Biden Regime Escalates War on Supply Chains

Effective on January 22, the Biden regime’s Department of Homeland Security ordered the following:

“(N)on-US individuals seeking to enter the US via land ports of entry and ferry terminals at the US-Mexico and Canada  borders  (must) be fully (jabbed) for (flu/covid) and provide related proof” of kill shots gotten.

The draconian mandate does not apply to US citizens and lawful residents.

It has nothing to do with protecting public health.

If that was official policy, kill shots and all else flu/covid never would have been mandated and heavily promoted.

Banning unjabbed foreign truckers from entering the US is polar opposite a Biden regime “commitment to…facilitat(e) cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy (sic).”

It’s all about more greatly disrupting supply chains than already.

It’s about further increasing shortages of food and other essentials.

It’s about heightening double-digit inflation above its current level.

It’s about continuing the largest-scale ever transfer of wealth from ordinary people to super-rich ones.

It’s about imposing greater misery on ordinary Americans and others abroad.

It includes mass-extermination of unwanted segments of society at home and abroad, along with eliminating what remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

According to draconian Biden regime policy, foreign nationals traveling to the US — including truckers from Canada and Mexico — must:

“Verbally attest to their (jabbing) status.”

“Provide proof of (Phama-controlled) CDC-approved (jabs).”

“Present a valid Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)-compliant document, such as a valid passport, Trusted Traveler Program card, or Enhanced Tribal Card.”

“Be prepared to present any other relevant documents requested by a US Customs and Border Protection  officer during a border inspection.”

While proof of being jabbed doesn’t apply to US citizens and lawful residents, when reentering the US from abroad, they must present a WHTI-compliant document on request.

All of the above is with destroying public health and what remains of a free and open society — on both sides of the US/Canadian border.

It’s about growing social control tyranny that’s heading toward becoming full-blown without all-out resistance against what no one should tolerate.

It’s about transforming the US, Canada — other Western countries and all others — into being more unsafe and unfit to live in than their current deplorable state.

Prohibiting foreign truckers from entering the US unless jabbed was ordered despite knowing that many thousands are unjabbed.

That the vast majority of refusenik truckers are likely to hold firm on this issue.

That banning them from entering the US will cause greater supply shortages and higher prices from demand greatly increasing supply.

It’s at a time when real inflation is 15.15% — based on how calculated pre-1990 before things were rigged to way understate it.

It’s when real unemployment is 24.8%.

In the world’s richest country, one-fourth of its working-age population is not only jobless.

Based on officially reported data, the vast majority of the unemployed don’t exist.

Thousands of outraged Canadian truckers comprised a 93-mile-long Freedom Convoy en route to the country’s capital.

On Saturday, they arrived. See below.

A statement by its organizers said the following:

Truckers involved oppose draconian mandates by the Biden and complicit Trudeau regimes.

“No more lockdowns. No forced (mass-jabbing) (and yes, it IS force when you choose between a shot you don’t want and your ability to feed yourself),” they stressed.

The Freedom Convoy traveled from British Columbia in Canada’s west to the country’s capital in Ottawa.

According to media reports along the way, large crowds expressed support for their freedom-supporting initiative.

Like the Biden regime, Trudeau requires truckers entering Canada from the US to be jabbed with health-destroying kill shots.

According to Freedom Convoy organizer Chris Barber:

“We’re going to end mandates.”

To be jabbed or not jabbed is “everybody’s personal choice.”

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was the USA border for commercial drivers, and you have to show (a flu/covid) passport.”

“A lot of guys are going to lose their jobs over that.”

What’s going on “has gone too far.”

“If we can’t get across the border freely, and we’re being forced to (be jabbed), we can take a stand or we can’t.”

According to US and Canadian trucking associations, around 26,000 of 160,000 drivers who travel regularly cross border will be out of work if the draconian US and Canadian mandates aren’t challenged and rescinded.

Enough US and Canadian truckers holding firm on this issue is the most effective way of beating it.

As long as it remains official policy of the Biden and Trudeau regimes, countless millions of Americans and Canadians will endure greater economic and financial misery than already.

Late Friday and early Saturday, Freedom Convoy truckers arrived in Ottawa.

Ahead of their arrival, Canadian PM Trudeau moved to an undisclosed location — a cowardly act by the vassal to US interests, notably its highest of high crimes against humanity.

On Saturday, the Ottawa Citizen reported that thousands are protesting peacefully in the nation’s capital.

They’ve been “no incidents of violence or injuries.”

Despite sub-zero weather conditions, Parliament Hill remains filled with protesting truckers and supporters.

Much the same is expected throughout Sunday and days to follow.

Freedom Convoy truckers didn’t travel thousands of miles to back off from their legitimate demands for the Trudeau regime to rescind its draconian mandates from hell.


2 thoughts on “Biden Regime Escalates War on Supply Chains

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  1. Mr Lendman..


    Now we’re talking..
    Now Rule #1..
    Objective Condition

    Truckers own the Public cuz if the Legitimacy of their claims

    Own the Public…!

    Stragically positioned..!


    #2…Must go beyond Shop Floor Tactics to be successful

    What do I mean?

    Not gonna win just sitting in the Park… freezin

    RULE #2…Workers must go beyond a Trade Union mentality

    Need Revolutionary Theory.
    A Must

    Gotta ORGANIZE like the 1934 Minneapolis Teamster Strike

    Call on every working man and women and Union

    in Ottawa
    In Ontario,
    In Canada..

    Maybe have a whole fuxing Countrywide General Strike..

    Organize a Ottawa Workers Council

    Create a Christalized form of the Universal Sentiment

    The Organ with Authority to speak for the masses of Workers..



    ” A rose by any other name..
    Still smells like a Rose..”

    1000 BOLSHEVIKS in Ottawa
    And you’d have a

    Socialist Revolution..!


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