MSM Support Forever US/NATO War on Russia by Other Means

On Wednesday, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT virtually cheered rejection of Russia’s sought security guarantees by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

Ahead of formally spurning what’s mandated by international law, the Times continued its Russophobic fake news tirade.

It falsely accused Vladimir Putin of seeking to “assert Russia’s sphere of influence” by hostile to peace actions.

Calling him “not a real president (sic)” ignored Russian democracy — the real thing in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions.

Ignoring US war on humanity at home and abroad, it falsely accused him of “whipping up foreign crises (sic)” — a longstanding US/NATO specialty.

Claiming an imminent threat of invading Ukraine by Russian forces ignored Moscow’s dedication to world peace and security — in stark contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever hot and cold wars against invented enemies.

Times editors mocked Russia’s legitimate security concerns, rights, and inviolable international law, saying:

It’s “been huffing over Ukraine and chafing over NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe for years (sic).”

They falsely accused Putin of “waging a propaganda campaign (against) Ukraine (sic).”

Sounding buffoon-like, they falsely claimed that Russia’s concern isn’t about US/NATO supplied weapons to nations on its border (sic).

It’s the “existence of Ukrainian democracy” in Europe’s heartland (sic).”

US-colonized Ukraine is a Nazi-infested fascist police state, a platform for pursuing US hegemonic aims — a hostile to peace and the rule of law festering sore along Russia’s border.

As in the US-dominated West, democracy in the country is banned.

The real thing exists cross-border in Russia.

Reality sticks in the craw of the NYT and other MSM, so they falsely pretend otherwise.

The US/West knows well that Ukraine faces no hostile threats from Russia, none externally.

Yet according to Times fake news, Vladimir Putin “has not made a decision” on Ukraine (sic).

Citing unnamed Biden regime officials, “at least one more round of talks will probably take place with the Russians before Putin decides between diplomacy and an invasion (sic).”

WaPo quoted US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg’s Russophobic bluster, saying:

Moscow “deploy(ed) thousands of combat troops and hundreds of aircraft” to Belarus (sic).

“These are highly capable combat troops, and there is no transparency on these deployments (sic).”

They’re in Belarus “under the disguise” of military exercises (sic).

The Russian/Belarusian Union State conducts legitimate military exercises in their own territory.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO threatens both countries by surrounding them with hostile troops and heavy weapons.

What would be Washington’s response be if Russia operated in similar fashion along the US/Canadian or Mexican border?

The answer needs no elaboration.

According to WSJ fake news, Russia’s legitimate security demands aim “to build pressure on the West (as its ruling regimes) worry (about) a looming Russian invasion of Ukraine” that doesn’t exist.

Interventionist Blinken’s deputy Wendy Sherman defied reality by falsely claiming to “see every indication that (Putin) is going to use military force sometime perhaps now and the middle of February (sic).”

Throughout the US/West, there’s no ambiguity about Russia’s prioritization of peace and stability.

The chance of Russian hostilities toward Ukraine or any other countries is virtually zero.

Fabricated claims otherwise are part of longstanding US/Western demonization of a nation committed to multi-world polarity over endless hot and cold wars in pursuit of a unipolar world — what the vast majority of nations reject.

Hegemon USA targets all nations free from its control for regime change.

Rejection of Russia’s legitimate security demands by dominant Biden regime hardliners showed that heightened tensions between both countries are far more likely to harden ahead than ease.

One thought on “MSM Support Forever US/NATO War on Russia by Other Means

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I just got a Six Day Ban from FB for posting a Global Research
    Article on the Scam.

    Going over to VK and Telegram.

    Point is:

    Six Day Ban.. Completely Bogus

    You can be certain
    The Gangsters have
    Something big Planned in the next six days..

    ALWAYS Happens.

    I get Banned a few days before Nov 22 and Sept 11…

    Every year.


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