US Sought Hegemony v. the Rule of Law

Imperial arrogance defines US relations with the world community of nations — notably ones free from its control like Russia.

It’s why diplomatic outreach to its ruling regimes is an exercise in futility whenever undertaken.

Whatever they may agree to is breached with disturbing regularity.

It happens time and again — clear proof that hegemons can never be trusted.

Russia seeks normalized relations with other countries, conflict with none.

Its geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from US-dominated NATO’s forever wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

Russia seeks security according to the rule of law.

The UN Charter and other international law affirm this fundamental right for all nations.

None may seek dominance over others by what conflicts with the rule of law.

According to the 1997 Founding Act between Russia and NATO, no signatory to the agreement may strengthen its security at the expense of others. 

There’s no ambiguity about how hegemon USA operates.

Operating exclusively by its own rules, no other standard applies in its dealing on the world stage.

Wherever its ruling regimes go, NATO and other vassal states are sure to follow at least in large measure.

Hopefully Russia will hold firm on its legitimate security demands.

According to Sergey Lavrov, they won’t be watered down, adding:

The US-dominated West’s “position is based on false arguments, on clear distortion of facts, and our position is based on what we all signed.”

“I don’t see any possibility for compromise here.” 

“What is there to agree on if they openly sabotage and distort the previous decisions?”

“This will be a key test for us.”

“I will say once more. They cannot evade the question of why they aren’t following what their presidents signed.”

What they “agree(d) is not permitted to strengthen one’s own security at the expense of the security of others.”

No nations should permit their borders and territorial integrity to be threatened by heavily armed hostile forces.

None should go along with deployment of close by WMDs able to target their heartland.

None should put up with what poses a clear and present menace to their security and well-being of their people.

None should tolerate the hegemonic aims of any other nation(s).

Russia is a good neighbor.

Governed democratically, it seeks cooperative relations with other countries.

Abhorring war and instability, its geopolitical agenda goes all out to avoid the ravages of what they represent.

In dealings with hegemon USA, Russia faces an adversary bent on its destruction.

It’s assaulted daily by an endless war of words, by fake news over truth and full disclosure.

According to Big Lies by the Biden regime’s State Department:

“Disinformation is one of the Kremlin’s most important and far-reaching weapons (sic).”  

“Russia has operationalized the concept of perpetual adversarial competition in the information environment by encouraging the development of a disinformation and propaganda ecosystem (sic).”

Its “false narratives strategically advance the Kremlin’s policy goals (sic).”  

“There is no subject off-limits to this firehose of falsehoods (sic).”

“Everything from human rights and environmental policy to assassinations and civilian-killing bombing campaigns are fair targets in Russia’s malign playbook (sic).”

“The Kremlin creates and spreads disinformation in an attempt to confuse and overwhelm people about Russia’s real actions in Ukraine, Georgia, and elsewhere in Europe (sic).”  

“Russia’s intelligence services create, task, and influence websites that pretend to be news outlets to spread lies and sow discord (sic).”  

“Russia continues to work counter to international norms and global stability (sic).”

All of the above, much more, and what relates to it reflect longstanding US-dominated NATO policies.

None of the above applies to how the Russian Federation operates on the world stage — a nation at peace with others, hostile toward none throughout its history.

Whenever commenting about Russia — and other US invented enemies — interventionist Blinken reinvents reality in line with its hegemonic aims.

He lied accusing Russia of “push(ing) propaganda against Ukraine, NATO, and” hegemon USA (sic).

He lied claiming that Russian policy “includes malign social media operations, the use of overt and covert online proxy media outlets, the infection of disinformation into TV and radio programming (sic).”

He lied saying that Moscow “host(s) conferences designed to influence attendees into falsely believing that Ukraine – not Russia – is at fault for heightened tensions in the region (sic).” 

He lied claiming that Russia “leverag(es) cyber operations to deface media outlets and conduct ‘hack and release’ operations (sic). 

He lied saying that the “Kremlin launched widespread disinformation campaigns, imprisoned journalists, shut down independent media outlets, and attacked its opposition (sic).

The above bald-faced Big Lies and similar ones are the ravings of a deranged psychopath.

Why does Sergey Lavrov embarrass himself by dealing with him diplomatically?

After a waste of time meeting with him days earlier, why does he intend a follow-up discussion that’s virtually certain to accomplish nothing positive.

Why isn’t Russia dealing with hegemon USA in the only language it understands?

Toughness alone gets its attention.

Short of war Russia abhors and wants avoided, it’s high time to deliver a bellyful.

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  1. Today the audion on compter would not play because it did not meet the requirements of Windows 11 when it did yesterday.

    Everyone needs to move to Linux.


  2. Every keystroke I make is recorded and analyzed and it is easy to understand why since I have beens of treason since 1995 when I first saw the Schedule One Lie. I am absolutely certain no individual has a bigger word cloud on “Treason” than me. I follow everything that is treason and the language of the lies and deceptions.

    I use Facebook to relay tat information the volume returned. Another message opened this window. All the assets of Microsoft will go to a new truly Constitution government. It will true all the way to Blackrock and Vanguard as they are the storehouses of their stolen wealth.


  3. Anybody blocking this is active participant/criminal of the R&D/Purple/Monopoly Conspiracy and they should hang from my learned view.


  4. The Federal Reserve will go to a new government.

    PCR says there are the extraction industries, Big Banks(and insurance), Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big media maybe, and maybe Big Tech. Those re all Monopolies in support of enslavement system and they will longer exist,but neither will the country because thee CCP planned it that way. The Chinese people need to free themselves like we do. It is the power structure that is criminal.


  5. That is what I call the Vast Treasonous Conspiracy and it is because the reason you cannot see it is because it truly is vast.

    People cannot even tell time. What does AM, noon, PM, midnight mean to you?

    I feel like going down to small claims court and suing them.for my distress, which is very real.

    Usually I would have a link in most of these boxes.


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