US Propaganda TV at its Worst

US propaganda TV manipulates the public mind with a daily diet of fake news rubbish. 

At the same time, it diverts public attention from issues mattering most by amusing viewers to death with round-the-clock bread and circuses stuff to shun, not follow.

At a time when US dark forces are going all-out to destroy public health and what remains of greatly eroded freedoms at home and abroad, they’re pushing things for possible direct or proxy war with nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

Do dominant Biden regime and likeminded GOP hardliners have a death wish?

Do they yearn to destroy planet earth by their megalomaniacal rage to own it?

Are they pushing things toward inevitable global war 3.0?

At a time when the Biden regime may deploy more US combat troops, warships and attack aircraft to Eastern Europe — while ordering family members and nonessential staff home from Ukraine — interventionist Blinken was featured on multiple Sunday propaganda TV programs.

He was welcomed on air to continue bashing Russia with his customary tirade of bald-faced Big Lies.

On all things Russia, he consistently and repeatedly assaults perhaps the world’s leading proponent of peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

Russia’s domestic and geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from longstanding US war on humanity.

The hostile agenda of dominant lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum risk pushing things beyond a point of no return to unthinkable global war.

That’s where things are heading if continue on their present destructive course.

Instead of warning about the clear and present danger, propaganda TV gave Blinken multiple Sunday platforms to continue assaulting Americans with a tirade of Russia bashing perversions of reality.

Count the ways.

Ignoring US wars by hot and/or other means on dozens of invented enemies — as well as against ordinary people at home and abroad — Blinken falsely blamed Russia for US “escalation” and “aggression” on the world stage.

He lied claiming that hegemon USA prefers diplomacy — what it long ago abandoned in dealings with nations free from its control.

What he called “building up defense and deterrence” is all about pushing things for greater US aggression than already against nations threatening no one.

Well before coming on air Sunday, he and other Biden regime hardliners spurned Russia’s sought security guarantees in pursuit of peace over the unacceptable alternative.

Calling them “non-starters” compounds the risk of US-orchestrated direct or proxy war between the world’s dominant military powers.

The world community knows that Russia and other nations free from US control threaten no one.

It knows that hegemon USA-dominated NATO represents an unprecedented threat to everyone everywhere.

Aggression against humanity is how NATO’s killing machine operates on the world stage.

The geopolitical agenda of Russia and other independent nations is worlds apart from the menace it represents.

Blinken got multiple Sunday talk show platforms to lie and mass deceive viewers.

Like all his public remarks, truth and full disclosure was nowhere in sight.

If central Europe is set ablaze, hegemon USA will bear full responsibility.

The same applies if war in Europe’s heartland goes global.

What’s unthinkable is possible because lunatics run things in Washington and other key Western capitals.

Separately, fraudster Fauci showed up again on Sunday to continue pushing kill shots and all else flu/covid that’s designed to destroy public health instead of the other way around.

In cahoots with genocidist Bill Gates and other Biden regime dark forces, his mission is all about inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

He pursues it by pushing unwanted segments of society to be multi-jabbed with health-destroying toxins — wrapped in his customary Big Lies and mass deception.

Everything he promotes is all about destroying public health, not protecting what’s too precious to lose.

That’s what kill shots are designed for.

Millions of casualties so far aren’t enough.

Fauci, other Biden regime dark forces and their Western counterparts abroad want billions of unwanted people eliminated.

They want what remains of freedom entirely eliminated.

They want wealth transferred entirely to privileged interests, nations transformed into ruler/serf societies worldwide.

They want what no one should tolerate, what demands all-out resistance against.

Today is the most perilous time in world history.

If things don’t shift in a positive direction by widespread opposition to what’s going on, the worst of all possible worlds will eliminate what little remains of nations safe and fit to live in.


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  1. I declare The Monopoly Conspiracy is self-evideny.

    I came here to declare treason and Free Joy For Everyone, and I am all out of declaring.


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