Are Biden Regime Hardliners Planning a False Flag Incident to Blame on Russia?

False flag attacks are a longstanding US tradition since the 19th century.

Made-in-the-USA 9/11 was the mother of them all until all things flu/covid surpassed it.

For weeks, the fabricated official narrative falsely claimed that Russian hordes are menacingly massed along Ukraine’s border with intent to invade.

A Big Lie that won’t die, nary a day goes by without endless repetition by dominant Biden regime hardliners and their MSM press agents.

When something is endlessly reported — no matter how false, misleading and implausible — it takes on a life of its own.

When it’s constantly drummed into the minds of the masses — especially on propaganda TV — most people believe almost anything.

According to CNBC fake news rubbish on Monday, “Russia is willing to risk real financial harm and all-out war to achieve its political objectives in Ukraine (sic)” — citing unnamed “defense analysts.”

Days earlier, the UK Boris Johnson regime falsely claimed to have (invented, not real) “intelligence” that “shines a light on Russian activity designed to subvert Ukraine (sic)” by installing pro-Russian rule in the country.

No such plan exists. No evidence suggests it.

The same goes for anything hostile by Russia against Ukraine or other nations.

What’s indisputable reality doesn’t matter when fake news alone is reported, truth and full disclosure suppressed.

Time and again, Big Lies of our time unjustifiably justify US hot and cold wars against invented enemies.

Is another being planned to up the stakes with Russia more than already?

According to head of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Leonid Pasechnik:

It’s an open secret that hundreds of foreign mercenaries and instructors from the US and elsewhere operate in Ukraine on a rotational basis.

They include Pentagon forces, CIA operatives, and private military contractors.

At the same time, heavy and other weapons keep pouring into Ukraine from the US and other NATO countries.

“Our services and international observers see that there is an active movement from the Ukrainian side,” Pasechnik explained, adding:

“There is the supply of ammunition and…heavy weapons being moved and equipment is being prepared.” 

“On the (Ukraine) side (of the contact line), electronic warfare systems are actively operating.”

“This all clearly shows that Ukraine is trying to hide the movement of its troops and equipment from the observers, depriving them of the opportunity to see the situation from the air.”

On Monday, LPR People’s Militia head Yan Leshchenko explained the following:

“Our intelligence services obtain(ed) reliable data on a special disinformation crusade being organized.”

It’s “code-named Crushing Sword by Kiev’s special services, supported by the West.” 

“This campaign aims to mislead the global community by accusing the Donbass (DPR and LPR) republics and Russia of aggression against Ukraine.”

“At the first stage of this information crusade with the onset of aggression by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, plans are in store to televise staged video segments put together earlier on the alleged beginning of military actions against Ukraine by the people’s republics and the Russian Federation.” 

“According to the chief of the People’s Militia directorate, (Kiev) is planning to show some staged videos on TV, where specially trained people, on behalf of civilians, will talk about the ‘horrors of war,’ asking to free them from Russian oppression.”

“Ukraine is planning to demonstrate that its army is successfully countering imaginary (Donbass and Russian) aggression.” 

“Civilian casualties will be presented as the elimination of terrorists.”

What Leshchenko is saying is that Kiev — in cahoots with US-dominated NATO — is planning one or more false flag attacks on Donbass to be blamed on the DPR, LPR and Russia.

If things play out this way, hegemon USA-dominated NATO, Kiev, and their MSM press agents will say we told you so — in words and phrases of their choosing.

They’ll claim that endless fake news about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine is borne out by events on the ground — even if it’s a made-in-the-USA false flag.

US-dominated NATO is pushing things toward possibly rupturing East/West relations.

They’re playing with fire.

According to intelligence strategist Matthew Crosston:

“If you are stuck in the cognitive closure of Cold War psychosis, where the rival across the table can never be anything except the adopted shadow inheritor of the Soviet menace, then the possibility for diplomatic change becomes near impossible.”

Crosston wonders what it’ll take for EU member-states to “decide that enough is enough” and break with the US on Russia.

At times, some EU states go their own way on certain issues.

They’re neighbors of Russia, an economic and trade partner, an important energy supplier.

They know that Moscow threatens no one, that Washington created crisis conditions in central Europe.

Like Russia, they want peace, not war.

On this and related issues, their interests are worlds apart from Washington’s.

Joined at the hip with its geopolitical agenda, Britain’s hostility toward Russia is unbending.

Germany and France are somewhat more pragmatic.

While not about to break with US policy toward Russia, they prefer cooperative relations over the unacceptable alternative.

If Leshchenko is right about one or more US/NATO/Kiev false flag attacks on Donbass to blame Russia what it clearly won’t have anything to do with, East/West relations become more greatly strained than already.

If the US and Britain impose what they call the mother of all sanctions on Russia, they’ll risk rupturing East/West relations altogether.

3 thoughts on “Are Biden Regime Hardliners Planning a False Flag Incident to Blame on Russia?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Are the War Mongers planning a FF..

    Short answer..
    Of course they are..!

    Aren’t they always …?

    Didn’t every US Imperialist War start with a lie and a FF..?

    That’s the Gangster’s first move.
    Pawn to King-4..

    I’d like to point out..

    While Zelensky was asking the Serial Killers to calm down

    Everything is okay..
    We don’t think Russia is going to attack..

    USA had their Asslicking Vassals the UK immediately send over troops.

    They’re there to overthrow Zelensky if he’s not Gung Ho for the Wall St War.

    Russia should back channel Zelensky

    Just like they saved Erdogan in 2016 when US, NATO Mossad was set to assassinate him.

    Get Zelensky to throw them out..
    Save his neck.

    Tell him the facts and then sweeten the pot…

    With economic bonuses.

    HAL 9009..says it’s the best course of action.

    Has a very realistic chance of Success


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