Soaring Outbreaks in Heavily Mass-Jabbed Israel

Like the US-dominated West, Israeli ruling authorities have a death wish for unwanted segments of its society.

The Jewish state is one of the world’s most fully-jabbed for flu/covid.

Yet it’s experiencing record-high numbers of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

According to the Times of Israel on Thursday:

“(T)ens of thousands of new cases are reported each day.”

“Israel has hit a new record of daily cases, reporting more than 12,500 new infections Tuesday.” 

“The figures that will be reported Thursday morning are also expected to set a new record.”

“More (flu/covid) cases were confirmed in January (through Thursday) than (throughout) 2021.”

A total of 1,160,000 outbreaks were reported this month compared to 960,500 last year in total.

Officially blaming them on more scariant than variant omicron is Naftali Bennett regime fake news.

As more Israelis are multi-jabbed — including boosters — outbreaks are rising proportionately.

So do numbers other other serious diseases caused by toxins in jabs.

According to a Bennett regime statement:

“The health system is working around the clock, day and night, to safeguard public health” — by destroying it with kill shots. 

“Now we are further strengthening the intensive care wards” — its capacity well short of demand for its services.

“We are in the height of the wave and soon we will see the light at the end of the tunnel (sic).” 

As long as there’s no end to multi-jabbing, including a 4th one for the elderly and immunocompromised, outbreaks will continue surging.

On Wednesday, the Bennett regime’s anti-health ministry approved a 4th kill shot for so-called immunocompromised Israelis over age-18 — as well as others dubiously considered high-risk.

The new policy requires students at all levels to be rapid antigen-tested twice weekly — despite a high incidence of false positive results.

Israeli hospitals are short-staffed because over 8,000 healthcare workers tested positive.

On Tuesday, the Jerusalem Post reported a “tenfold” increase in “serious cases” over the past month, adding:

“(D)eaths (from kill shots, not flu/covid) continue to increase drastically.”

Israel’s solution to irreparable harm from kill shots is more of the same.

According to Haaretz fake news, health-destroying jabs “saved 20,000 Israeli lives (sic).”

Israeli Dr. Ariel Rokach debunked the Big Lie, saying:

“It’s really very difficult to be seeing (daily) death(s)…five” one night this week.

Staff at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center where he works is under a greater strain than any previous time over the past two years. 

“It’s really very difficult,” he stressed.

Medical teams are taking an emotional and physical pounding from the pressure of their work.

Treating seriously ill patients is especially taxing.

Left unexplained by the Bennett regime is that Israel leads the world in per capita numbers of outbreaks.

How many previous times did US/Western and Israeli ruling authorities — including their anti-public health handmaidens and MSM press agents — claim to see light at the end of the tunnel?

How often did they push multi-jabbing as the solution — what’s increasing outbreaks instead of the other way around.

Toxins in jabs irreparably harm health.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the harm.

UK-based Vernon Coleman MD was one of the medical professionals to warn about myocarditis from kill shots.

Over a year ago, he made a video that warned about the issue.

It affects all age groups, including children and adolescents.

On Tuesday, Coleman said at long last, growing numbers of doctors “all over the world are now popping out of the woodwork to agree that the mRNA jabs can cause myocarditis and other serious problems.”

“But why did they keep quiet for so long?”

“The mRNA jabs have been causing myocarditis for over a year.”

“Thousands of lives have been ruined unnecessarily.”

“If more doctors had had the wit and the courage to speak out sooner, things would have been very different.”

“The information about the dangers of the mRNA jabs was available in December 2020.” 

“If I had access to that information so did every other doctor in the world.”

Because of his dedication to truth-telling on all things health related, Coleman calls himself “the most banned, abused and lied about doctor in the world” – banned and demonized for telling the truth.

Others like him in the US/West are vilified in similar fashion — including by suspension or loss of their license for practicing medicine the right way.

Today’s brave new world throughout the US/West and elsewhere prioritizes harm to maximum numbers of unwanted people.

How many more will die or be irreparably harmed before the madness stops?

How much more of what’s going on is too much?

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