Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria and Ukraine

In 2011, the Obama/Biden regime raped and destroyed nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Libya and Syria.

Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, North Africa’s most developed and prosperous nation, was transformed into a cauldron of chaos, instability and misery.

Much the same happened and continues endlessly in Syria.

A permanent state of war exists. Northern and southern parts of the country are occupied by US forces.

Last week during a Security Council session, Russia’s Charge d’Affairs to its UN mission, Dmitry Polyanskiy, expressed “great concern” about what’s going on in parts of the country — because of no end to US-led NATO aggression.

Heavy fighting continues with no end of it in prospect.

Polyanskiy explained that “intense airstrikes (by Pentagon warplanes)  in densely-populated areas “ruined buildings of the technical college and economic department of the local university, destroyed a fuel warehouse, disrupted energy supply to” the area attacked.

Polyanskiy minced no words in denouncing what he called “indiscriminate strikes of the American aviation, because wherever they are involved, there are often mass casualties among civilians.”

Instead of opposing ISIS and other jihadists in Syria and elsewhere, the US actively uses them as proxy foot soldiers in waging war on invented enemies.

Libya and the Syrian Arab Republic no longer exist in their pre-2011 form.

The same goes for numerous other countries — raped and destroyed by hegemon USA in advancing its megalomaniacal interests.

Commenting on the situation in northern Syria, Russia’s Information and Press Department Deputy Director Alexey Zaitsev (AZ below) said the following:

Days earlier, conditions in northern Syria deteriorated more than already.

An attack by US-supported ISIS jihadists on Al-Sina prison freed their terrorist inmates — aided by Pentagon terror-bombing.

A statement by Damascus called what happened “barbaric.”

It denounced hegemon USA and Turkey’s illegal occupation of Syrian territory.

AZ stressed that “Syrian authorities now face the additional dangerous challenge of neutralizing a significant number of escaped (jihadists) who are capable of wreaking much havoc.”

On Ukraine, AZ explained that US-dominated NATO continues to fuel conflict near Russia’s border.

“(A) hotbed of instability complicates” East/West relations.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO “sticks” to its take news claim of an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine (sic).

The Biden regime and allies “are doing all they can to make it a reality.”

“When something goes wrong with their plan, they start fueling tensions artificially.”

“They order the evacuation of their embassy personnel from Kiev, increase arms supplies and yell even louder about the mythical Russian threat.” 

“They even specify the time they are planning for Russia to ‘attack’ Ukraine somewhere between today and the middle of February.”

“Those who dare express opinions that differ from the (fabricated) official view lose their jobs and even their sense of security.” 

German Vice Admiral Kai-Achim Schonbach was forced out for saying that Crimea is Russian territory.

He “dismissed absurd statements about Russia’s plans to attack Ukraine.” 

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic’s name was added to the database of the notorious Myrotvorets extremist website for saying that there is no place for Ukraine in NATO.” 

“The aforementioned admiral’s name is also on this website.” 

“Let’s recall that the name of popular journalist and writer Oles Buzina was also listed on this website among other ‘enemies of Ukraine.’ He was murdered.”

Since 2014 — on orders from its higher power in Washington — Kiev refuses to comply with Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements.

Ukraine is US-dominated NATO occupied territory that’s masquerading as a nation-state.

Its key officials are US-installed puppets, in office to serve its hegemonic aims.

NATO’s Stoltenberg — an imperial stooge — operates in similar fashion.

His remarks when made are scripted by his US master for him to recite or paraphrase.

AZ slammed his statement about an increased presence of NATO forces to be deployed in Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders.

He accused Stoltenberg of “throwing tantrums about (an invented) Russian threat in front of the countries of the alliance.”

“How else would they explain and (unjustifiably) justify the need for the military containment of Russia?”

Led by hegemon USA, NATO’s increased Eastern European presence threatens to set the region ablaze.

“Reconnaissance aircraft are present in the air space near the Russian borders almost around the clock,” AZ explained, adding:

“NATO strategic aviation is practicing attacks on Russian facilities and command and control centers.” 

“NATO military planning is entirely geared towards the same goal which is ‘deterring’ Russia and achieving military superiority on all potential theaters of war and in all operational environments.” 

“The threshold for the use of nuclear weapons is lowered conceptually and technically.”

“The sea is used for projecting power.”

“Romania and Poland are home to the US global missile defense system with the capability of launching Tomahawk missiles.”

Key hot spots in Central Europe, the Middle East, Indo/Pacific near China’s borders, and elsewhere have a common thread.

Hegemon USA’s dirty hands are all over them.

Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from US control threaten no one.

Both right wings of the US war party pose an unparalleled threat to humanity worldwide.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Everything about the Tragedy in Libya saddens me greatly.

    I was surfin that day..
    Way out West in Makaha..

    I heard the Mountains Roar
    Something strange

    Felt the vibration thru my nose
    As well as ears..
    Call me crazy..
    It’s okay..

    Came back in Waikiki
    Turned on the News..
    Qadaffi had been Murdered


    I close my now I can still hear the Devil in Human apparition…




    The Point..

    Russia didn’t know it yet
    But I did.

    Russia could a and Shoulda gone down to Libya..

    Putin regrets that .
    I don’t hold him accountable
    In any way..
    He knows now..

    Like Warren Spahn after he threw that inside heat to
    Ernie Banks

    But Banks with the fast hands pulled it right over the Left Field Fence…3 Run Homer.


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