Weapons of Mass Deception: MSM War of Words on Russia

US/Western MSM are a collective weapon of mass deception in support of draconian policies  pursued by the ruling regimes they represent.

Notably when hegemon USA goes to war or plans one, they go all-out to provide press agent services.

They’re on board whenever Pentagon forces rape and destroy countries, when they massacre millions of civilians, when they commit the most unspeakable high crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

In recent weeks, they’ve played a leading role in demonizing and otherwise proliferating Big Lies and mass deception about nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

Knowing that no threatened Russian invasion of Ukraine looms, no hostile Kremlin actions against any nations, the NYT lying machine pretended otherwise in its latest fake news edition.

Citing nonexistent “growing…fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine (sic),” its so-called national security correspondent David Sanger turned truth on its head in similar fashion to all his columns on invented US enemies.

Defying reality, he falsely claimed that “Russian troops are encircling Ukraine from three sides (sic).”

No one spotted what’s not there. 

Sanger is paid to push the fabricated Biden regime narrative.

The same goes for Times correspondents and columnists across the board on all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

State-approved fake news consistently substitutes for truth and full disclosure.

Times management and editorial policy long ago banned journalism as it should be.

Whenever Russia is discussed by Sanger and other Times staff paid to lie and deceive readers, the long ago debunked litany of bald-faced Big Lies is featured.

Yet they’re repeated with disturbing regularity, including in Sanger’s latest fake news column.

No Russian threats or other plot against Ukraine exists, no aim to “restore” or expand its regional influence, no intention to redraw the European map to what existed over a generation ago, no war against any nations.

What Sanger called “a diplomatic solution” is as simple as hegemon USA stepping back from confrontation to cooperative relations with Russia.

It’s agreeing to its UN Charter affirmed security guarantees — what’s mandated by international law for all nations.

It’s prioritizing peace and stability over forever wars.

It’s abandoning the hegemonic rage of both wings of its war party to control other nations, their resources and populations.

It’s by going along to get along over raping and destroying nations to control them as vassal states.

Nary a kernel of the above notions appears in reports by the Times and other MSM.

On all things Russia, a daily drumbeat demonizes the country by making stuff up.

It pushes things for war over peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law.

Reinventing history, Sanger falsely claimed that Vladimir Putin “views Ukraine not as a separate nation but as a land that was negotiated away after the collapse of the Soviet Union (sic).”

He lied saying that Putin aims “to correct that error, even if that means risking war to redraw the map of Europe (sic).”

No nation is more dedicated to peace over the unacceptable alternative than Russia, no world leader more-so than Putin.

His agenda is worlds apart from hegemon USA’s rage for endless wars on invented enemies.

What Sanger and other Times staff should explain, they suppress.

Instead of setting the record straight, Big Lies and mass deception are featured on Russia and virtually all other major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Crisis conditions in central Europe were made-in-the-USA.

Wherever Washington goes, NATO vassal states are sure to follow.

What Sanger falsely called US/NATO “defense arms” for Ukraine are all about no end to forever war on Donbass.

They’re pouring in at a time when Kiev’s only enemies are invented. No real ones exist.

So training and heavily arming its military is with no end to Kiev’s aggression in mind.

At a time when no evidence suggests that Putin intends to repeat something similar to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, Sanger turned truth on its head by claiming otherwise, falsely saying:

His “motivation is clear (sic).”

If hegemon USA “won’t remove its”nukes from Europe, he’s “determined to put American cities at similar risk (sic).”

As usual, not a shred of evidence was cited because none exists.

It’s longstanding MSM practice to invent nonexistent threats by invented US enemies at a time when there are no real ones.

It’s ongoing against Russia in spite of knowing that it poses no threat to Ukraine or any other nations.

When reality conflicts with the fabricated official narrative, US/Western truth and full disclosure are nowhere in sight.

2 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Deception: MSM War of Words on Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman


    As you are fully aware..
    You taught me..
    So much in an article you write on Nuremberg Trials..

    These MSM lies..

    These are War Crimes

    Knowingingly lying to
    Start Aggressive Wars..!

    The Julius Striecher precedent.


    Jefferson was correct
    A Free Press the most important of all.


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