Does US Direct and/or Proxy War on Russia Loom?

Hegemon USA tolerates no nations free from its control — notably not Russia, China and Iran.

Longstanding plans by both right wings of the US war party call for replacing their sovereign independence with pro-Western rule.

If dirty tricks and other preferred options fail to accomplish their diabolical aims, aggression is their fallback option.

It’s been this way for time immemorial, especially throughout the post-WW II period.

Daily events should scare everyone.

According to MSM reports, the Biden regime is readying to deploy about 8,500 combat troops, warships and warplanes to Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, “up to 50,000” Pentagon troops may head to Eastern European countries — to deter nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

Reportedly, this hostile to peace move was discussed by the fake Biden and the regime’s national security team at Camp David last weekend.

According to White House press secretary Psaki on Monday, hegemon USA and its subservient NATO vassal states will discuss “deterrence” against the (nonexistent) Russian buildup along Ukraine’s border, adding:

US-dominated NATO intends to “reinforce” its presence “on the eastern flank…in advance (of a Russian) invasion” of Ukraine not planned or coming.

Separately on Monday, Biden regime war department spokesman John Kirby repeated the daily drumbeat of fake news about Russia.

Defying reality, he falsely claimed that hegemon USA and its NATO war-making partners “continue to support diplomatic efforts to deescalate the situation (sic).”

Despite no Russian threat to the US, NATO, Ukraine or any other countries, Kirby recited the fabricated Biden regime narrative otherwise.

No threat of Russian “aggression” exists in stark contrast to a real one by US-dominated NATO.

War secretary Austin “placed a range of (Pengaton) units…on a heightened preparedness to deploy” to nations near Russia’s borders.

The number at this time is “about 8,500.” If ordered, they’re being readied to “deploy (in) five days to link up with forces of other NATO regimes.

According to the fabricated Biden regime narrative, “the Russians have no intention right now of deescalating (sic)” — what they didn’t escalate.

Escalation is longstanding US-dominated NATO policy against invented enemies.

The belligerent practice is polar opposite how Russia and other nations free from US control operate.

Heightened tensions and threat of setting central Europe ablaze were made-in-the-USA and other NATO capitals.

The world community of nations knows that Russia threatens no one.

It’s clear that dominant US hardliners are pushing things for possible direct and/or proxy war on Russia.

On Monday, Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov stressed that the buildup of Ukrainian forces along the border of Donbass “points to ongoing preparations for (a US-orchestrated and directed) offensive (by Kiev) hotheads.”

On the same day, Russia’s lower house State Duma Defense Committee Chairman Andrey Kartapolov said the following:

“Obviously, Russia will not let such actions slide.”

“It will give a relevant response to the escalating threats” by the US, NATO and Ukraine.

“(D)eployment (of Pentagon troops to Eastern Europe and Ukraine’s) military buildup (are greatly heightening) tensions in the region.”

“(W)e know who wants to escalate tensions and who continues to destabilize the situation.”

“It’s (hegemon USA). Clearly, we view this information as disquieting.”

Kartapolov and other Russian officials know that events playing out in Eastern Europe reflect longstanding US-dominated NATO policy against invented enemies.

They know that Russia is on the US target list for regime change.

They know that diplomatic outreach to the US is a colossal waste of time when undertaken.

They know that both wings of its one-party state consider Russia an enemy because it’s free from US control.

They know that Russia’s best efforts to normalize relations with the US-dominated West are DOA before undertaken.

They know that dominant Biden regime hardliners reject Russia’s sought security guarantees.

They know that US policy toward Moscow is forever war by other means that risks turning hot if things are pushed too far.

They know that US-dominated NATO uses Ukraine as a dagger pointed at Russia’s heartland.

They know that if the Pentagon and CIA direct its Ukrainian proxies to invade or otherwise escalate war on Donbass, Russia is their target.

They know that events playing out in Eastern Europe greatly heighten the prospect of setting the region ablaze.

All of the above begs the question.

Why does the Kremlin waste time and effort by pursuing fruitless diplomatic outreach to a nation that considers Russia a mortal enemy?

Why don’t key Russian officials make clear to Biden regime hardliners that further diplomacy is off-the-table. 

That they’ll do whatever it takes to defend the nation’s security from the unparalleled menace posed by US-dominated NATO.

That if toughness toward Russia continues to be hard-wired US policy, Moscow is ready and able to respond with a bellyful of its own.

That’s the only language that dominant US hardliners understand.

Mr. nice guy Russian policies toward the US are self-defeating.

Will Vladimir Putin and key Russian officials around him accept reality and act accordingly?

Anything less heightens the risk of unthinkable war between the world’s dominant military powers.

One thought on “Does US Direct and/or Proxy War on Russia Loom?

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  1. Mr Lendman


    You called it, Bubba

    “Not One Inch Backwards”

    A Punch in the nose
    And hot lead in the ass

    That’s best for Thuggees

    Mind you..

    Last batch of Nazis had
    8,000,000 Man Army..

    Red Army kicked their

    Send your Latte Boyz
    Abu Ghriab Buttfuxers

    We’ll March em to a nice cold POW Camp.

    If the Atlanticists don’t sell
    out Russia.

    The 5th Columnists.


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