A Brief Update on Fast Moving Events

On Monday, Vladimir Putin told French President Macron that conflict resolution depends on if Russia’s legitimate security concerns are recognized and accepted. The include demilitarization of Ukraine’s war machine. DeNazification of the country. Transforming it to neutral status. Recognizing the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass. Acknowledging the Crimean Peninsula to be legitimate Russian... Continue Reading →

Over-the-Top Fake News Russia Bashing Propaganda

Every day is Russia bashing day by a blitzkrieg of state-approved fiction over facts on the ground. In day 5 of Russia’s campaign to free Donbass residents and the region from the scourge of US-created/Nazified Ukrainian aggression, fake news about what’s going on is featured from official Western sources and their MSM echo chamber. Straightaway... Continue Reading →

Ruptured East/West Relations

Rupturing of East/West relations was a long time coming. It’s part of hard-wired US-dominated NATO’s war on Russia by other means since Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as president. A Western darling, he presided over  Russia’s lost decade by going along with US shock therapy-produced economic genocide. Western interests profited at the expense of millions... Continue Reading →

Russia on High Alert

Cold War “mutually assured destruction (MAD)” prevented aggression by US-dominated NATO against Soviet Russia. It prevented use of WMDs. Even during the October 1962 Cuban missile crisis, Jack Kennedy said in its aftermath that he had no intention of using weapons of mass destruction, no intention of going to war against the Soviet Union. Dementia... Continue Reading →

Propaganda TV in Full Russia Bashing Mode

In the US, Britain and elsewhere throughout the West, MSM prohibit truth and full disclosure. State-approved propaganda alone is featured. It’s standard fare on so-called US Sunday talk shows. Nary a truth-teller is in sight when aired.  Supporters of wealth, power, privilege and forever wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means are exclusively... Continue Reading →

Russian Foreign Ministry on the Scourge of Ukraine’s Fascist Tyranny

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained the following on Friday: Vladimir Putin “launch(ed) a (legitimate) special military operation in accordance with Article 51, Chapter 7 of the UN Charter…” He acted “with the authorization of (Russia’s upper house) Federation Council and pursuant to the treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance signed... Continue Reading →

The Latest on Russia’s Liberating Campaign

Russia’s campaign since last Thursday to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine is on the right side of history. Here’s the latest on day four. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Ukraine’s 302nd anti-aircraft missile regiment in Kharkov near the border of Donbass laid down its arms. Over 470 Ukrainian military personnel surrendered. Ukraine’s war machine sustained major... Continue Reading →

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