Russia Bashing on Sunday Propaganda TV

As hegemon USA, NATO vassal regimes and their MSM press agents wage war of words on Russia, Sino/Russian ties are stronger and more durable than any previous time throughout the post-WW II period.

When Vladimir Putin arrives in Beijing on February 4 for the 2022 Winter Olympics, they’ll be “an official Russian-Chinese summit” with Xi Jinping on the opening day of the games.

Sergey Lavrov explained that whenever both leaders meet or otherwise communicate with each other, talks “encompass the entire range of relations that are distinguished by an intensive bilateral agenda and the unique architecture of bilateral relations that Russia practically doesn’t have with anyone else.”

Nor does China.

The harder hegemon USA pushes against the rights and security of both countries, the closer Sino/Russian ties become.

Since 2013, Putin and Xi met face-to-face or virtually dozens of times.

Both leaders prioritize world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with the rule of law.

Their worldview and policies are in stark contrast to US-dominated NATO’s megalomaniacal drive for global hegemony.

Both leaders praised their “model” relations.

Putin stressed that “(n)o attempt to sow discord between Russia and China will ever succeed.”

Their unity will be clear once again when both leaders meet on February 4.

Ahead of Putin’s arrival in Beijing, Xi said he’s “ready to move forward side by side with (Russia’s leader) so that together, we open a new page in Chinese-Russian relations.”

On January 30 Sunday morning propaganda TV talk shows, Russia bashing was featured.

Vassal state Ukraine’s envoy to the US, Oksana Markarova, showed up on CBS (fake) News.

At a time when the only external threat to the US-installed regime she represents is invented, she pretended otherwise by reciting a litany of scripted Big Lies about nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

“We have to get ready (sic),” she hyperventilated.

“We see what’s going on (sic).”

“We’re preparing for any options (sic).”

“We know what Russians are capable of (sic).”

“We know who the ‘aggressor’ is (sic).”

“In addition to military attacks (sic), Russia engages in cyber attacks or kind of hybrid war, cyber disinformation, all kinds of information campaigns (sic).”

The above rubbish and more of the same were likely State Department, Pentagon and CIA lines scripted for her to recite.

She also defied reality by calling the US-installed, Nazi infested regime in Kiev “democratic (sic).”

There’s nothing remotely “democratic” about tyrannical rule.

On the same program, notorious Russophobe Victoria Nuland showed up to lie and mass deceive viewers.

Like Markarova, she recited what’s become a daily ritual of fake news about Russia.

No “massive potential invasion of all of Ukraine” exists.

No Russian “cyberattacks” on anyone.

No planned Kremlin “incursion from Belarus.”

No Russian “escalation” in any form.

No Russian “nuclear” threat.

No conflict of any kind against anyone by a nation that prioritizes peace and complies fully with international law.

No Russian hordes “are coming closer to the borders of Poland, Romania, Hungary” and other US vassal states in Eastern Europe.

None massed along Ukraine’s border.

None anywhere with an intent to invade.

No good faith US “diplomacy” exists with any nation free from its control.

On ABC (fake news) Sunday, Biden regime UN envoy Linda Thomas-Greenfield showed up with Russia bashing in mind.

On January 31 at the UN Security Council, she, counterparts from Britain and France — together with a Kiev representative — will recite scripted Big Lies about a Russian threat to Ukraine that the world community of nations knows does not exist.

Virtually all US/Western officials recite similar scripted Big Lies about Russia.

The same goes for their MSM co-conspirators.

Despite no foreign threat to Ukraine, the US and its subservient European regimes keep pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine.

They’re exclusively for aggression on Donbass, not defense as falsely claimed.

Last Friday, deputy chief of staff of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Eduard Basurin, said the following:

“Our sources report that the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine is finalizing a plan of an offensive in Donbass under the supervision of US advisors.” 

“The exact time of the offensive launch will be determined after offensive groups are formed, and the plan is endorsed by the national security and (war) council of Ukraine.”

On Sunday, defense ministry spokesman for the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Ivan Filiponenko, said the following:

Under US/NATO supervision, Kiev deployed “special operations” forces along with contact line with Donbass.

People’s Militia of LPR head Yan Leshchenko warned that Ukrainian forces are preparing for escalated aggression on Donbass.

On US propaganda TV Sunday, Thomas-Greenfield recited Russophobic Big Lies she’ll repeat on Monday at the Security Council.

If a transcript of Monday’s proceedings is available, a follow-up article will discuss Russia’s response to reinvented reality by hegemon USA and its imperial vassal states.

2 thoughts on “Russia Bashing on Sunday Propaganda TV

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Invariably, always the same propaganda build up..

    All lies.
    All Redundant.
    All Boring.

    I’d only like to say,
    You and I have a Pretty Good idea of what the two big dogs

    Will be talking about.

    I hope some sub delegations
    Discuss Science.

    There is an explosion in Science right now..

    Like the 5 the 6 Generations
    Are ripening and converging.

    Partly due to the Scam
    Holding back some

    But a normal progression
    Never the less, and all science

    is exponential and the UNIFIED fields and Platforms became

    better organized in the past decade.

    Harvest is in.

    Mind you, importantly
    75% of the
    Scientific Renaissance
    Is in China.


    Remember walking into Your Chemistry Class and three Asian students were in the class..

    “Oooops..there goes the Curve”


    The New Peking Man..
    20-25 yrs ahead of us.


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