US Personnel Leaving Ukraine Ahead of Planned Biden Regime War?

While it’s uncertain if dominant lunatics in charge of running the Washington asylum intend drawing Russia into war with the US and/or its Ukrainian proxies, one thing is clear.

Irreconcilable differences define US relations with all nations free from its control — especially with Russia, China and Iran.

Made-in-the-USA events in recent weeks and months should scare everyone.

They’re pushing things toward a potentially disastrous East/West clash of civilizations.

What’s unthinkable is more possible today than any previous time during the post-WW II period.

The road to war when traveled takes on a life of its own.

Things can unfold by accident or design.

A daily drumbeat of Russia bashing by Biden regime hardliners, their likeminded NATO lunatics and MSM co-conspirators could set central Europe ablaze if pushing things aggressively crosses a point of no return.

The Biden regime’s State Department reportedly ordered families of its staff in Ukraine to leave the country.

According to the German publication Bild, the Olaf Scholz regime’s Foreign Ministry is following suit, saying the following:

“A war between Ukraine and Russia is becoming more and more likely.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on a plan to evacuate relatives of employees of the German embassy in Ukraine.”

A Bloomberg (fake news) report falsely claimed that China’s Xi Jinping asked Vladimir Putin not to invade Ukraine during the upcoming Winter Olympics from Feb. 4 – 20.

China’s embassy in Moscow called the fake news report “a hoax and provocation.”

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following:

“We are expecting provocations from the (Biden and Kiev) regime(s)…both informational and, it cannot be ruled out, military ones.”

Debunking the above cited Bloomberg fake news report, Zakharova added:

“No one who was supposed or who was likely to have this information was approached by ‘Bloomberg undercover journalists’ for confirmation.”

Like other US/Western MSM, Bloomberg features fake news rubbish over journalism as it should be.

Over the weekend, the fake Biden is reportedly meeting with his national security team at Camp David, a fake news statement, saying:

They’re “discuss(ing) continued Russian aggression actions toward Ukraine” — that don’t exist.

The alleged “state of Russian military operations” along Ukraine’s border are hundreds of kilometers away in Russian territory — threatening no one.

In response to US/Western fake news about Russian forces poised to invade Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov once again slammed them as groundless propaganda with intent to further heighten tensions over easing them.

It’s longstanding US/Western policy against invented enemies — especially in the run-up to planned hostile actions against them.

On Saturday, Tass reported that Russia “consented to a request for a visit by (the Boris Johnson regime’s) foreign secretary Liz Truss in February.

On Saturday, she turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Moscow of plotting regime change in Ukraine, saying the following:

“We have information (sic) that (the Kremlin) is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev (sic) as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine (sic).” 

“The former Ukrainian MP Yevhen Murayev is being considered as a potential candidate (sic).”

“We have information (sic) that the Russian intelligence services maintain links with numerous former Ukrainian politicians including (sic):

Serhiy Arbuzov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2012-2014, and acting Prime Minister in 2014

Andriy Kluyev, First Deputy Prime Minister from 2010-2012 and Chief of Staff to former Ukrainian President Yanukovich

Vladimir Sivkovich, former Deputy Head of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (RNBO)

Mykola Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2010-2014

Some of these have contact with Russian intelligence officers currently involved in the planning for an attack on Ukraine.”

Whatever contacts Russia may or may not have with elements in Ukraine or anywhere else have nothing to do with hostile actions against any nations — nothing to do with planned breaches of international law.

Hot and cold wars are longstanding US-dominated NATO actions against invented enemies.

In stark contrast, Russia’s geopolitical agenda prioritizes cooperative relations with other nations over confrontation it shuns.

So-called “information” Truss cited is fabricated — fooling no one.

In cahoots with hegemon USA, it’s part of Britain’s war on Russia by other means.

It risks turning cold war hot with potentially disastrous consequences.

Separately, Germany’s naval chief Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach stepped down from his post on Saturday — a day after saying that Vladimir Putin and Russia “deserve respect.”

According to Germany’s DW News, his remarks caused “a diplomatic incident.”

Speaking in English on a visit to India’s Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, DW quoted him saying the following:

“What (Putin) really wants is respect.”

“And, my God, giving someone respect is low cost, even no cost.” 

“It is easy to give him the respect he really demands — and probably also deserves.”

Because his candor contradicts hostile US/NATO policy toward Russia and Vladimir Putin personally, Schonbach was forced to resign.

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    People are playing the game of life where the man with the most stuff wins. McKenna has an elaboration on video somewhere.


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  3. The shots are all but a death sentence. We are talking about maybe 100 million Americans dying in just a few years and across the world.

    Horrism is here but it is blindness caused by looking through all these straws and I guess they use microscopes looking at trivia.The people who knowing they are doomed to a slow and .and there 1000 people die today because kill shot disables there and they were stupid to get the death jab so can they even spell “immune system.

    The Berserkers, someone knowing death is near and certain are going take out the 535 Conspiracy and the individuals are going to be shot like dogs. Every last R& D is guilty and wear their on target.

    People just don’t have any clue to what the situation is now , much haw bad it will in just a few months.

    535 people be leaving planet soon enough and all their conspirators. A lot of R & Ds will simple disappear. How do they fill those holes when they it is a hangable treason to join the treason. Plus the people resigning create hole. Just shout 535 treason and there isn’t anyone going run in R&D conspiracy as an R or D, because it is a death sentence.

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    McKenna said “most toys wins”


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