Biden Regime Upping the Stakes Along Russia’s Borders?

According to what the Biden regime or Pentagon told the NYT to report, thousands more US combat troops, warships and warplanes may be sent to Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders. 

If ordered, it’ll be unrelated to what the Times falsely called “mounting fears of a Russian incursion into Ukraine (sic).”

It’ll be upping the stakes for possible direct or proxy US war on Russia.

Other NATO regimes reportedly will increase their military footprint in Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders.

There’s no ambiguity about Moscow’s geopolitical agenda throughout the US/West.

It’s well known that Russia poses no threat to the US, other NATO states, Ukraine or any other nations.

Russian sovereignty and territorial integrity are greatly threatened by hegemon USA’s rage for dominating other nations.

As almost daily in recent days and weeks, the Times falsely accused Vladimir Putin of “threatening actions toward Ukraine (sic)” — what never existed in modern memory and clearly is nonexistent now.

No “menacing (Russian) posture” exists against anyone.

No plan “to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine.”

No Russian actions in breach of international law like hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates.

On Sunday, the State Department issued a fear-mongering advisory, saying:

“Do not travel to Ukraine due to the increased threats of Russian military action (sic) and (flu/covid) (sic),” adding:

Family members of US staff in Ukraine were “ordered” to depart the country — based on the phony “threat of Russian military action (sic).”

Nonessential US staff in the country  are being withdrawn.

The State Department falsely accused Russia of “planning significant military action against Ukraine (sic)” — knowing no such plan exists.

According to the London Daily Mail, the Boris Johnson regime “started withdrawing diplomats and their families from Ukraine due to (phony) fears that Russia could invade (sic).” 

“Half of diplomatic staff and their families stationed at the UK’s outpost in Kiev will leave the country.”

Threats in Eastern Europe and elsewhere were made-in-the USA and complicit NATO capitals, clearly not in Moscow, Beijing or in capitals of other nations free from US control.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed the latest Biden regime fake news.

“(D)isinformation and propaganda” reflect how hegemon USA operates, she said. It’s polar opposite Russia’s truth-telling and full disclosure.

In response to Biden regime’s latest fake news about Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov once again debunked phony accusations as “groundless and wrong,” adding:

“Russia has never hatched, is not hatching, and will never hatch any plans to attack anyone.”

“Russia is a peaceful country, which is interested in good relations with its neighbors.”

The fabricated US/Western narrative is hard-wired and highly unlikely to change.

The US needs invented enemies to unjustifiably justify throwing trillions of dollars down a black hole for militarism, the Pentagon’s empire of bases, its ongoing wars and whatever new ones are planned.

Where hegemon USA goes, NATO vassal states follow, even when harming their own interests.

The decadent US-dominated West continues to decline.

It’s in stark contrast to how China, Russia, Iran and other sovereign independent states are rising in prominence on the world stage.

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