Mimicking MSM Lemmings on All Things Russia

US/Western MSM reports on Russia read like they’re from the same Biden regime, Pentagon and CIA press release handouts.

For over 75 years, the only threats to the US/West were invented.

No real ones exist — not from Russia, China, Iran or any other countries.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA-dominated NATO and allied regimes pose an unparalleled threat to humanity.

Instead of truth and full disclosure as journalism should be, the dominant US/Western 4th estate consistently features fake news on invented enemies threatening no one.

The same disturbing standard applies to virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

As Biden regime hardliners and their NATO counterparts up the stakes for possibly setting central Europe ablaze, US/Western MSM repeat each other’s fake news about Russia with disturbing regularity.

Following Monday’s saber-rattling NYT report about likely increasing the US military footprint near

Russia’s borders by the Biden regime, MSM lemmings marched in lockstep.

In their latest editions, there’s nary a discouraging or dissenting viewpoint expressed.

Nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia is misportrayed as a menacing bad guy.

It’s at a time when unthinkable US direct or proxy war could be launched against the country with potentially devastating consequences if occurs.

WaPo reported on an increased US/NATO buildup in “Eastern Europe (on the phony claim of) “mass(ed) (Russian) troops on Ukraine’s border” not there.

It quoted US-dominated NATO saying that its member regimes are “putting forces on standby and sending additional ships and fighter jets to NATO deployments in Eastern Europe, reinforcing allied deterrence and defense as Russia continues its (nonexistent) military build-up in and around Ukraine (sic).”

The WSJ cited the State Department’s fake news “warn(ing) that (a nonexistent Russian) attack could come at any time (sic).”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) practically copied the above cited NYT report, including its fake news about Russia.

Reuters went the same way and added EU threatened “never-seen-before” economic sanctions on Russia if attacks Ukraine — knowing that the prospect is zero.

AP (fake) News featured the phony Boris Johnson regime’s claim about a Russian coup plot against Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

It’s based on Russophobic rubbish, not “an intelligence assessment” as falsely claimed.

Along with featuring other MSM proliferated fake news about Russia, AP falsely claimed that throughout his time in office, Vladimir Putin “worked steadily and systematically to reverse” the Soviet Union’s dissolution (sic).

According to ABC (fake) News, “Ukraine’s harvest is under threat amid (invented) fears of a Russian invasion (sic).”

Dubiously asking “(w)hat are Putin’s intentions in Ukraine (sic), CBS (fake) News falsely accused Russia of creating “the biggest crisis since the end of the Cold War” — ignoring that what’s going on was made-in-the-USA/West.

NBC (fake) News falsely accused Russia of a “Ukrainian coup” plot (sic) that doesn’t exist.

Close to home for me, the Chicago Tribune hyperventilated about the nonexistent threat of Russia invading Ukraine.

The Chicago Sun Times cited and quoted a vow by Russophobic undemocratic Dems “to support Ukraine” against the fake news threat of a Russian invasion.

According to UK owned and controlled BBC fake news, the Boris Johnson regime stands “four-square with the people of Ukraine” it doesn’t give a hoot about, nor ordinary Brits it ruthlessly exploits.

A number of London Guardian fake news reports about Russia include what’s been thoroughly and indisputably debunked.

Qatar owned and controlled Al Jazeera propaganda TV falsely accused “Moscow of fueling (made-in-the-US/West) hysteria over Ukraine.”

Followers of the above rubbish and what’s similar in virtually all MSM reports are treated like mushrooms — well-watered and in the dark to assure ignorance over understanding about what’s going on.

2 thoughts on “Mimicking MSM Lemmings on All Things Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..
    Excellent Article.
    But then, they all are!

    I learned something studying
    American Gangsterism..

    If they wanted to really start a War… they’d sneak all their Weapons etc.in by Stealth..

    But if they just want to Scare the Russians..

    Bluff em…as per usual..
    Always worked before..

    They have THE RAGS:

    NYT, WaPo, WSJ,

    Announce it like Crazy..

    Blow the Shofars

    And that’s what the Gang is doing ..

    Frankly, I think they’re so lost
    They don’t even know what they’re doing yet.

    Probably Never been a more incompetent Adm

    And the Divisions in the Ruling Class exacerbating the entire Shit Show in Washington

    And Particularly the WH.


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