Hegemon US Hyperventilating v. Russian Straight Talk

At a time when Russia threatens no one, when US-dominated NATO threatens world peace, when its cold war grows incrementally hotter, the Biden regime’s UN envoy recited a debunked litany of Big Lies about Moscow.

Count the ways.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield lied repeatedly about Russia during a Monday Security Council session.

She lied saying “the situation we’re facing in Europe is urgent and dangerous, and the stakes for Ukraine – and for every UN Member State – could not be higher (sic).”

She lied claiming that “Russia’s actions strike at the very heart of the UN Charter (sic).”

She lied saying that its (nonbelligerent, nonthreatening actions are) as clear and consequential a threat to peace and security as anyone can imagine (sic).”

No Russian aggression exists against any nation.

Aggression in hot and cold forms are longstanding US policy against nations free from its control.

During Monday’s Security Council session, it’s raging against dozens of countries worldwide.

It “threatens Europe.”

It “threatens the international order.”

It threatens humanity worldwide.

“It is crucial that this Council addresses the risk that (US/NATO) aggressive and destabilizing behavior poses across the globe.”

Let’s be clear about Thomas-Greenfield’s Big Lies that won’t die.

No “massive military force of more than 100,000 (Russian) troops (are mobilized) along Ukraine’s border (sic).”

No “combat and special forces are prepared to” invade (sic).

No greater numbers are heading “to join them (sic).” 

No Russian forces in Belarus are there with hostile intentions in mind.

No Russian “cyberattacks on Ukraine (sic)” exist.

No Russian “disinformation” campaign aims “to paint Ukraine and Western countries as the aggressors to fabricate a pretext for attack (sic).”

No “extensive (Russian) demands and aggressive rhetoric (sic)” exists.

No Russian cross-border seizure of territory.

No invasion of other countries.

No breaches of international law in any form.

No perpetual war on humanity like hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates against invented enemies and its own citizens.

No Russian responsibility for casualties of war in central Europe or anywhere else.

No US diplomacy exists with Russia and other invented enemies.

No change in US forever wars is forthcoming.

No good faith in any of its actions on the world stage.

No peace in our time as long as both right wings of the US war party wage forever wars on nations threatening no one.

Like interventionist Blinken and other Biden regime hardliners, Thomas-Greenfield’s Big Lies are transparent for the whole world to see.

Her perversions of truth and full disclosure on Russia fooled no one.

Instead of operating on the world stage according to the rule of law, hegemon USA goes its own way.

Operating by its own rules extrajudicially, its ruling regimes find new ways to disgrace themselves.

Russia’s Response to Thomas-Greenfield’s Hyperventilating Litany of Bald-Faced Big Lies

In stark contrast to her thoroughly debunked perversion of reality, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia countered with indisputable facts.

Saying “we have completely no idea as to why we are here and what we are talking about,” Nebenzia shredded her war of words with evil intent.

Never before in modern memory did hegemon USA-dominated NATO and its MSM echo chamber react so “hysterically” to nonthreatening movements of Russian forces “within our own territory,” Nebenzia stressed, adding:

No evidence suggests a “planned (Russian) military campaign against Ukraine that is about to start in the next couple of weeks if not days.”

Reality “does not prevent (US-dominated NATO) from escalating hysteria to a level that creates rather real economic consequences for our Ukrainian neighbors.”

Those who call for “deescalation” bear full responsibility for heightening tensions to their present state.

Provocative rhetoric about “imminent war” in central Europe suggests US support for what Russia and the vast majority of other nations abhor and want avoided everywhere.

In stark contrast to the saber-rattling West, “no Russian politician or public figure has uttered any threat about a planned invasion of Ukraine” or any other country.

Whenever Russia or Vladimir Putin personally is accused of planning to attack Ukraine, Moscow “refute(s)” irresponsible accusations with cold, hard, indisputable facts.

In her Russophobic remarks, Thomas-Greenfield ignored history.

Not a word was said about the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup.

Nothing about how it toppled Ukraine’s democratically elected government.

Nothing about the Nazi-infested tyrannical one it installed.

Nothing about US-colonized Ukraine since that time.

Nothing about how hegemon USA-dominated NATO uses Ukraine as a platform for escalated cold war on Russia at risk of turning hot if that’s what dominant Biden hardliners have in mind.

What’s been going on for weeks “is another attempt to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, its people “have been suffering from geopolitical games for seven years on end.” 

“Ukrainians are brainwashed to cultivate Russophobic and radical sentiments.”

“They are taught to believe that Ukraine’s radiant future depends on whether it seeks EU and NATO membership rather than whether it tries to improve relations with neighbors.”

“The Russian language, which is native to a significant (if not major) part of Ukrainians is banned.” 

“A division of church is being provoked, and those who sided with Hitler during WW II killing of Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians, are worshipped as heroes.” 

The US-dominated West “disregard(s) the interests of the Ukrainian people.”

Their ruling regimes “want to prevent natural brother-like coexistence of our two states and peoples that would have undermined plans to weaken Russia and create a ‘rim of instability’ around it.”

What’s going on reflects longstanding “divide and conquer” policy by hegemon USA and its subservient Western partners.

Thomas-Greenfield’s Russophobic rant is debunked by indisputable facts on the ground.

The Biden regime called for Monday’s Security Council session on Ukraine with Russia bashing on the world stage in mind.

Nebenzia minced no words adding the following:

Hegemon USA and its Western SC partners failed “to provide any proof or evidence, other than their allegations, that Russia is going to invade Ukraine.”

Thomas-Greenfield “cited no single fact” in her Russophobic rant.

Nebenzia compared the myth of 100,000 menacing Russian forces along Ukraine’s border to Colin Powell’s infamous February 5, 2003 mass deception about nonexistent Iraqi WMDs — weeks before Bush/Cheney’s planned aggression.

After hegemon USA raped and destroyed the cradle of civilization — when it was too late to matter — Powell admitted that WMD claims were false.

Whether Thomas-Greenfield’s Russophobic hyperventilating at the SC on Monday will be seen as a Colin Powell moment in hindsight — ahead of planned US aggression in central Europe — remains to be seen.

Russian forces operate legally in their own territory with no evidence of hostile cross-border intentions.

Hegemon USA’s military is provocatively deployed near or within the territory of invented enemies worldwide.

Operating extrajudicially in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, it’s waging permanent hot and/or cold war against dozens of nations free from its control.

Its “toolkit” includes illegally imposed “sanctions and other coercive measures, as well as threats,” against invented enemies.

Its rule of law breaches “are clear and concrete threats to the international peace and security.”

Nebenzia’s recitation of indisputable facts destroyed Thomas-Greenfield’s litany of bald-faced Big Lies.

In stark contrast to Russia’s  compliance with the rule on the world stage, hegemon USA breaches it time and again in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Its ruling regimes pose an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere — domestically and abroad.

That’s an indisputable fact.


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