Mass-Jabbing Madness Losing Steam?

For over two years, relentless MSM supported fake news convinced millions of Americans to self-inflict harm from all things flu/covid related.

Have US/Western dark forces gone too far? 

By mandating or otherwise pushing jabs, double jabs and boosters with likely forever-jabbing one or more times annually to come, is resistance growing against what never should have been tolerated in the first place?

According to AP News, the flu/covid “booster drive in the US is faltering.”

Biden regime anti-public health officials are “worr(ied).”

It’s highly likely that numbers of Americans jabbed, double-jabbed and boosted are greatly exaggerated.

If otherwise, why would relentless daily campaigning continue?

If the vast majority of Americans were convinced to go along with what’s harming them, the intensity of state-approved propaganda likely would have ebbed.

Instead, it continues at a fever pitch— suggesting that lots more convincing is needed.

Virtually everything reported about kill shots, masks, testing, and social distancing is fake news over the real thing.

The same applies to daily outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

The vast majority adversely affected were jabbed, not the other way around.

Since seasonal flu underwent a name change over two years ago, the public throughout the US/West continues to be assaulted by a daily blitzkrieg of fake news/mass deception on all things flu/covid.

MSM have been and continue to be the lead offenders.

Without their support, the diabolical health and freedom-destroying scheme never could have gained traction.

If they featured truth and full disclosure over state-approved talking points, kill shots and all else flu/covid would have been stillborn.

Countless harmed millions never would have had their health destroyed.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US alone would have been prevented.

On Wednesday, AP News cited Center for Public Affairs Research data.

It shows that pushing boosters is falling short.

It’s a hopeful sign that planned forever-jabbing will be overwhelmingly rejected.

In so-called GOP-controlled red states, numbers of jabbed and multi-jabbed residents are likely way below what US dark forces called for.

In stark contrast to officially reported numbers, reality is highly likely to differ significantly on the downside.

If most Americans knew how they endangered their health, well-being and fundamental rights, public resistance would likely be far greater than what’s going on so far.

As truth-telling information reaches growing numbers of people, defeating the most diabolical state-sponsored health and freedom-destroying scam of all-time perhaps is where things are heading.

According to Truth for Health Foundation head Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD:

The Biden regime and Pentagon are compromising national security by mandating kill shots for US military personnel.

It includes punitive actions against refuseniks for being unwilling to sacrifice their health as a condition of avoiding punishment and remaining on active duty.

Founder of Disabled Rights Advocates, attorney Todd Callender, stressed the following:

“The (US war) secretary and (key) officials (around him) are engaging in illegal orders and denying our service members their constitutional rights under the First Amendment and other egregious violations of UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) regulations.”

Attorneys David Willson and Davis Younts said the following:

“Our service members are being illegally ordered to take (kill shots).”

(T)old (they’re) FDA-approved” concealed information about their health-destroying toxins.

“If service members request a religious or medical exemption, they face extra duty, public humiliation, and threats of dishonorable discharge.” 

“If they talk about it, they risk career-ending discipline.” 

“Some have been arrested for requesting a religious exemption, a constitutional right all of our military take an oath to defend.”

All things health related require informed and voluntary consent.

Under international law, anything short of this standard is flagrantly illegal.

Is my alma mater easing back on its draconian flu/covid mandates?

Will medical tyranny on campus end entirely ahead?

While worlds apart from that standard so far, Harvard University’s health services head, Giang Nguyen, explained the following:

Draconian flu/covid policies are being modestly eased in accordance with recommendations from so-called public health experts.

Henceforth — unless reversed — fully-jabbed individuals who come in close contact with someone who tests positive will no longer have to self-quarantine if asymptomatic.

Unjabbed or not fully-jabbed individuals will be required to quarantine for five, not 10, days.

Nor will students who test positive be isolated in university housing for this purpose.

At the same time, most draconian flu/covid policies remain in place.

Everything mandated has nothing to do with protecting health on campus.

If that was university policy, kill shots and all else flu/covid would have been opposed by school authorities instead of supporting what’s irreparably harming compliers.

The worst of what’s harming students, faculty and staff continues to undermine the full academic experience as it should be.

Founder John Harvard must be rolling in his grave.

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