Fraudster Fauci Wants the Health of Young Children Destroyed

At a Wednesday press briefing, Fauci expressed contempt for the health and well-being of a generation of young children.

While drug kingpin Pfizer’s (likely rigged) trials are underway for mass-jabbing children aged-6 months to age-4 with health-destroying mRNA toxins, Fauci expressed support for a 3-kill shot regime following virtually certain rubber-stamp FDA approval ahead.

Ignoring irreparable harm to countless millions already in the US/West and elsewhere, he turned truth on its head about the Pharma-controlled agency, saying:

“(T)he system works (sic)” — for maximum Pharma profits at the expense of protecting and preserving health, he left unexplained, adding:

“The FDA is very scrupulous in their ability and in their effort to make sure that, before something gets approved for any age, and especially with children that they will be safe (sic), and that they will be effective (sic).” 

“We make recommendations based on the scientific data (sic).”

“(I)f you look at the data, you can’t walk away from the facts (sic).” 

“(T)he facts are stunningly obvious when you look at the hospitalization and deaths among un(jabbed) versus (the jabbed) and boosted.”

Indeed there’s no ambiguity. 

The FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, and HHS et al are controlled by Pharma profiteers.

Their business is maximizing sales and profits — even when destroying or otherwise harming health.

The vast majority of irreparably harmed individuals were jabbed — including numbers hospitalized and deceased. 

Shunning health-destroying jabs is crucial. No ambiguity about it exists.

Fraudster Walensky also participated in Wednesday’s press briefing.

Reciting her customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, she artificially exaggerated the number of Americans jabbed, double-jabbed and boosted.

Her claimed numbers of daily flu/covid outbreaks were defied reality in similar fashion.

Nothing she, Fauci and other Biden regime fraudsters say on kill shots and all else flu/covid can be taken at face value.

Virtually everything they claim is debunked by peer-reviewed science.

Their agenda is all about wanting maximum numbers of unwanted Americans and others abroad irreparably harmed and eliminated.

Now they’re going after children as young as 6 months, infants at birth likely to follow.

In stark contrast to their diabolical health-destroying agenda, Tucker Carlson interviewed University of Chicago (U of C) student, Chicago Thinker editor-in-chief Audrey Unverferth on Tuesday:

In his introduction, Carlson said the following:

At the U of C, “students are fighting back in a very principled and articulate way.”

“The editorial board of the student newspaper, The Chicago Thinker, published an editorial in which it said: 

“Chicago must end its booster mandate. We are not lab rats.”

Days earlier, I discussed the Chicago Thinker’s powerful indictment of health-destroying kill shots in an article, titled: Escalated University of Chicago Medical Tyranny.

Anverferth explained why U of C policy is “unethical anti-science,” adding:

Students, faculty and other staff were told that unless double-jabbed and boosted, they’re barred from campus and the right to “participate in (the U of C) community.”

“If we don’t speak out now, this is never going to end.” 

“So, we’re calling on everyone to sign our petition…and to help us end this” health-destroying madness.

Carlson was “blunt,” saying the following:

“I’m not overstating. I think you’re a civil rights hero for doing this because I think that’s what you’re defending civil rights, human rights.”

So far, most U of C students and their counterparts at other US colleges and universities are going along with what demands mass rejection and resistance with protecting and preserving health in mind.

On the same program, Carlson also interviewed writer Alex Berenson.

Mincing no words, he stressed reality as follows, saying:

“We’re at a very dangerous moment.”

In “highly (mass-jabbed and) boosted countries, rates of infection are incredibly high and rates of serious disease and death are also rising.” 

“The Israelis (in one of the world’s most heavily mass-jabbed countries) are predicting that they’re going to have more serious cases than they ever had at the peak last year.”

“(T)he idea that we would solve this with another booster is just off the charts insane.”

“(T)hese mRNA (and other jabs) need to be withdrawn from the market now.” 

“No one should get them.”

“No one should get boosted.”

“No one should get double boosted.”

“They are a dangerous and ineffective.”

“(I)t’s just a completely scary thing to hear,” said Carlson.

“(Y)ou can look up the data.” 

“It is on Berenson’s Substack. It’s also publicly available.”

It’s widely available on independent, truth-telling websites.

Kill shots and all else flu/covid aim to destroy public health and what remains of free and open societies.

Shunning them is crucial. So is mass resistance against what no one should tolerate — the worst of all possible worlds instead of the other way around.

A Final Comment

In response to Carlson’s interview of Anverferth and Berenson, kill shot supporting WaPo defied reality by calling what was truthfully discussed his “most dishonest and dangerous” on air segment.

With rare exceptions like truth-telling by Carlson, MSM across the board provide press agent services for the worst of hegemon USA’s diabolical domestic and geopolitical policies.

Following them assures mind-manipulated ignorance about what’s most important for everyone to know.

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