Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine, US Space Policy and Hostile NATO Troops

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) slammed US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents as follows saying:

They continue “peddling (fake news) speculation on Russia’s imminent ‘invasion’ of Ukraine” despite no evidence suggesting it.

What’s going on daily is all about “creat(ing) an information cover for preparing their own large-scale provocations, including military provocations, which could have the most tragic consequences for regional and global security.”

It’s at a time when the US, UK and other Western regimes keep pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine.

Unrelated to defense, they’re all about forever war on Donbass — perhaps with intent to escalate it.

In recent days alone, US/Western “aircraft capable of carrying up to 77.5 tonnes of cargo” arrived in Ukraine.

“Reports indicate that portable anti-tank systems will be delivered for use in urban areas.” 

US/Western “instructors (are) training the Ukrainian military precisely for these kinds of military operations.”

Since 2014, the US supplied Ukraine with billions of dollars of weapons and other military related aid.

The Biden regime is Kiev’s largest military supplier.

In recent weeks, it sent “30 Javelin anti-tank missile systems and 180 missiles” to Ukraine.

Congress budgeted hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons and other military supplies for Ukraine’s war machine — to be delivered in FY 2022.

It’s all about waging forever war on Donbass, what’s gone on for nearly eight years with no prospect for ending what dominant US hardliners want continued along Russia’s border.

“According to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, the number of ceasefire violations has already exceeded 3,000 since the New Year,” MZ explained, adding:

“(N)eo-Nazism (infests) Ukraine.”

Kiev’s city council “renamed a public transport stop in honor of the leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists Roman Shukhevych, who served in SS troops.”

“Eduard Dolinsky, a prominent anti-fascist and head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, reported threats to his life from ultranationalists.”

“The growth of neo-Nazi sentiment in Ukraine is” supported and encouraged by dominant US/Western hardliners.

On US-dominated NATO’s space policy, MZ raised concerns as follows, saying:

“(T)he devil is in the details (of a) biased document released on January 17.

It’s “provocative…based on destructive tenets preached by major NATO space powers led by (hegemon USA).”

It calls for placing weapons in space, “using force or threat of force against the space assets of other countries, and turning outer space into an arena for military confrontation.” 

It’s a recklessly dangerous “example of how assurances of  (US-dominated) NATO’s peaceful aspirations do not hold water.”

One example calls for invoking so-called collective defense as stated in Article 5 of the NATO Charter.

It affirms “that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.” 

The new NATO document maintains the right to deploy “kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities in outer space” for war-making, MZ explained.

It’s hegemon USA’s way of legitimizing wars waged by use of force from outer space for invented reasons.

It’s counter to arms control policies.

Russia called for “drafting a legally binding instrument banning the deployment of any kind of weapon in outer space, using force or threat of force to, from, or within space, as well as having the UN member states undertake a political commitment that they will not be the first to place weapons in outer space,” MZ explained.

Addressing the issue of US/NATO troops mobilized near Russian/Belarusian Union State borders, MZ said the following:

Their hostile presence “signal(s) (an intent) to attack.”

It happened time and again before.

Yet when Russian forces conduct maneuvers within their sovereign borders, they’re falsely accused of planned aggression.

The double standard needs no elaboration.

Russia shares the concern of Belarus about what’s going on.

Deploying and building NATO infrastructure near the Union State’s borders is a hostile act.

“Russia and Belarus have no choice but to respond in kind, including by joint airspace patrolling and holding regular joint maneuvers and exercises,” said MZ.

Unlike hegemon USA and its war-making partners, Russia maintains transparency.

“We act openly, explain our actions, and answer questions,” said MZ, adding:

“As part of this voluntary transparency, we openly talk about measures to strengthen the joint defenses of the Union State.”

“Russia’s foreign policy is grounded in equal international cooperation that takes into account the interests of other countries, rather than leading to the predominance of ‘bloc thinking.’ ” 

“Security and stability must be ensured for everyone, not just a group of countries.”

“(A)ctions in the military sphere should not contradict the fundamental principles of indivisibility of security in Europe or be at variance with the refusal to strengthen one’s security at the expense of the security of others.”

Russia complies with its international law obligations.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO repeatedly breaches the rule of law in pursuit of dominance over other nations by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.


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