Agenda Journalism Over the Real Thing

Earlier I noted that societies are best judged by how they treat children, the elderly, the infirm, their most disadvantaged and prisoners. 

The same standard applies to their actions on the world stage.

Whether they uphold the rule or law or ignore it in pursuit of geopolitical aims.

Hegemon USA fails the test across the board. 

So do other Western states, apartheid Israel, and likeminded scofflaw regimes worldwide.

The same goes for their MSM, notably in the US/West.

In print and electronically — including dominant social media — they operate like a fourth branch of government.

Providing press agent services for ruling class interests is polar opposite what journalism is supposed to be.

The real thing is only available through alternative sources.

They’re absent on opiate of the masses television where most people in the US/West go for what passes as news and information.

On vital domestic and geopolitical issues, they’re fed round-the-clock, state-approved propaganda.

Journalism as it should be is nowhere in sight.

What little once existed long ago passed from the scene entirely, especially with the advent of cable TV.

At a time when Russophobic saber-rattling is at a fever pitch greater than any previous time throughout the post-WW II period, MSM are a major part of the problem.

It’s an every day thing.

Nary a day goes by without a blitzkrieg of fake news Russia bashing.

It’s when there’s no ambiguity of how its ruling authorities operate on the world stage — prioritizing peace and stability, threatening no one.

MSM pretend otherwise.

Based on state-approved talking points, Russia bashing is top featured daily after all things flu/covid.

That latter is with mass-extermination of unwanted segments of society in mind.

It’s with wanting social control tyranny replacing the remnants of free and open societies worldwide.

Bashing Russia and other nations free from US control is all about wanting them transformed into vassal states.

It’s part of longstanding US rage for unchallenged global dominance.

It’s by waging forever hot and cold wars on invented enemies to enrich its privileged class at the expense of ordinary people at home and abroad.

What the NYT calls a “Ukraine standoff” was made-in-the-USA.

No “menacing Russian maneuvers” have been going on.

No “fighting force” mobilized to wage war on command.

No “full-scale invasion” planned against anyone.

No “worst bloodshed on the (European) continent since the end of World War II” — unless unleashed by hegemon USA-dominated NATO.

Phony claims otherwise about Russia read like bad fiction.

When duplicitous US officials urge “diplomacy” with invented enemies, it’s code language for demanding everything in return for hollow promises to be breached like always before. 

It’s common knowledge in world capitals that Russia threatens no one.

It’s indisputable that hegemon USA is an unparalleled threat to everyone — to the vast majority of its citizens and residents, as well as to invented nation-state enemies like Russia.

Later on Monday, Russia bashing will take center stage at the Security Council.

The Biden regime and Russophobic counterparts in London, Paris and Kiev will recite their customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies — what was debunked long ago by indisputable facts.

Like always on Russia and other invented US/Western enemies, MSM will repeat the fake news.

Their reports consistently exclude the real thing.

Truth and full disclosure by Russia will largely fall on deaf ears.

A perpetual war of words by the US-dominated West on Russia excludes resolution because dominant hardliners in Washington want none of it.

On Friday, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanksi tweeted the following ahead of the upcoming SC session:

“I can’t recall another occasion when a SC member proposed to discuss its own baseless allegations and assumptions as a threat to intl order from someone else.”

Draconian congressional legislation being drafted includes what bipartisan hardliners call “the mother of all sanctions” on Russia.

If brought up for a vote, passed and enacted into law by the fake Biden for any pretext, rupturing Russian relations with the US may follow.

If that’s where things are heading, all bets are off looking ahead.

A state of US/Western cold war on Russia rages like never before since WW II ended. 

Only the hardest of hardliners in the West would risk what could turn things hot.

While the prospect of things going this far is slim, it’s possible because lunatics run things throughout the US/West.

A Final Comment

Aleksey Pushkov chairs Russia’s lower house State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

Last week he said the following about rock bottom Russian relations with Washington:

“The US is a hegemon that is gradually losing its position in the world.”

“They suffered a very serious defeat in the Middle East.”

“They lost Syria. They lost the battle for Afghanistan.

“They were forced to withdraw almost all of their troops from Iraq at the end of 2021.”

The US ruling class is “trying to maintain (its) dominant influence by having conflicts simultaneously with Russia and China, although with different degrees of intensity.” 

“The US no longer treats us as a secondary power.”

“They treat us as a paramount power, which is why they cite Russia…as one of the main problems facing the Biden administration in 2022.”

Looking ahead, Pushkov sees 2022 as “a year of crisis between Washington and Moscow.”

“As I understand it, they now want to solve the ‘Russian problem,’ that is, to subjugate practically all of Europe, pushing Russia to its very outskirts.”

“This is exactly what they need Ukraine for. The next phase will be a political or even military confrontation with China.”

Members of the US ruling class “believe that they are the only ones who can run the world.”

“So until a new world order is established in which the US is weaker and its role is diminished, we will be in more or less acute political conflict with them.”

Hegemon USA has had things its own way for most of the past century.

It’s blind to the reality of its growing weakness on the world stage while China, Russia, Iran and other nations are rising in prominence.

2 thoughts on “Agenda Journalism Over the Real Thing

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  1. The Dollar Empire army of the United States cannot survive the kill shots. The graphine oxide has no solution It is game over for the US..


    1. Mr Lendman

      Sub tiled:

      “When Pushcov
      Comes to Shove ..!”

      Mr Pushcov..
      Has that right.

      Popeye is gonna have to give Bluto a Physical Education
      Some therapy…

      To end the Torment..

      Russia and China together
      A mere Bagatelle..!

      Well maybe not that easy.

      But assuredly

      Twer it English Football:

      Sam is getting Relegated.


      In 2010

      I had the Battle set for
      Dec 7, 2041

      Dec 8 in Asia


      Will be long before that,

      Much much sooner then we think


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