WaPo’s War on Vladimir Putin

Democracy in Russia is the real thing.

It’s worlds apart from fantasy versions throughout the US/West.

Relentless Putin bashing reflects his model leadership and prominence on the world stage.

It’s in stark contrast to pygmy-like Western counterparts — notably what passes for US leadership.

Things reached a new low following usurpation of power by undemocratic Dems.

The same applies to installing an unelected know-nothing Biden imposter in the White House.

The cognitively impaired — detached from affairs of state — real one is hidden out of sight who knows where.

Based in the nation’s capital, WaPo operates from the heart of the beast.

Like other MSM, it’s militantly hostile toward nations free from US control across the board.

Its daily editions continue waging all-out war of words on Russia.

Not for any threat posed by its ruling authorities, anti-Russia rage is all about its freedom from US control and rising prominence on the world stage under Vladimir Putin.

On Friday, WaPo cited and quoted Biden regime war secretary Austin’s Russophobic saber-rattling, saying:

Vladimir Putin is able to seize Ukrainian territory at his discretion (sic).

Ignored, of course, is that Russia has no hostile intentions against anyone — no rage to smash and seize territory of other nations like hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates.

Like other Biden regime officials, Austin sticks to the fabricated official narrative.

Urging Putin to withdraw Russian forces near Ukraine’s border ignored that the nearest ones are hundreds of kilometers away in their own territory — threatening no one.

Virtually everything reported about Russia by WaPo and other MSM is fake news.

Their official editorial policy prohibits truth and full disclosure about US invented enemies across the board.

The same goes for US hot and cold wars. 

Time and again, targeted countries threatening no one are smashed. 

In the process, they’re falsely blamed for US/NATO crimes of war and against humanity.

According to former Obama/Biden regime envoy to Russia, neocon hardliner, WaPo contributor Michael McFaul, “Vladimir Putin does not think like we do.”

Indeed not for the right reasons, not rubbish that followed by McFaul.

Instead of explaining how Putin operates responsibly on the world stage, notably by complying with the rule of law, he falsely accused him of pursuing a “revisionist agenda (sic).”

Historical revisionism in pursuit of its hegemonic aims is longstanding US policy.

Examples abound to include US involvement in two global wars — and countless other throughout its history from inception.

What could have been prevented across the board were waged with advancing its imperium in mind.

What began from sea to shinning sea spread from one continent to another in going global.

According to McFaul’s revisionism, model democrat Putin is “autocratic (sic).”

No matter that Russian democracy is real compared to fantasy versions in the US and throughout the West.

What McFaul called US support for democracy ignored its longstanding abhorrence of the notion at home and abroad, tolerating the real thing nowhere.

The US and other Western countries are infested with extremists like McFaul.

They never met a democratic nation they didn’t want toppled, nor a sovereign independent one they didn’t want raped and destroyed.

In response to the growing Sino/Russian strategic partnership, an alliance against hegemon USA’s imperial lawlessness — enhanced by friendship between Putin and China’s Xi Jinping — WaPo falsely accused Russia’s leader of “threatening to wreck Biden’s Asia strategy (sic).”

WaPo referred to the Obama/Biden regime’s so-called Asia pivot.

It remains all about advancing hegemon USA’s military footprint where it doesn’t belong to counter Sino/Russia’s growing regional and global prominence.

According to WaPo, the invented Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist diverts attention from bigger fish to fry in the Indo/Pacific.

While Russia is in the eye of the made-in-the-USA storm at this time, China’s political, economic, military and growing technological prominence on the world stage made it Washington’s invented enemy No. One.

According to WaPo, “Asia is waiting for (the) Biden (regime) to make good on a range of fronts.”

Russia and China operate responsibly on the world stage.

On all things Russia, WaPo’s revisionism has Putin “resurrect(ing) the evil empire.”

It’s in high gear on the world stage.

Not in Moscow or Beijing.

Headquartered in Washington, it operates branch offices in London, Paris, Berlin, other European capitals, Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

Russia, China and other nations free from US control threaten no one.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO, apartheid Israel and other vassal states threaten global war 3.0.

2 thoughts on “WaPo’s War on Vladimir Putin

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Washington Post Reality

    New York
    “Always the Wrong” Time..

    CNN..Criminals News Network


    Now..all White Noise

    Background Music Like
    Sid Vicious..

    As we speak, sir..

    The Two Big Dogs

    Xi and Putin are meeting..!


    We were prognosticating China would be the Hegemon by 2050

    Back in the 60s

    And The Thebians

    Arising like the Phoenix
    From the Yeltsin PaddyWhack

    One and two
    Against the three

    Better Put
    on the Eddie Haskell Casino


    3.. USA…89..


    Whole things over.
    Gangsters lost.

    The Dead Enders.
    Stark Raving Mad.

    Genocidal and Genocidists.

    Hope they don’t kill us all the the Mad Men…

    Need to join MAFA

    That’s the Electron
    holding the Universe Together.



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