Moscow is plotting regime change against any nations.

Nor hostile actions of any kind.

Its agenda on the world stage is how all nations should operate. 

MSM consistently regurgitate US/Western Big Lies and mass deception about nations free from their control.

In mid-January, the Times and other MSM falsely accused Russia of sending saboteurs to Ukraine ahead of alleged invasion — knowing no such plan exists.

Once again over the weekend, the Times was front and center in citing and quoting Truss’ obvious Big Lie.

When credible evidence doesn’t accompany accusations, they’re fake, not legitimate.

On all things Russia and other US invented enemies, the above scenario plays out time and again.

It’s raging against Moscow at this time with possible Biden regime planned direct and/or proxy aggression against Russia in mind.

The Times notably admitted that Truss provided no evidence to support her latest Russophobic accusation.

Omitted by the Times was stressing that no evidence corroborates what’s fabricated.

Instead, it defied reality by adding:

Biden regime “officials…believe (what’s indisputably false) is correct (sic).”

US national security council spokeswoman Emily Horne echoed the Big Lie while adding her own, saying:

“This kind of (Russian) plotting (that doesn’t exist) is deeply concerning (sic).”

“The Ukrainian people have the sovereign right to determine their own future (sic), and we stand with our democratically-elected partners in Ukraine (sic).”

Fact: Ukraine is occupied and controlled US territory.

Fact: Its puppet regime was installed by the US.

Fact: As in the US/West, democracy as it should be is banned in Ukraine.

Fact: The country is a Nazi-infested fascist police state, its people ill-served, exploited and oppressed.

In response to Britain’s fake news, Russia’s Foreign Ministry debunked it as follows, saying:

“The spread of disinformation by the (Boris Johnson regime’s) foreign ministry is one more piece of evidence that NATO countries, led by the Anglo Saxons, are escalating tensions around Ukraine.”

“We call on the British foreign ministry to stop its provocative activities.”

Whenever the Times and other MSM report on Ukraine, information on the Obama/Biden regime 2014 coup is suppressed.

Fake news is featured instead.

According to Russophobic WaPo propaganda, “100,000 Russian guns (are) pointed at (the) heads (of) Ukrainians (sic).”

Fascist Ukrainian official Oleksiy Danilov’s reinvention of reality was quoted, saying:

“Since 2014, we have been in a state of war with Russia (sic).” 

“There are no people other than us who will defend us (sic).” 

“Even if we don’t receive (US/Western) weapons, we will strangle them with our bare hands (sic).”

Ignored by Danilov and likeminded Ukrainian extremists is a steady stream of US/Western heavy and other weapons pouring into the country with likely escalated aggression on Donbass in mind.

Arming the country and training its military is all about offense.

It has nothing to do with defense for a nation whose only external enemies are invented.

No real ones exist. Not Russia or any others. Claims otherwise are fabricated.

They continue daily with no letup in prospect.

According to WSJ fake news, Vladimir Putin “assemble(d) (an) invasion force that is projected to reach its peak strength in February (sic).”

No Russian invasion force exists against Ukraine or any other countries.

No planned war by the leadership in Moscow that prioritizes peace and stability.

No Russian threats exist against any nations except to defend the nation against foreign aggression if occurs — the UN Charter right of all sovereign states.

According to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) saber-rattling, the Biden regime “mounted an aggressive campaign in recent months to unify its European allies against a (threatened) Russian invasion of Ukraine (sic)” — that doesn’t exist.

According to CNN fake news, “Putin’s desire to somehow reconstitute the power of the Soviet Union is no secret (sic).” 

“Spreading Russian power further into Ukraine would be a logical step and a direct challenge to Western (fantasy) democracies (sic).”

The world community of nations and MSM know that Russia’s geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from the above fake news.

What they know and report are polar opposite each other.

On all things related to Russia and other US invented enemies, fake news is featured exclusively over truth and full disclosure.

On all issues mattering most, the above reality is how MSM press agents for wealth, power and privilege operate.

A Final Comment

Last week, deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin of the Donetsk People’s Republic of Donbass warned that US/UK-trained Ukrainian militants intend staging false flag terrorist attacks in the coming days.

Biden/Boris Johnson regime provocations are part of the plot to falsely accuse Russia of intending to invade Ukraine.

According to Basurin, saboteurs from Ukraine’s 8th Special Purpose Regiment were trained by the US and UK to attack gas, water supply, power stations and other infrastructure targets with intent to falsely blame Russia for their actions.

In mid-January, CNN fake news falsely claimed that “Russia prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine,” citing an unnamed Biden regime official.

Time and again, US/Western propaganda preceded planned hot wars.

The scenario is playing out again now in central Europe.

The fullness of time will tell if Biden regime hardliners and their NATO counterparts intend drawing Russia into war with the West or its Ukrainian proxies.

Either scenario if occurs would be potentially disastrous.


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