Mocking Heroic Canadian Truckers Against Draconian Mandates

Thousands of Canadian Truckers arrived in Ottawa overnight Friday and Saturday morning after traveling from British Columbia in the country’s far west.

Their Freedom Convoy is going all-out to end unacceptable kill shot and related draconian mandates on both sides of the US/Canadian border.

What only despotic regimes could love is a diabolical plot against public health and what’s polar opposite how free and open societies should operate.

What the NYT called “a raucous demonstration” in Ottawa on Parliament Hill Saturday was and continues to a peaceful challenge to draconian mandates that no just societies would tolerate.

Admitting that protesters are behaving peacefully, the Times mocked their activism by calling it “poorly organized (sic).”

It dubiously called its organizers separatist supporters of wanting the country’s western prairie provinces freed “from the rest of the country (sic).”

The Freedom Convoy is all about opposition to draconian mandates, what everyone valuing their health and fundamental rights should oppose.

Ignoring growing opposition to draconian mandates throughout much of the West and elsewhere, the Times dubiously claimed that all things flu/covid related have “strong support (sic).”

Numbers of Americans, Canadians and others in the West that official sources, the Times, and other MSM claim to be jabbed are highly likely to be greatly exaggerated.

Citing what it called “(s)everal people” alone in Ottawa’s streets saying jabs are harmful and ineffective belies growing numbers who share this view.

Saying “overwhelming scientific evidence” disproves them is debunked by indisputable peer-reviewed science.

The Times quoted PM Trudeau — its coward-in-chief secreted at an undisclosed location.

He disgracefully called thousands of protesting truckers and supporters a “small fringe minority (sic).”

His arrogant remark became a rallying cry against him and his tyrannical regime.

In cahoots with his higher authority in Washington, Trudeau vowed no change in his intent to destroy public health and the remnants of Canadian freedoms.

The Times also ignored how mandates left hospitals and other medical facilities short-staffed because of suspended or sacked healthcare staff refuseniks.

Nor did it admit that US and Canadian border mandates are more greatly straining already disrupted supply chains that caused shortages of goods and higher prices.

Supporter of draconian mandates WaPo urged the Trudeau regime to “confront” what it called the “toxic Freedom Convoy head on.”

It mocked the heroic initiative by saying that Canadian truckers are “ostensibly” protesting mandates.

Further defying reality, it falsely claimed that “the convoy is made up of many individuals and far-right groups (sic),” suggesting that they’ll be “rioting (sic)” in Ottawa,” adding:

“Police and security services are preparing for the worst (sic).”

Convoy organizers “produced an incoherent ‘memorandum of understanding’ premised upon a misunderstanding of government and absurd demands (sic).”

“(T)he memo should be ignored (sic). It’s the product of a temper tantrum (sic).” 

“The convoy is…a fringe group (sic).”

More of the same vitriolic rubbish followed.

AP News disgraced itself in similar fashion.

Citing an unnamed Trudeau regime official, it claimed that Canadian lawmakers were advised “to lock their doors amid (fake news) reports that their homes may be targeted (sic).”

AP falsely accused convoy truckers of “harassing” soup kitchen workers for meals.

On Friday and Saturday, the Ottawa Citizen said large crowds remain downtown near and around Parliament Hill.

No violence, injuries or other disorderly incidents were reported. No arrests were made.

Large crowds of truckers and supporters are energized in protesting for rights denied them by the Trudeau regime.

Video and other images showed the peaceful nature of what’s going on.

The WSJ said “(t)ens of thousands of protesters…vowed to remain in central Ottawa until (the Trudeau regime) abandons” draconian mandates.

There’s nothing “fringe” about tens of thousands of dedicated Canadians — braving the bitter cold to demand fundamental rights denied them by Trudeau regime tyranny.

Ottawa police said they’re in contact with protest organizers who’ve been peaceful and cooperative.

According to AFP and Britain’s Daily Mail, “up to 50,000 Freedom Convoy” protesters filled downtown Ottawa streets.

Displaying Canadian flags, “waving banners demanding ‘Freedom’ and chanting slogans…(they’re) joined by thousands of other protesters.”

Images of central Ottawa showed large crowds and trucks filling streets.

“Fight for freedom,” read a sign held by one protester.

It reflects the mood of tens of thousands of others in central Ottawa.

4 thoughts on “Mocking Heroic Canadian Truckers Against Draconian Mandates

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    This is a Powder Keg

    Truckers.. excellent composition..!

    The Real McCoy.
    With real legitimate demands.

    SimilIar to ACLU picking a good case to take to the Supreme Court.

    Organized correctly this could be a tremendous step forward.

    BTW..Our governments are “Fringe Groups!”


  2. Mr Lendman

    It occurred to me..

    The Truckers need to stick with it..maybe for months..

    The Long View..

    Reach out and
    Get other Unions to support..

    Hold Support Rallies in other cities..

    If they have Perseverance..

    Let’s call that,

    “Long Haul Syndrome..!”


    The Good Kind.


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