US-Controlled Ukraine Prepping to Invade Donbass?

Last Friday, the Donetsk People’s Republic of Donbass deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin reported the following:

Hegemon USA-controlled Ukrainian forces continues to mobilize large numbers of troops, heavy weapons and equipment menacingly along the border with Donbass.

According to the Donetsk News Agency last Friday:

“Six Smerch MLRS and two Uragan MLRS have been unloaded at the Krasnoarmeisk (Pokrovsk in Ukrainian) railway station.”

Heavily armed Right Sector extremists were “deployed to the JFO zone: Shumy, Maryinka, Taramchuk, Chermalyk, as well as snipers of the 74th reconnaissance battalion and the Alfa special group of the Ukrainian Ministry of State Security.”

“Field artillery depots outside Dobropolye and Krasnoarmeisk are being refilled.”

“Ukraine continues its attempts to destabilize the situation in Donbass by shelling settlements.”

“Preparations are well underway to resolve the conflict by force.” 

“CBRN units, part of the 25th brigade, underwent intense training at the Anadol training range (on use of) chemicals” for warfare.

“Chemicals were delivered to Avdeyevka and Krasnyi Liman in late 2021.”

“Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said (Kiev is) preparing a provocation with poisonous substances.” 

Tanks with unidentified chemical components were delivered to Avdeyevka and Krasnyi Liman.

On Monday, Donetsk New Agency reported the following:

The DPR “recorded activities of Ukrainian armed formations aimed at preparing for an offensive.”

“All scheduled leaves were revoked in the units of the 1st tank brigade, 53rd and 54th brigades’ tank battalions, 58th separate motorized brigade.” 

“Their commanders are ordered to remain in temporary dislocation quarters.”

“Driver-mechanics and spotters are urgently discharged from hospitals.”

“Tanks and artillery teams are being sent to Volnovakha, Andreyevka and Dobropolye areas.”

“Special task units have been deployed to Avdeyevka, after completing their trainings under command of British instructors at the 142nd training center.”

“The DPR People’s Militia Command strongly recommends Ukrainian military to abandon their plans of an offensive against Donbass.” 

“Aggression against the Republics will not remain unrepelled.”

“According to intelligence reports and sources, Kiev forces are rigorously training radiation, chemical and biological protection units, and deploy high calibre MLR systems in Donbass, and replenish their ammo stocks.”

As orchestrated and directed by Pentagon and CIA elements in Ukraine, its armed forces are poised to invade Donbass if that’s what US-dominated NATO intends.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov repeated what the Donetsk News Agency warned about, saying:

The Kiev regime is “concentrating a huge amount of forces and equipment on the border with the self-proclaimed republics on the line of contact.”

“(T)he nature of this concentration points to preparations for offensive operations, and, indeed, there is such a threat now.”

“The threat of provocations from Kiev in Donbass is now very high, even higher than before.”

According to DPR Prime Minister Denis Pushilin:

“The nature of the measures taken by Ukraine (shows that what’s going on is) a preparation for an offensive. “

“I am talking about the fact that (weapons and) equipment (are) being brought to the contact line.”

“Tank crews are being prepared, and artillery crews and tank crews are concentrated in those places of deployment where they were assigned.”

The DPR “is on high alert because anything can be expected from Kiev.”

Over a million Russian nationals live in Donbass.

If threatened by aggression, Russia is ethically and morally bound to aid them.

Under international law, nations may legally act to protect their citizens in harm’s way abroad.

According to the Diplomat’s Handbook of International Law and Practice:

“(O)ne of the primary duties and functions of diplomat(s)” abroad is to protect the (rights and) interests of nationals” in countries where they’re based.

This is “a universally accepted canon of international law.”

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and their key NATO counterparts are trying to draw Russia into conflict with Ukraine.

If Ukrainian forces invade Donbass and Russia responds to protect its nationals — its legal right — Putin will falsely be accused of aggression.

According to the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court:

“(A)ggression (is) the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations.”

It includes “the planning, preparation, initiation or execution” of what’s defined above.

Intervening to protect the rights and interests of their nationals abroad in harm’s way — what’s legal under international law — is worlds apart from aggression.

Yet it appears that US-dominated NATO may be poised to repeat something similar to what played out against Russia in 2008.

Orchestrated and directed by the Bush/Cheney regime, Georgian despot Saakashvili attacked S. Ossetia.

Russian nationals in Georgia were slaughtered. Russia intervened to halt the carnage.

The Kremlin accused the  Saakashvili regime of massacring over 2,000 civilians.

In a few days, Russian forces restored order, saving many more lives.

Yet to this day, and perhaps forever more, the Kremlin was falsely accused of aggression for doing the right thing.

Do Biden regime hardliners have something similar in mind against Moscow?

Do they intend using proxy Ukrainian forces to invade Donbass?

Will large number of civilians — including Russian nationals — in harm’s way bear the brunt of the onslaught?

If occurs, will Russia intervene to protect them as international law allows?

Will the Kremlin again be falsely accused of aggression?

Will invading Donbass — if occurs — set central Europe ablaze?

Biden regime hardliners and their likeminded NATO partners risk pushing things too far.

Will attempting to draw Russia into conflict with Ukraine — if things play out this way — cross the line to East/West conflict?

Preeminent peace and stability champion Russia threatens no one.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO threatens global war by its rage to control other nations, their resources and populations.

Looking ahead, the risk of made-in-the-USA East/West conflict is ominously high.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’d use the Zio Precedent
    When they bomb Syria..

    Send one Missile to
    Avdeyreka and
    Krasnyl Liman

    When the bitches qvetch

    Give em the Stonewall
    Like the Zios.


  2. The Star Trek movie on Farpoint Station could be seen as the release of Truth by a capturing body.

    Everything you have ever been told is a lie.


  3. Your Truth will tell you what to do next if you ask it. Ask you shall receive is true. Ask your Truth if that statement is true and you will get an immediate answer.


  4. Everyone should be planting food as we are poisoned to a mild extinction. No permission. No taxes. No required recordkeeping. mething that needs to be done at once.

    We need full non compliance with the Global Enslavement System and a swift and blinding justice.

    For those that are about to hang, you should consider stopping yourself from breathing.and leaving an informative suicide document. That would be honorable of you.


  5. People should start to create gallows now. We are working toward a picture. Seek artistic expression as best you can.


  6. Since it is so easy to type an expansion: Fuck All of You or Fuck you all.

    I will shut down with intention of not returning today..


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