Putin and Lavrov on the Biden Regime’s Rejection of Russia’s Security Concerns

Clearly, Russian officials are displeased with another example of US imperial arrogance.

“We want to be treated honestly,” Sergey Lavrov stressed.

At Istanbul in 1999 and Astana in 2010, “presidents and prime ministers of (57) OSCE countries (the world’s largest security organization pledged to) ensur(e) the indivisibility of security.

The agreements prohibit nations from strengthening their security at the expense or others.

The US-dominated West “deliberately and overtly avoids even referring to this” binding principle when hyperventilating about NATO’s so-called “open door” policy.

Its ruling regimes misinterpret what’s binding on OSCE member states to suit hegemon USA’s imperial aims.

In response to Russia’s sought security guarantees, what the Biden regime sent in writing should have shamed preparers of the text and officials who approved it.

It failed to respond to Russia’s core concerns.

At the same time, the US-dominated West continues to “hysterically inflat(e)” central European tensions to the point of getting Kiev to believe that what’s fantasy about Russia is real.

Biden regime-led fear-mongering is so “cynical” that Kiev officials called for toning things down. 

US-installed puppet Zelensky and regime officials around him are used by Biden regime hardliners as proxy “cossacks in (central) Europe,” said Lavrov, adding:

Ukraine is being used to advance hegemonic USA’s imperial interests.

Their aim is maximum heightening of tensions along the Russian/Ukrainian border before implementing more anti-China “move(s).”

As for US/Western sanctions to try undermining Russia economically and financially, Moscow warned the Biden regime that going this far would rupture East/West relations.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin discussed heightened East/West tensions by phone with French president Macron.

A Kremlin readout of his remarks explained the following:

Both leaders exchanged views on issues of mutual concern.

The main one remains Russia’s sought security guarantees from the US-dominated West in legally binding treaty form. 

Putin acknowledged receipt of Washington’s unacceptable written response to Russia’s security concerns.

It’s being carefully reviewed — after which Putin and key officials around him will decide on what further actions to take.

Putin stressed to Macron that the Biden regime ignored Russia’s legitimate opposition to further expansion of US-dominated NATO eastward toward and around its borders.

It also failed to address Russia’s concern about nuclear and other  strike weapons systems deployed n near its territory.

It said nothing about about what’s binding according to the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation.

Included is the indivisibility of security — that no Founding Act signatory may strengthen its security at the expense of other member states. 

On Ukraine, Putin stressed Kiev’s noncompliance with Minsk I and I conflict resolution agreements. 

In connection with France’s EU Council presidency from January through June, Macron briefed Putin on France’s pan-European track. 

Both leaders agreed to continue bilateral dialogue on European security issues.

Related issues to the above were discussed.

US imperial aims rule out resolution of what concerns Russia most.

One thought on “Putin and Lavrov on the Biden Regime’s Rejection of Russia’s Security Concerns

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  1. Mr Lendman

    The Russians got Dick.
    We knew that would happen.
    Don’t have to be Einstein …
    Metternich.. To know that.

    BTW..the $450 M to Ukraine
    the Gangsters in Congress are Rushing thru..

    UKRAINE as you know
    Is their Slush fund

    Of the $450 Mil allocated

    The Gangsters will take About
    $200 M off the Top.

    Or about $400,000 to Every Criminal in Congress..

    That’s Why they’re in a Hurry

    BiPartisan Slush Fund.


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