Biden Regime Rejects Russia’s Security Demands

Before submitting its security proposals to the Biden regime last month, Russia knew that rejection would follow.

Longstanding US history leaves no doubt about its hard-wired geopolitical agenda.

Its ruling regimes demand everything, offering nothing in return but hollow promises to be broken at its discretion.

No matter that core international law prohibits intervention by nations in the internal affairs of others — by force or any other means.

UN Charter Article II mandates that all member states “settle…disputes” according to the rule of law.

It bans the threat or use of force by one nation against another.

The principle of non-intervention is inviolable under international law — that’s also US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

The UN Charter affirms the right of nations to defend, protect and preserve their sovereign territory from hostile threats and/or actions by foreign powers.

The right of self-defense is inviolable under international and US constitutional law.

Russia’s sought security guarantees call for hegemon USA to obey what’s mandated by the UN Charter and other international laws.

Yet US history from inception shows that it operates exclusively by its own rules, no others.

It’s notably been this way throughout the post-WW II period — especially post-9/11, the mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time.

Official and body language aside, the Biden regime refuses to guarantee Russia what’s mandated by the rule of law.

The same reality applies to all nations free from US control.

Its longstanding policy calls for transforming them into subservient vassal states by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

Its modus operandi prioritizes endless wars by hot and/or other means.

They’re ongoing against dozens of nations free from its control — notably Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela and many others with no end of what’s going on in prospect.

The notion that hegemon USA would shift from confrontation to cooperation with sovereign independent nations like Russia is rejected out of hand.

According to a thumb-in-the-eye written response to Russia’s sought security guarantees, the Biden regime intends no change in seeking to expand NATO.

What it calls an open-door policy is all about wanting the so-called alliance used to advance its imperium by brute force if lesser tactics fail to achieve its hegemonic aims.

On Wednesday, interventionist Blinken — an unindicted war criminal multiple times over — commented on the Biden regime’s response to Russia’s security demands with his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

Once again, he defied reality by falsely accusing “Russia’s military (of) instigat(ing) crisis…by build(ing) up on Ukraine’s borders (sic).”

No such build-up exists, no threats or planned hostile actions by Moscow against Ukraine or any other nations.

Blinken turned truth on its head by falsely claiming that “Russia’s actions…undermine security (sic)” — a longstanding US/NATO specialty.

Calling for “a serious diplomatic path forward should Russia choose it (sic)” reflects continued dirty business as usual by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

Blinken’s above and other remarks show no change in hegemon USA’s policy toward Russia and other nations free from its control.

It shows that further good faith Russian diplomacy will achieve nothing positive with a nation bent on wanting its sovereign independence eliminated.

No “serious diplomatic path forward” exists. Blinken lied claiming otherwise.

On Thursday, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said the following:

Hegemon USA “promised not to expand NATO, but” went the other way.

Since the 1990s, its ruling regimes “failed to keep their promises.”

They’re “encroaching (menacingly) on our state borders.”

US history of consistently breaching treaties and other agreements shows that it can never be trusted.

Its word is never its bond.

Dealing with its ruling regimes is a colossal waste of time and effort, a futile exercise whenever undertaken.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov stressed that hegemon USA and its European vassal states abandoned what diplomacy should be all about.

They “redoubled their efforts to contain our country,” he said.

Along with conducting “increasingly provocative military maneuvers near our borders,” they’re using colonized Ukraine as a platform “to carry out provocations against Russia.”

Looking ahead, “everyone should proceed from the fact that the security of Russia and its citizens is an absolute priority and will be reliably ensured under all circumstances.”

It’s put up or shut up time for Moscow in response to the Biden regime’s rejection of its legitimate security guarantees.

It’s time to stop talking and start acting appropriately to secure, protect and preserve Russia’s borders, territorial integrity, and other sovereign rights in response to hegemon USA’s aim to undermine all of the above.


One thought on “Biden Regime Rejects Russia’s Security Demands

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  1. Mr Lendman..


    You’re the only one who could write that..

    Difficult for people to see themselves objectively

    But when you write it..
    It’s like set in Stone..

    Placed in a pedestal


    ” Russia sought
    Security Guarantees

    ” MANDATED ”

    by UN Charter and other International Laws”

    Framed by Authority
    There can be no wiggle room

    After you have set it in Stone.

    Like Hammarubi..!

    Your own inimical style..

    Better said, terminology and language

    Has the gravitas of Solomon.


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