Indisputable Harm from Kill Shots

On January 24, GOP Senator Ron Johnson held a panel discussion with truth-telling medical and other experts on harm from flu/covid jabs.

There’s no ambiguity about how they irreparably destroy health on the phony pretext of being beneficial.

Covered locally in his home state of Wisconsin, MSM ignored or mocked indisputable evidence of harm from jabs designed with this aim in mind.

Over a year ago, legendary baseball Hall of Fame home run king Hank Aaron died 17 days after being jabbed.

So have hundreds of thousands of other Americans over the past year.

Countless others were disabled, millions irreversibly harmed.

Jabbed women were rendered infertile. 

If pregnant, their fetuses were irreversibly harmed or killed in the womb.

The careers of elite athletes were ended from toxins in jabs. 

Many collapsed and died.

According to last December, flu/covid jabs caused “572 athlete cardiac arrests, serious issues, and 349 deaths.”

The vast majority of athletes are young and superbly conditioned to perform with maximum effectiveness in their chosen sport.

Instead of highlighting what’s going on, MSM suppress it.

Hundreds of athletes experienced chest pain, cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, blood clots, stroke, neuropathy, cancer, and many other health related issues.

Commenting on what’s happening, Johnson said “(w)e’ve heard story after story.”

“I mean, all these athletes dropping dead on the field, but we’re supposed to ignore that.”

Last Friday, the NYT mocked him.

Defying cold, hard, indisputable facts, it falsely claimed that “athletes are not dying from” flu/covid jabs (sic).

It lied saying that claims otherwise are “conspiracy theor(ies) (sic).”

Citing unnamed — Pharma-linked — health officials, the Times turned truth and science on its head by falsely saying that “links between (jabs) and athlete deaths are baseless (sic),” adding:

“There is a known and uncommon (sic) (jabbing) side effect, called myocarditis, that involves an inflammation of the heart muscle.”

According to a new study based on CDC VAERS data — getting no MSM attention — the risk of myocarditis from Pfizer and/or Moderna mRNA jabs is 133 times greater than what occurred in the general population before mass-jabbing begin in December 2020.

On January 25, the pro-mass-jabbing Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published the study results.

It showed that the risk of myocarditis is highest among multi-jabbed individuals, including teenagers. 

Among Johnson’s panel of experts, attorney Thomas Renz explained irreparable harm to US military personnel jabbed for flu/covid.

Citing the DOD Medical Epidemiology Database, he explained that miscarriages increased by 300% last year over the previous five-year average.

Cancer increased by 300%, neurological disorders by 1,000%.

Countless other adverse health issues were documented.

Renz minced no words, saying that US military personnel in all service branches are virtual guinea pigs.

They’re “experimented on, injured and…killed.”

“This is corruption at the highest level.”

“We need investigations.” US agencies involved in what’s going on need to be investigated — mainly Pharma-linked ones. 

Indisputable evidence shows that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid illnesses, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Individuals with other health issues are most vulnerable to near-and-longer-term harm.

The Pentagon has a longstanding history of harming its personnel by mandatory jabs.

During the 1991 Gulf War, around 150,000 US troops were jabbed for anthrax.

Short-term it caused redness, swelling and fever that’s associated with all jabs.

Serious health issues weren’t discovered until later — called Gulf War syndrome.

Experimental anthrax vaccines contained squalene-based adjuvants that caused severe autoimmune diseases and deaths among Gulf War veterans later on.

They included rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neuritis risking later paralysis, uveitis risking blindness, neurological harm, congenital disabilities in offspring, cognitive impairment, and systemic lupus erythematosus, among other health issues.

The latter disease can harm joints, skin, brain, lungs, kidneys, and blood vessels.

From 1990 to 2001, over two million doses of anthrax jabs were administered to US military personnel.

According to Stars and Stripes, the Veterans Affairs Department denied over 80% of benefits claims filed by military vets for health issues related to the Gulf War and later jabbing for anthrax.

Research showed that squalene-based adjuvants are directly linked to Gulf War syndrome.

US military personnel were used and abused as unwitting lab rats. Many became ill. Thousands died.

MSM largely or entirely suppress what demands exposure and condemnation.

Censorship of what’s crucial for everyone to know is the new abnormal throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

MSM are complicit with the darkest of US dark forces, including fraudsters/angels of death and human misery Fauci, Walensky and surgeon general Murthy.

On propaganda TV, he called for censoring science by describing truth-telling on all things flu/covid as mass-jabbing “misinformation.”

Since seasonal flu underwent a name change over two years ago, we’ve been lied to and mass deceived daily.

By featuring state-approved propaganda over truth and full disclosure, MSM are willing co-conspirators with the most diabolical ever state-sponsored plot against public health and freedom.

All-out resistance is the only option.

No others exist.


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